CH Hanson Automatic Demo unit

1December 2021

This is the new CH Hanson A utomatic line of 
locking pliers and clamps. Now this remarkable   new tool has got the added benefit of being able 
to grab something thick, grab something thin,   without needing to adjust this tool and with 
only using one hand. Now if you were going to   do this same thing with your traditional 
pair of locking pliers, let me show you   what you'd have to do. You'd have to sit here 
and twist, twist, twist this knob back, back,   back until you found just the right size. You 
have to keep adjusting this until you found the   area to lock onto. Now if you were going to move 
to a different sized object, you'd have to twist,   twist, twist again to get this thing to lock on 
properly. This is really going to cut into your   workers' time and productivity, and if you've 
got a really good clamp on here like I have,   it takes two hands to get that tool off, and 
it can be quite difficult. But with the CH   Hanson Automatic, you can go from grabbing that 
thin bolt, to grabbing that thick bolt with one   hand without needing to adjust.

It's got some 
other features as well. It's got this redesigned   ergonomic release handle that makes your tool much 
simpler to grab and release. It cuts down on a lot   of hand stress and fatigue. We also offer this 
unique tool in a full range of clamps that can   go from grabbing something thin, like a piece 
of sheet metal, to grabbing something thick,   like a piece of tubing steel. This is going to 
make your workers much more productive, much   faster when they're out on the shop floor. If you 
were going to do that same thing with that line   of locking clamps, you'd have to sit there and 
twist this knob again until you found the right   spot. And then if you were going to remove to a 
different piece, you'd have to readjust this tool   several times before you found the right spot. 
With the CH Hanson Automatic, this is easy as 123,   one-handed application.

As you can see CH Hanson 
offers this remarkable tool in a full line of   pliers, clamps, and groove joint pliers that will 
work for every application on your shop floor..

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