AUS für MAKITA & DeWALT?!? – Akkuschrauber TEST EXTREM | Teil 2

18November 2021

Hello and welcome back to You were waiting for it. The second part of our power showdown. Many interesting disciplines today. We have a 20*200 wood screw. The 65mm forstner drill in second gear. But we will only take a look if they could make it in 2nd gear. And we have the big guy the 85mm forstner. It’s not cheap. Round about 250 € for the drill. We spent that for you. But we wanted to know how good cordless drills are. But first let us talk about the first part. Thank you for all the comments. I always read them and try to respond. But the last part was some kind of controversial. We did some mistakes there. We wanted to post that video in time. So we inadvertently put some parameters on the wrong spot. Thank you for commenting that. In the first part we had the 12*600 Spax. Our 54mm forstner with time and the snake drill. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. Part 2 we start with the 85mm forstner drill. That thing is huge. A Famag 85 round about 250 to 270 €. Can the drills handle it ? Now we can see the results on our splitscreen.

Max we did not take the time ? We have no thread lace with the 85. The pressure would not be the same for every machine. We drilled three holes and looked how good the machines performed. And how often they stopped. But we have a scoring for the test. If the machine does not stop 10 points. For every switch off minus half a point. The Parkside switched off 43 times and gets no points. That is no real life scenario. But you have to see which cordless drill fits best for you. Max our second test. The 65mm forstner in second gear. All about speed now. The inspiration was the event by Milwaukee. Go check it out.

All about a 65mm frostner in second gear into the wood. Now we show you our results. Who was outstanding ? How did the Hitachi 36V perform ? So powerfull and no switch off. How did the Parkside perform? He didn’t make it. How about Bosch or the other Hitachi ? We had to switch to first gear that they could make it. Every machine can do it. But with the first gear used you won’t get any points. Normally you do it in first gear but that would not be the power showdown. Third test the M20*200 wood screw. Really big screws. We tried longer screws first but that did not make sense. That’s why we use the shorter screws. How did we prepare the test ? You used pine wood and pre-drilled it ? Yes, but first I tried it without pre-drilling.

But the wood split apart. So I started pre-drilling 14mm. I did not want to go to deep. The machines should have something to work on. After that I used our small snake drill. Every test machine had to drill down their own wood screw. Isn’t that hardcore ? Many people said you can hurt your wrist. And you can really feel it. We can say that one machine broke doing it. We used the Milwaukee and the handgrip snapped off. Big scratches around the metal case. We used the Croclock from our test. It’s doing an awesome job. But we had to nail it down to the ground. To handle the torque of the machines What was our goal for the test ? We did not take the time. And we did not drill as deep as possible. The machines were allowed to switch off five times. After that we stopped. For example the older Hitachi did not stop.

It could go up to 30 times. But that could damage the cordless drill. After five times we used a torque wrench to see how strong the machine was. It’s coming close to the exact torque parameter. But we are not doing a science experiment. With that technique we can measure the soft torque. Most machines show the hard torque. The hard torque is often hight but not relevant here. Hard torque is like a car crashing into a wall. Lots of kinetic energy which immediately stops. Soft torque slowly grows like a curve. That is relevant for our test.

Now we have the splitscreen with all machines. First place DeWalt. It’s their strongest cordless drill and on first gear it has 450 rpm. Other brands use 500 or 550 rpm. The DeWalt should be less powerful in comparison. The Hikoki/Hitachi 36V is not as good as the DeWalt. But first gear goes up to 500 rpm. Strongest machine our Metabo with torque attachment. A torque of 101 Nm. Yes he did the 100. Perfect for wood working and big screws. There we have our ranking of all tests. This was our second part of the power showdown. You saw everything. I hope you liked it. Lots of amazing tools. We love seeing your comments. It is our motivation. Yeah that’s true. Always hard work. But we work hard for you and our curiosity. You guys had a lot of questions. We are going to have a part three. We have a conclusion there and a small showdown „real talk“ with Max. Goodbye, have a nice day and see you soon..

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