ARIAT WORKHOG Review [CUT IN HALF] (2021) The Best Ariat Work Boot?

11December 2021

welcome to boot spy my name is william today i am going to be cutting in half the area workhog i'm gonna look inside this hog and check out the giblets let's get into it [Music] thank you so much for joining me if you haven't already please hit that subscribe button down below also give me a thumbs up both are super helpful for the channel i really appreciate it as i said today i'm looking at the area work hog i'm going to cut this boot in half and really take a look break down the process so we can you know together figure out whether or not this boot really has all that rugged durability that area touts on their website let's get to it and cut this boot in half [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right guys so i have cut the work hogs in half and it really like after looking closely at the inside of this boot it really confirms what i've been feeling about the workhog since wearing it for a few projects outside and doing some work in it and really like i'm just going to show you a close-up here and you can really see how much cushion how much padding there is through here you know there's some other videos you can check out online where say the heel for instance this will have so much empty space in there from you know whatever it is when they're they're pumping out the material and creating whatever this this you know high density foam is they'll have a lot of empty space but that is just not the case with the area at work hog there is you know this midsole here all that high density foam you have a few different layers of high density foam there and then of course on this side you get that composite shank which is uh for one completely impossible to cut through i know from experience but for two that really helps with the heel pinching so you're not gonna it's just tons of arch support tons of protection this little thing here i didn't think about this when i originally was wearing this but this definitely adds a little bit more arch support this is just a hard piece of plastic that does not bend and is also very hard to cut in half the workhog does have a composite toe and a steel toe version though i just have the one with the texon board toe that just helps to keep it shape really of course you have the waterproof leather here this has been treated with areas waterproofing this is a pull-up leather so it is richly packed with oils and waxes you don't really need to condition it and to clean it up since it's not like a standard soft leather it's kind of roughed out basically you take a wet rag and just wipe it up so if you are a general contractor or something like that and you need to kind of clean up your boots before meeting with a client uh super easy to do that just takes a moment it does have this waterproof lining again this has taped seams right here water is not going to seep in and get your feet wet but it's also very very breathable as this fabric right here uh super super breathable so if water does get inside your boot which it can you know it can't happen with some waterproof boots like water just has a way of getting in even in waterproof situations but this is super breathable this not only helps a ton i don't know if you can see see through that this landing right here up top even if water gets inside the boot it's no problem because water can escape through the shaft up here and also if you are working out in the heat this is critical again you can maybe see some holes in there i don't know if it's very apparent but i can see it on my end and really when you have that sort of breathability this makes it an excellent boot for summer even though it's like a big beast here's my verdict on the ariat workhog this is definitely my favorite pull-on work boot for a reason whereas with boots like red wings or maybe uh chippewa or any of those other brands a lot of the midsoles are gonna be made out of leather and so they're going to be more durable in the long run like talking like five six seven years then the ariat work hog that said the ariat workhog is way way way more comfortable and i think they're a better choice especially if you have back pain because it does have the composite shank and all this extra foam right here makes it so easy to stand on so your feet don't get tired and that just takes a lot of pressure off of your legs and then all the way up into your back plus the way you just slide these on these two really sturdy pull tabs they're awesome if you have low back pain you just slip these boots right on no problem um so while i don't think that the area you know the insides of the area aren't necessarily as durable as some of those more american heritage brands the fact that you are getting a waterproof boot with this lining right here so much cushion through the midsole tons of protection in the actual rubber sole itself including the composite shank and this little plastic guard here and then the extra breathability of this mesh liner i think when you combine all those things together basically ariat has created one of the most comfortable work boots you could possibly buy and when you consider the price of these things at under 200 like to me that's just one of the best values out there guys if you enjoyed this video found it interesting please hit that subscribe button down below also give me a thumbs up both are super helpful for the channel and also if you want to see me cut some more ariat boots in half let me know in the comments and i'll reach out to them see if we can get some more at some of their different models cut those in half and see what's on the inside there too thank you again for joining me and until next time put your best boot forward

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