Dave Tries The Milwaukee Cordless M18 Chainsaw

27December 2021

yeah so what do we have here m18 milwaukee 
chainsaw cordless okay test it out in the log here   i have never used a cordless chainsaw in my 
life and i know i know this is the wave of   the future oh it is what does the hd12 mean uh 
that's a heavy duty battery it's got a lot of   a lot of run time yeah look at that thing yeah 
usually these are the expensive parts oh it is   yeah it is okay that battery 
there fits on my tools in the shop   really oh yeah it's massive so you could run 
your little your little impacts on this yeah   the big impacts i mean the big impacts got 
it so dave's gonna cut a few cookies here   and we'll see how that works and this is a oregon 
bar and chain yeah does that come with the saw uh   well you get a bar that says milwaukee on it okay 
but they're all made by oregon they're all made   by oregon yeah they're just they're just branded 
this is a just a normal chain no normal bar three   two five looks like uh three eighths low profile 
oh yeah it's a small it's not a big three-eighths   it's a smaller chain and same same bar oil 
everything yeah everything's the same wow okay   cool it's good and the saw won't run if the brakes 
is applied yeah so okay so here's my safeties   now here's here's a gripe i'm left-handed 
okay so it's funny because so every every tool   yeah i mean that's only 10 of the population but 
every tool is meant for righties you're going to   have to write to milwaukee yeah we've talked 
about that and all the chainsaw manufacturers   yeah 10 of the population yeah yeah exactly so   break off yeah oh that's cool not 
bad that's cool ready just give her isn't that amazing that is is that amazing 
yeah that is amazing let's do another one here and no drama right no drama nothing nothing 
they probably make a top handle version of   this uh they might i mean they might be 
they might it's not very heavy you don't   have to have an idling chainsaw it's 
just exactly well husqvarna makes a   top handle yep you know for the tree climbers 
that's right yeah yeah i actually have a friend   that uses one of those he loves it yeah i mean it 
says it doesn't have like the kind of torque for   that's the difference yeah right but for 
little stuff oh yeah it's amazing man and it's variable speed yeah that's what 
i was getting there with that's what i   oh that's cool man very cool thanks for letting me 
try it yeah so uh that story the future guys yeah   no gas no pulling it always starts you need to be 
an electronic engineer oh definitely definitely   thanks thanks for watching everybody and let us 
know if you like the cordless stuff take care

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