Best Electrician’s Tools – Milwaukee Wire Strippers 48-22-3079

29December 2021

What's up everyone? Welcome back to The Durbin Compound! If you haven't met me already, my name is Devin Durbin. So today on the channel, we're going to go over one of   my favorite tools. I already spoiled it, but these Milwaukee 6 in 1 wire strippers   I'm a big fan of. If you're interested in 
what I have to say about it, stay tuned. All right guys, so as we just got done with the Christmas holiday, I received a Home Depot gift card, and guess what? I picked up another set of these bad boys.

So, I use a pair of these at work. I switch in between these and the Klein. I think they're the Klein-Kurve. I think that part number is like 102-Z. Or no 12055, I think, is the Klein set that I use.    This is a Milwaukee set 48-22-3079. These I'm a big fan of. I've already worn out one of these pair.   They're really a good all-in-one tool. I 
love a wire stripper for stranded wire and solid wire. These things, I love that they have a scale on both sides. You have a scale for stranded.   You have a scale for solid. Really, really slick! No guesswork. No having to know it right off the   top of your head.

Maybe it makes you lazy and complacent, but it's very easy to use.  So, these things cut through Romex and any of your stranded wire with ease. I mean, they basically take the place of diagonal cutters, lineman's pliers, and a stripper all in one. So, I use the jaws at the end to tighten wire nuts, sometimes if I need something really tight.  The reamers on them are awesome. I've worn down…I wish I had a picture of the ones I have at work. They're worn around the sides pretty bad from doing conduit and EMT, stuff like that. So, you know, they do wear a little bit on the sides. But, you know, that's what the reamers are for.   They're really slick. So, it'll do everything up to 3/4". You can kind of tip the plier in there at a   different angle if you want to do bigger than that.

But I'm usually not into anything bigger than 3/4". So, you know, those rare instances where I'm doing 1" rigid or something like that.   You know, you have your own reamer for that. So, the bolt cutters–I never used the bolt cutters.   I use the bolt cutters at home because usually most of the time I'm coming up with, you know,   little screws that need cut, that are, you know, a little too long for the project that I'm doing.   So, I see that these are going to come in handy, when I use them at home. But as far as at work in a facilities maintenance type of setting, I don't use these bolt cutters at all. Usually have this stuff readily available. We have a lot of stuff on a shelf for that kind of thing. I highly recommend these pliers. Now I do recommend the Kleins as 
well. I go back and forth with the Kleins.

The Kleins are the exact same plier, they just have a wider, duckbill-type head on them. It's not really a duckbill. It's a squarer head up here on the 
top. So, you know, sometimes that helps. Sometimes it doesn't. I find that sometimes it's a pain in the butt. Some people use that wide duckbill for   twisting wires together. I'm not a fan of twisting wires together. Sometimes I'll twist my grounds, but otherwise I just put them in a wire nut and I use pliers to tighten my wire nut down, to get my twist going. So, that's just the way I do it. I'm 
not a certified electrician by any means. I'm not an absolute expert in every field, but these work well for me all around. So, if you're a guy   that's a jack-of-all-trades, needs to be able to do just about anything and everything, this is a   good plier for you.

I would also say that this is an awesome electrician's tool. This is a great   electrician's tool under $30. These come in at $25. If you need a stripper–you're looking for a   wire stripper, a wire stripper not a stripper, these are awesome. These have held up. They withstand   the test of time. I think that other set I have is probably four or five years old, and they've   held up quite well. I don't need to replace the ones at work, but I'm getting a set for home.   So at $25, they're under that $30 mark to make it an Awesome Tool Under $30 and heck,   I had a gift card, so why not? These are sweet! So, these will be going in my toolbox. They'll stay probably shiny like this because electrical work around The Compound is few and far between.   But when I need it, I need it, and I want to have nice tools there in the toolbox. If you work with   electricity as your daily, these are a good tool. I mean, I see electricians bounce around between   all the different brands. Everybody has their own opinion on what is good, what's bad, indifferent.   But, nonetheless, I highly recommend these.

$25–a win in my book. Always a thumbs up. So, I hope you guys enjoyed the video. I was going to make it short and sweet. It's a nasty, rainy day here in Ohio.   It's kind of sleeting. Icing and just all around nasty. Spend the time in the garage. Make a little video for you. I hope you like this down and dirty 
review. As always, you know what time it is.

Give me a thumbs up. Or a thumbs down. Whatever you're into! 
And I guess we'll see you guys in the next video!.

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