Are Thursday Diplomat Boots Worth It After 1000 Miles? – (CUT IN HALF)

8December 2021

it's time to find out how the Thursday diplomats 
have lasted over a thousand miles ish of wear by   leaving its fate up to the wheel of death and 
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that so check them out below now let's go over the   boot information so the brand is Thursday the 
style is the diplomat the color we got is the   matte black they weigh one pound nine ounces they 
retail for 199 dollars and they're made in Mexico   now let's go over the information that we can 
gather about the condition of these boots before   we cut it in half and we're not going to go over 
every single detail because we've already done a   video on the diplomats we're focusing strictly 
on the condition of these so if you want more   information go go watch the set the first video 
because I'm trying to keep these short and concise   as I'm currently rambling so starting with the 
upper so this matte black leather is actually in   pretty decent condition for how many miles these 
have been worn and part of that is because the   owner probably took pretty decent care of them and 
conditioned them but the other thing is these are   not used for work and that's not the intended 
use of Thursday boots so it's really comparing   it's not really fair to compare a work boot to a 
casual boot because it's two completely different   worlds of of durability so we're really putting 
these through the lens of a casual stylish boot   and the durability thereof so keep that in mind 
throughout this video but for a casual boot   leather it looks really good and it's lasted 
really well next to the lining and this was a   criticism i had of these boots last year when we 
cut apart the brand new pair because it's just a   seam that goes right up the middle there's no 
dedicated internal counter cover and my concern   was that seam was going to wear out and the 
the insides were going to start falling apart   but as you can see from this boot it's not 
worn through and that's why I love doing   these worn out versions because it it shows 
me what I got right shows me what i got wrong   and really starts filling in those gaps that's 
left behind by cutting apart a brand new boot   next to the construction so this is a goodyear 
welted boot and we don't see very often a 200   boot that's a true goodyear welt with a leather 
well because if you look at the Carolinas   they're 200 they have a synthetic well but the 
big difference between the two is the Thursdays   are made in Mexico the Carolinas are made in the 
united states so I'm thinking the way that they're   able to get away with the leather welt for 200 
boot is by opening up those margins by having them   made in Mexico rather than rather than the united 
states and that brings us to the midsole and that   the biggest criticism of Thursday that I have 
and a lot of people have is in order to get it   to that 200 price point they've got to cut some 
corners somewhere and so all throughout the guts   of this boot it's all synthetic and man-made 
materials which aren't as durable as leather   and as I learned from Trenton and heath 
that synthetic stuff just kind of falls   apart during the reselling process but one nice 
thing about this Thursday boot in particular   is that the midsole is just one fat slab of 
leather so when it comes time to resolving these   all the cobbler has to do is pull this old 
outsole off and glue a new one on and none of that   synthetic material ever has to get touched and 
speaking of outsoles this is the Vibram Christy   which is a rubber based outsole and there's 
basically two types of outsoles with wedges   there's the rubber based Vibram's and then there's 
the polyurethane based outsoles you see in the the   Carolinas and the Thorogood's the rubber based 
outsoles are more grippy they're a little bit   softer but they wear out quicker the polyurethane 
outsoles aren't quite as grippy but they're a   little bit longer lasting so now it's time to 
decide the fate of these poor Thursday mock toes   by spinning the wheel of death and every single 
week we're going to add a new portion to the   pie that you guys choose by going to the comment 
section and and commenting what you want us what   cutting apparatus you want us to add and whichever 
gets the most like we'll add this week we added a   chainsaw so now it's beside the fate of these poor 
Thursday mock toes let's spin the wheel of death so so okay got these things murdered with 
the knife let's see what's inside so this is what I love about cutting apart worn 
boots because from the outside you would say   there's no issues with this boot but once you 
open this thing up you can see that the counter   has completely disintegrated and this is 
a perfect example of why people prefer   leather counters over these thermoplastic counters 
because leather doesn't disintegrate like this   and if you don't know what a counter is it's 
the structural piece that is at the heel that   helps maintain that shape helps cup your heel 
and prevents it from completely collapsing and   sagging and so so that's why in a higher quality 
boot people really look for leather counters   because they don't disintegrate like this one and 
this boot also perfectly shows one of the issues   that I have with goodyear welted boots and like i 
said earlier there's the stitch that connects the   welt to the upper to underneath the lasting 
board there's a little teeny rib right there   and that rib creates a void throughout the entire 
boot that's usually filled with foam or cork or   some sort of material to fill that void but the 
problem with cork is it always compresses a lot   more than the actual rib itself compresses so you 
end up with a high spot around the outside of the   the insole that can cause a high pressure 
point at your pinky toes and your big toe   and it's pretty clearly demonstrated in this boot 
right here because you can see how the cork is so   thin right there but that rib is still really high 
and you can see where his toes were sitting on a   little bit of a ridge but to Thursday's credit 
if you look at this boot that we cut apart   last year it's a more modern version they've 
shortened that rib considerably so even if   this does compress a lot you don't have quite 
as much variation in the height of the rib   to the lower parts of this cork filled void 
and another change they've made is in the shank   so the pair we just cut has a thinner shank that's 
sandwiched between the hard compressed cardboard   the more modern versions have a lot thicker shank 
that's underneath of that compressed cardboard   and that's one thing that I've really grown to 
like about Thursday is that they are completely   obsessed with every single material and aspect of 
their boots and they're constantly changing them   and improving them and I know firsthand because 
they've sponsored videos and I've talked to the   guys about even the tiniest little things that 
they've adjusted and so that kind of brings us   to the pros and cons so obviously pros Thursday's 
constant improvement the next pro is these have   lasted pretty well for a casual boot I love the 
leather midsole I love the leather welt for cons   obviously the disintegrated thermoplastic counter 
that big rib all the way through that they've   changed to some degree and those synthetic guts 
all through this the construction of the boot   overall if after seeing this I wouldn't have any 
hesitations in buying the Thursday boots you know   there now you fully understand what compromises 
you're making and buying a 200 boot instead of   a 300 boot and now you can decide if you're okay 
with those and that's why I love cutting apart the   boots and I love even more cutting apart these 
worn out boots because we're really able to dig   into some of the more fine details so let me know 
what you guys think and what your experience with   these boots are and don't forget to comment below 
on what you want us to add to the wheel of death   and check out the merch I'll link those and 
everything else below thank you guys see ya

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