Brushless Power Tools | Snap-on Tool Tips

3January 2022

– I'm Jarod DeAnda, we're here at Snap-on
Tools' World Headquarters. I'm here with Scott
Sengpiel, Snap-on Tools. And here in front of us, we have cordless power tools featuring Brushless Technology. – That's right. So this is our new 9075
1/2" Cordless Impact, as well as the 9100,
which is a 3/4 version. Biggest difference between this one and the previous model is obviously power. – They're quiet. They're quieter, right? – They're very quiet. Yeah, because it's a brushless motor. That's one of the advantages you have, as the tool itself becomes quieter. The other advantage is there's no sparks because you're not actually making contact with brushes on the motor. – It's a lot quieter, it's more efficient, and Snap-on has kind of a technology protecting your investment. – That's right. So I have two examples here, a caged or an uncaged motor. – Right out of the gate, you can see the difference
between this housing and this housing, because this is attached
right to the housing of the actual tool. – That's right. So for example, if you're anything like me, you drop your tools all the time.

If you drop it, that bearing
can become misaligned. – Yeah. – And when it becomes misaligned, that leads to power loss, maybe even a potential motor failure. – They're gonna break it. They're gonna break your tool. – Right, it's broken. – Yeah.
– Right. So then you gonna send it in
and nobody likes to do that. The difference with ours is it's caged, and that means all of
the bearings, the rotor, everything is supported
within a caged housing that then floats within the
housing of the tool itself.

If you do drop it, the motor is still
self-sufficient within this space. – Yeah. You're gonna see the internals here protecting your investment. It's just more stout. It feels like you're
really holding something that's gonna hold up and
stand the test of time. It's stout. It's quiet. It's more efficient. And if you wanna find out more information on the ever-growing, ever-expanding line of
Brushless Power Tools, talk to your franchisee.

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