AC TUNE UP With Condenser Fan Motor Replacement: Watch Complete AC Repair and AC Maintenance

14November 2021

see it’s pushing out the dirt see his right now it’s pushing out the dirt in certain spots getting a nice and clean in this video Jordan lets me tag along on an air conditioner tune up for one of our club members when he arrived the homeowner told him he didn’t think the a/c was cooling properly so we also get to watch him to a diagnosis and figure out what’s wrong with the air conditioner now I’ll let Jordan take it from here to explain everything he’s doing we do not we do we want to include a furnace check and an air conditioning check to a certain extent we’ll look at the most common failures of a furnace make sure it flame sensor is clean all your hoses are blown out make sure there’s no visible water anywhere things that could cause a furnace breakdown premature so each time we’re not ignoring one side of your system oh I’m checking is to make sure all my connections are tight and my variable speed motor there’s connections on this side and there’s two safety switches on the back side of it I want to make sure that those are not disconnected anything’s come loose I also want to check the fan blades for dust to make sure that we’re not getting any abnormal amount of dust in here also making sure the boots still connected good so we’re not pulling in dirt after the filter check your temperature rise maybe that’s why it’s not Oh feel that that’s really really hot yep so the fans not on the outside so we need to go outside I may be your problem rather this pipe is really hot so what’s telling me is it’s not removing heat so the fan outside probably is not running so we’ll go take a look at that real fast you hear out loud it is yeah so lands not turning see that fans not spinning at all trying to see if I could spin it loose I need to check here is capacitor and verify that it’s okay or if we have a fan motor issue yeah the fan wasn’t spinning it’s either the fan motor or the capacitor is not not – oh yeah so you were able to heat but as far as air conditioning goes it wasn’t removing the heat that the air conditioner was absorbing so I wasn’t actually it was moving refrigerant everything seemed to be going okay on that front it just was trapping the heat back in here so you’re getting lukewarm air back to your air conditioner yeah was this the first time you turned it on what’s going on what’s going on with it yeah so I’m checking the capacitor to see if it’s okay so five micro farad’s out of five so it is okay oops five micro farad’s out of five that is okay so now we’ll check the compressor side of it 47 so this is a 45 5 which is okay so the capacitor seems to be okay Roger it looks like what it looks like instead though is that the condenser fan motor need to be replaced so it’s given it enough capacitance to get it going but the motor itself bearings inside of it it’s kind of giving out it’s not spinning the way it needs to when I got out here is completely stopped what I did was I gave it a light spin on the blades sometimes when the capacitor is out they can’t get going so it’s a quick test without me opening anything up to know that is it the start that’s having the issue or is it actually the motor running that’s having the issue and it looks like it’s the motor running when we replace a motor though you get the motor and capacitor so the start capacitor if it needs to be replace it gets replace with it included yeah looks like what your issue is now is your your fan is is going out this is a om motor this is what would be on it original 830 single speed 830 rpm let me see if I have one on my truck furnace is one year condenser and coil are nine yep so let me make a quick phone call I got a bad condenser fan noise it’s a it’s a crystal once a nice little small one we’ll get him to pick it up and he can bring it out sweet thank you hello still on hold can I give you a model and serial and I believe my gentlemen Carter is there an f5 we could we could just send the motor with him and could you check is there a parker n’t parts warranty on that it’s not ok so it was a five thank you thank you okay yeah I gotta go talk to him about price real quick make sure he’s okay with that my god a lot of people to where I’ve been there three four years mhm so it’s like we have four year old conversations yeah we continue and then that’s nice yeah I definitely enjoy it’s my favorite part of the job yeah what’s this stuff just wash this is a condenser coil cleaner so you put it in and you dilute it with some water and what its gonna do is there’s really tight aluminum fins mm-hmm and what this does is it gets in between and it loosens up the dirt between those fins so that we can get it clean now homeowner by himself could not achieve just spraying it with a hose kids surface start off alright but when we’re out here we’re spraying this coil cleaner on there to really get a deep clean and clean out what would be the lungs of the air conditioner well make sure it can breathe right so the heat of the summer it’s not overworking itself so now I’m just gonna wash it off this is something a homeowner could do themselves safely but what I would highly recommend is two things make sure the system is off at the thermostat I would not advise messing with any high voltage any power like that so the best thing to do is shut it off at the thermostat make sure that the fan blades are off everything from there and take a nice light stream of water and just go over the fins just get the surface dirt I would not recommend taking apart any of the equipment for your safety and just for the safety of the equipment itself getting back together properly so you can take a nice light stream of water go at it from an angle and gently get all of the surface dirt off and kind of a back and forth motion this I would recommend being done once maybe in the middle of the summer just as you’ll observe a lot of surface dirt on the phone other than that it is not necessary we do a very good thorough cleaning every time we come out for our maintenance so do not feel obligated to clean it something that is more of a choice and if you decide that it needs it you you feel free to go in where the water comes out yeah cottonwoods exactly what it is yeah we take these bad boys off and get it nice and clean get everything cleaned out of there get all the grass head built up over many many mows yeah see how the water goes right and sand with air that’s it has to be able to pass through here Lee this is the coil cleaner this is what’s getting in there getting in there nice and deep to clean out all the all of the dirt that’s still stuck between that the water couldn’t get out I got a brand new air conditioner when I’m done Roger gets the motor yeah motor just got in okay so you can see how in the areas where it’s a little more dirty how it foams up in the corner so that we’re dirty to begin with a little bit inside you could see some of the foaming action of it but that’s it’s it’s cleaning it’s attacking some of that it’s diluted probably ten parts of water to one part one part oil cleaner you can see it’s pushing out the dirt see is right now it’s pushing out the dirt in certain spots getting it nice and clean see the water run brown let me grab some sandpaper a lot of these have have rust on them from the rain so you try to take this motor off without taking that rust off it’ll get stuck so getting a shaft in the motor nice and clean this helps helps get that motor off much easier so is there a lot of good fishing down at the Ozarks yeah so a quick quick sanding makes that what would be a hard process much easier so you can hear the bearing it’s all loud it’s whining a little bit so really really important is want to make sure that you get the fan blades exactly how they were when you took it off and if you do not it won’t pull up the correct amount of air so motor is the exact same so we don’t have to account for any difference in size of motor so what you do – you have a cabin where did you go that one time you were talking to me a couple years back you went to a cabin somewhere was that great-great-grand Lakes Oklahoma we go there every year to to go fishing so yeah again I wrote the measurement on the box to get a nice make sure that my fan blades are at the exact same depth since that being the original motor it’s got a nice nice good air flow through there so now everything is gonna work the way if you put it if you put it on incorrectly you’re gonna have air air flow problems cuz it’ll push up the side it won’t come out of the top so this is ideal for this size get the refrigerant charge checked and you will finally have your AC back I don’t think for my first bass boat or my first boat I’m gonna go new fishing seat or on our 50 horsepower yeah this first one is is important to get in right and the rest of them fall in line but the first one’s always tough I want to make sure that my gauges are set to the right refrigerant for 10a so we have the proper pressures purged all the air out of them and we’ll hook up our temperature probes all right now we find out if I did it right I’m joking so I’m looking at the indoor humidity and wet ball flat ball number I’m gonna use to figure out what my super heat needs to be so that my refrigerant charge is proper it looks like we’re at 63 63 degree wet-bulb let’s go downstairs and check your difference so now it’s no longer hot so I didn’t check the temperature difference between my incoming returned air in my outgoing supply after its run through the air conditioner so about 72 degree air coming out and 53 so it looks like we’re at about 19 degree temperature drop which indicates we have the proper temperature drop for a properly working air conditioner that’s good to go now we can check the charge you’re gonna look at the outdoor temperature so what I’m doing is I’m gonna use the indoor wet bulb which I believe was 62 and we’re about 65 outside so ideally we’re going to be around 21 to 24 degrees of superheat if you look here at our refrigerant charge we see that over our evaporator coil is above freezing and our superheat is right around 30 so around 5 degrees off which which were right about where we want to be but what this is telling me that it’s that it’s operating properly it’s removing the right amount of humidity and it has a right temperature drop that he needs to cool down this house on any any hot day so what I’m doing now is I am putting the refrigerant that are in my gauges back into the system so I’m not taking any refrigerant out of this system so each time I want to check the charge but at the same time leave it with the same amount of refrigerant that was in here when I showed up so all I’m doing is purging my gauges getting all the refrigerant out of them now with the coil cleaned the motor running our tune-up is complete today we arrived to do a normal routine maintenance check when I arrived I did my introduction to the homeowner and he explained to me that yesterday he turned it on for the first time and it just didn’t seem to cool down the house very well he mentioned that it was around 77 when he arrived he had it on for three to four hours and it went down a degree when I went downstairs after turning on the system at the thermostat I noticed that the pipe was very hot when that pipe is very hot it means that it’s not removing heat so what we needed is to run outside quickly and I realized that the motor was not running our routine maintenance quickly turned into a repair call what I did was I check the capacitor is the motor starter that’s what starts that fan motor and gets everything running and we quickly realized that that was okay so it meant that the motor was no good got it all fixed up pretty quickly after that we were able to continue with our maintenance I got everything washed out checked charged and checked amp drawn the motor to make sure everything was okay after that the routine maintenance was complete and the homeowner was happy and everything seems to work well

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