BEST POWER TOOL BRAND TO BUY – Milwaukee Makita Dewalt Bosch Hilti Hitachi & Metabo – Ridgid

27December 2021

welcome back to Steve Robb reviews today I'm 
gonna talk about a new kit that I just bought   from Dewalt it came with the quarter inch impact 
driver the drill and the flashlight now it came   with two batteries and when you do get these 
smaller batteries believe this is one and a   half amp or two amps Allah there's no gauge on 
the back that shows you how much is left in it   but that's fine with me I really don't mind that 
at all and of course came with this just a second   when I got now it came with this flashlight 
and you could see on the back here that's a   battery that I already have from another unit 
but today I'd like to talk about there's a lot   of controversy people are talking about different 
power tools and which brand you should get I only   have Milwaukee and the Walt but I'll tell you 
something today the way the technology is moving   around I don't think there's a bad power tool 
out there and for most people what I would do   is just stick with one brand I'm not saying 
back to Walt or by Milwaukee but so far I've   had terrific success with them now I know other 
manufacturers have like lifetime guarantees and   that's how they actually sell their product 
is on the warranty and from what I've heard   the warranty is good and so are the power tools 
but some power tools you just cannot get from a   different manufacturer take for instance the m12 
ratchet this is an older model and of course I   just made my own base to it here this is just 
a regular battery it isn't the extended 2 amp   hour or anything this is just so it'll stand 
upright if you want to put a clip down below a   little bit of a bid on how to actually make this 
didn't cost me nothing and it stands up and this   right here guys there's other manufacturers like 
the Walt that actually makes something similar to   this it's all on price point this is a terrific 
price point and here's their extended run battery   with the platform on the bottom and this is a 
terrific tool a lot of other manufacturers have   different variations of the tools but I would say 
Milwaukee and Dalt have pretty well cornered the   market in the power tool division and I think you 
can't go wrong with either one of them now when I   bought this three piece kit here it came with 
this charger and if take a look there at what   is it a 107 okay these are the two batteries 
I put them on the charger one on that one and   one on this one that came with my Dewalt impact 
driver the half-inch impact and this is the 115   and if you take a look on the back you can seen 
the specs this one here charges up as twice as   fast as this one here that I got in the kit but 
for me it doesn't matter I'm going to take one   of these and leave it up north so what I have 
is I have the old variation of all the DeWalt   tools in 18 volt and to make them compatible I 
bought the adapter so this snaps in the bottom   and you can put your 20 volt batteries in this 
one here so I've got the circular saw I've got   the half-inch impact driver and I have what's 
the third one there well I've got a third one   I'm not too sure but I do have another one and 
so that way there I can use the 20 volt and the   18 volt batteries they didn't do too good for 
me in Dewalt the 20 volts are terrific or the   higher voltages up are terrific as well except you 
get into such a costly investment into batteries   once you go above the 20 volt so this kit right 
here with these three including two batteries   in the charger was a hundred and ninety dollars 
for me up here and I thought that was a great   deal because if I tried to buy this individually 
two batteries these two and the flashlight would   be well over $300 for me to buy individually so 
sometimes the kits are the best to buy and as you   can see I've got the the angle grinder and I've 
got the reciprocating saw and I've been using   them and they're just terrific I wouldn't really 
buy anything today except for Milwaukee that was   under 20 volt like I really like the the m12 I 
have their jacket as well so I use them batteries   in my jacket my heated jacket but besides that 
they're just terrific so I've seen lots of videos   you know when you're looking at buying power tools 
there's all kinds of different reviews on YouTube   about different power tools and a lot of them 
the tools are given to the YouTube channel to   do a sponsorship promotion kind of thing where 
they give their review and most people actually   still do give an honest review and but for me I'm 
buying all these myself and using them and in the   future if I have a problem with one of these tools 
well I'm going to let you know about it but to do   a review on different power tools you have to have 
an immense budget and have or have manufacturers   send you the power tools you try them out yourself 
and that's pretty well all you can do but for me   if I were going to recommend anybody to buy 
any power tools I would say just look at what   you're doing for a living if you're not using 
them commercially I got to tell you the truth   commercially though I wouldn't buy any of these 
things not one I know what I would buy and it   would cost four times the price and they're worth 
four times more because one of these tools break   down on you if you have a business and you know 
time is money and it isn't worth buying homeowner   stuff if you're not a homeowner but for me I don't 
use these tools consistently every day day after   day after day and I would like to know if any of 
you are in the construction business or you know   have some type of use for these tools on a daily 
basis whether you buy the home owner tools are   you move up to the more expensive brands there's 
a lot better stuff out there than what I'm showing   you right here and that's the truth but for the 
average homeowner like me who's going to use some   of these tools maybe over the winter never like a 
lot of these I wouldn't use over the whole winter   usually just in the summer and that's pretty 
well it so how much money do you want to spend   and invest in power tools when in reality most of 
us are just homeowners using them little projects   here and there and I read a statistic from a power 
tool manufacturer that said the average homeowner   uses some of them tools 12 minutes a year I'm 
thinking you know that sounds like a little   bit short for me but in reality I do have some 
specialized tools that I'm lucky if I use once   a year so it all comes down to how much you can 
afford and how much you're going to use them and   you know I thought I'd make this little video just 
to explain to people you don't have to buy the   most expensive tool to get the best bargain and a 
lot of times like when I shopped at Lowe's I mean   the other tools here they didn't come from Lowe's 
I got some from Mississauga Hardware in Toronto I   got some from Amazon I buy them wherever I can 
get the best deal and to tell you the truth I   wouldn't pay four times the price for any of these 
power tools for the professional-grade because I'm   not a professional and I wonder how many of you 
are so thanks for joining me here today I hope   you like just a little bit of a chat on power 
tools and these guys come back again Cheers

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