Can you buy good power tools in Russia? See what we find when we go tool shopping!!

2January 2022

Well good morning guys it's 
john from Bearly Russian.   Today my son Joash and I are 
out looking at tool stores,    we looked at some tool stores, we've gone to some 
of the bigger chains stores and now we're going to some of the   smaller ones now. We are just trying to see what sort 
of specialized tools we can find here. obviously   from Australia we we're familiar 
with what we can buy there and the brands that   we can buy, all the big brands your Makita's your 
Milwaukee's your DeWalt's all those sorts of brands.  We haven't seen as many of them for sale here. 
Bosch is fairly common, Bosch and Hilti they're here, again   i think it's more of a European style influence 
than say, the American brands and    how much of that is caused by the 
price fluctuation between the ruble and the dollar,  whether there are sanctions involved or things like 

So we're going to see what's available,   we'll show you some of the Russian tools available and
show you what tool shops are like here in Russia.   Come along enjoy the day with 
us and we'll show you what's around. So the first store we came to turned out to be quite a 
good one, it had a good range of tools, all different   types of tools from your lawn care construction 
metal fabrication and timber working tools. it   had one of the better ranges of tools that we've actually 
seen in Russia. We haven't been to this store   before but it had a good range of tools. 
As we go through I'll try and pop a few price   charts up for you, so you can get an idea of 
what the costs are for the tools here in Russia. Got a big range of Stihl chainsaws, there were 
no Husqvarna's or other brands here obviously   there is Stihl distributor but decent 
size range of all sorts of Stihl equipment  whipper snippers or like line 
trimmers the Americans call them   mowers and vacuums and shredders 
a good good range of Stihl tools.

backpack blowers A lot of petrol mowers, there were 
a few battery operated mowers which you'll see. electric mowers also but yeah a good a good range of stihl equipment Joash talking to the sales rep So this is their range of construction 
style tools, different brands some of the   brands, we aren't familiar with, 
Worx we've seen before but a   lot of other brands we we don't get 
in Australia and obviously they are   for Russia and maybe other countries in 
this area, but definitely not in Australia.

Some of the more familiar ones you see, 
Stanley here which we have in Australia   DeWalt which is also in Australia, metal 
cut off saws radial arm saws Bosch obviously we get in Australia. Nice radial arm saw from DeWalt these double saws, I don't even know what 
they're called really, but they have the   table saw on top and a drop saw set up below. 
they are not very common in Australia DeWalt metal cutoff saw Stanley, so they have got a few bigger brands.
Here we got DeWalt, Bosch a little bit of Makita.   Patriot which is a brand which 
I haven't seen anywhere else   but Russia, I don't know if it's in any other 
countries, I'm presuming it's a Chinese brand. Worx is a brand that we have in Australia This is one of the biggest tool 
stores I've seen in Russia so far. greenworks some more Worx tools let us know 
if works is a reasonable brand? Some more patriot tools. Patriot reminds a little bit of the Ozito brand, 
we have a big hardware chain in   Australia called Bunnings and they brought out 
the Ozito tools and when they first came out   they were pretty average, but  
if you only bought the plug-in tools the powered   tools, not the cordless tools they 
were ok, they did it right.

They weren't as fine-tuned as the 
bigger name brands. A lot of water pumps, hoses gardening gear, Fiskars is 
pretty big here, because   you can find Fiskars in a lot of 
places, it's a good quality brand. A lot more garden tools, garden 
tractors, small garden tractors, Wheel barrows. Some more workshop tools, 
workshop style, what's this brand, Belmash, never   heard of that brand before, they seem to make a few 
different tools, belt sanders, flat wheel sanders. this is a table planer and a table saw yeah, this is actually cast, man that's solid What have we got here? Korvet corvette, I guess that means they're fast three-year warranty on these ones Belmash. None of these brands I've 
seen before, these are all new to me. You can see the difference between the DeWalt 
which is sort of twice the price of the Belmash Interesting, so what are discovering 
is on the tags here, it says Russia there, so   this corvette brand is Russian brand
Patriot is Chinese this brand here jet is Chinese.   This Belmash doesn't say,
obviously the DeWalt is USA Chinese, Belmash apparently is Chinese also.

Okay another wheel sander The the interskol is a brand 
that's made here in Russia. we have got some spray equipment generators some big generators One thing we notice is that, with the power tools 
the cordless tools aren't as popular here in   Russia and I presume that's because of the cold 
weather and how much the cold weather affects   cordless tools so they still use a lot of   corded tools, which is why 
generators are still pretty big here. pipe benders these heat guns, these 
big diesels diesel heat guns for heating up your work spaces, your workshops, 
car engine when it's when it's cold.

These are diesel down here or kerosene. compactors, concrete saws. A lot of this is going to be just finding 
out what brands are good quality and reliable. Plastering gear, kangaroo jack or high lift jack, winches, endless chains, ratchet straps. This is one of the better tool stores, 
that we've seen here in Russia so far.   They have got quite a good range of gear. and we've got router bit fittings multi-tool fittings or oscillating tool fittings I don't know the brand is but it 
comes from Israel.

Kapro you can buy that brand in Australia, 
it's not common in Australia,  but you can definitely buy it in Australia 
it's quite good quality, quite a good brand Kapro Stanley fat max levels okay, some laser levels again brands 
I haven't seen before. x liner four way laser levels with external levels control warranty for three years, 36 months Dremel there's a brand you've seen before, 
a lot of smaller tools, new small bits big range Whipper snippers, one thing we've noticed here 
in Russia is they use Whipper snippers a lot.   Areas where, if we were in Australia 
you just get them some kind of push mower   or slasher mower, but here they use 
whipper snippers and they do acres and acres   with whippersnippers.

Here we go a patriot a 
wheeled one that would make a little bit easier, so i mean if you've got rough 
ground, I guess that works well, but know in Australia we would 
just use some kind of slasher. a little block splitter very little block splitter sort of a multi-carry cart setup we got cordless mower automatic three-year guarantee on the worx Aurora I've seen that brand 
before, it's a Russian brand made in Russia. what's that 350 aurora 160 amp, Mig welder. 220 volt, 180 amp this overman 185 
sort of a workshop size welder. Some more welders, they are Italian made 
Kvazarrus, I've never seen that brand before. interesting but one of the bigger ranges 
we've definitely seen here in russia okay, so milking set up cups are all inside and pumps Well set up, interesting, that'll be handy on the farm a milking machine, grain crusher for crushing grain.

Some table grinders, bench grinders All right we found the Makita store, let's go in 
and see what tools they've got. This is a brand we're familiar with from Australia, let's 
see what they got. So the floor space of this   shop wasn't big, but they certainly 
had a big selection of Makita tools   in their range of tools from all sorts of
different categories, from your table saws to your   drills, to your planers, to jigsaws.

comprehensive, one of the better ranges I've seen in Russia  some of the other smaller stores will have a few tools from brands, but they had   a huge selection of the different tools and all the 
different models they have in the drills and the   grinders and planers, circular saws.
But you can see, a good range of tools. It was a little bit awkward in store because 
it's such a small store and we're trying to film without being in people's way, But I 
hope it gives you a good idea of what's available. table saw, foldable table saw planer big boy saws big depth All corded Alrighty guys, well we've checked out a few 
tool stores and seen what's available, it was   quite encouraging to see the Makita store and the 
big range of gear there, pretty much anything   we could have got in australia you can get here.
The prices sort of comparable, a little bit   more expensive here, from what I can see I have 
to do some comparisons at home and check it out.   So you've seen some of the things that are 
available here what kind of tools are available.  Of course there's more tool stores around that 
we haven't found yet.

In Australia we used   a fair bit of Milwaukee tools and Milwaukee 
is not common here at all. In Russia you'll   see Makita is probably the most well known brand
we know here, you'll see some more DeWalt   tools here, but very little Milwaukee. They are 
here, I have seen them advertised occasionally,   but it's not big here at 
all. So from what I understand they're   actually quite expensive, because they're 
coming in from from the USA. So that's our trip out, looking for tools today and 
it's been good, it's been informative, it's   been helpful for us to find out where 
we can order in the tools from and arrange them   ahead of time It's okay 
to try new brands, but it's always nice to be   able to work with brands your familiar with because 
you know the quality, you know their accuracy   and their reliability.

So we hope you enjoyed 
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Take care guys, we'll see you in the next one.

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