CH Hanson Pivot Square

9December 2021

At CH Hansen we are proud to introduce another 
innovation in layout tools. The pivot square is   a precision layout tool that makes it easier 
to accurately measure and mark any angle.   Its unique pivot hinge allows you to make 
more precise measurements. The angle lock   allows you to simply mark boards during 
repetitive layout. The pivot square has   machined increments to ensure the precision of 
your measurements. High-quality spirit levels   allow you to level in three planes. Let's show 
you how the pivot square works. You can use it   like a common square to mark 90-degree angles. 
The pivot hinge allows you to select any angle   while keeping the base guide solidly square 
to the edge for more precise measurements. The   angle lock allows you to set the pivot square to 
any angle and lock it in.

This ensures accurate   marking and guarantees that you can repeat 
the angle for repetitive layout. What makes   the Pivot Square indispensable for constructing 
roofs and stairways to measure pitch or rise by   simply placing the tool on a roof line and 
using the level as a guide to measure the   angle and lock it in. The Pivot Square sets a 
new standard and precision for layout tools. At   CH Hansen we are proud to produce innovative 
tools for tradesmen designed by tradesmen..

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