Deceptive Design of Thursday Boots… in a good way (CUT IN HALF) Thursday Boot Review

27December 2021

today I'm cutting open Thursday's mock toe the 
diplomat and thanks to Built Bar for sponsoring   this video so I want to do a mini winter boot 
series through November at least like the first   part of November and I'm definitely going to do 
the L.L.Bean boot but I'm not sure what else to   do so let me know which boots you want me to do 
in that series I'll probably do five videos like   the top five winter boots so let me know in the 
comments which one you want me to do and we just   released a new mouse pad it's a little bit bigger 
than the ones we had before and it's made out of   the same leather we make the harnesses out of 
it's a 9 to 10 ounce horween leather or Wickett   and Craig so check that out if you're in need of 
a holiday gift or a new mouse pad now let's go   over the information on these boots so the brand 
is Thursday the model or the style is diplomat   the color I got is burnt copper and harvest and 
I wanted to show you guys both of them so we're   going to cut open the harvest and I'm going to 
wear the copper ones because they have kind of   a unique leather it's a really oily leather 
that has some kind of unique characteristics   that I'll probably show you in future videos 
as I as I wear them the price of these are $199   they weigh one pound nine and a half ounces and 
I don't know where they're made so I'm gonna send   them an email tonight and put it into the video 
so you know where they're made so now let's go   over the information and what we can gather what 
we can gather before we actually cut these in   half starting with the outsole so this is Vibram's 
Christy outsole and it's a really popular outsole   for work because it's so soft and squishy but it 
does wear out pretty quick as I've talked about in   all these moc toe videos it's 360 goodyear welted 
so that means this weld stitch goes all the way   around the heel most some of these other boots 
they don't have the weld the stitch that goes all   the way around some people like having the weld 
stitch because of how it looks some people don't   I don't think there's really an advantage either 
way some people say it's easier to resell but I   haven't really heard an argument either way that 
makes me think one better than the other more than   anything I think it's more preference and then to 
the upper leather so this is a little bit thinner   leather it's about 1.6 to 1.8 ounces it's a full 
grain chrome tanned leather but they call it oil   tanned that basically just means there's tons tons 
of oils infused into this and then their harvest   leather is oil tanned as well it's just more it's 
more dry leather it's more like a traditional   um boot leather like if you'd see like a more 
dressier boot and this leather's tanned by the   Lefarc tannery group they tan a lot of the 
leathers for like Timberland, uh Tony Llama,   Wolverine, and Area, and a bunch of other brands 
I'll put a little picture here of everyone all the   people they make leather for and this leather is 
kind of unique leather because it's kind of matte   but I shined up one side so you kind of see that 
as you wear this boot your pants and whatever   you're wearing is going to start shining the high 
spots of the leather and then the low spots are   going to still remain kind of uh matte and so 
you get kind of a unique looking boot even after   the first few times you wear it and even like 
scratches if you scratch it with your fingernail   you can just rub it out because there's so much 
oil in this leather next to the lining leather so   most of the other boots we've seen don't have 
a full liner this is a full leather liner it's   1.2 millimeters thick we'll kind of go through 
more of the information on the pros and cons of   that later in the video and then to the insert so 
this is a permanent insert that's a 1.5 millimeter   foam latex topped with leather and it just gives 
you a little bit of comfort while you're breaking   in whatever's on the inside versus if you've 
ever broken in a pair of red wings you know   how hard that leather is at first until you 
get broken in next to the eyelets so these are   a reinforced eyelet most of the eyelets we've seen 
are the type that kind of splay out as they're set   these are a two-part rivet that Thursday says is 
a custom design that basically adds a little extra   strength but they are a little bit sharp on the 
inside so especially on the the speed hooks are   pretty sharp and they kind of beat up the leather 
a little bit maybe it's just this pair of boots   but um the lower eyelets aren't as sharp but 
especially these top ones are sharper than I would   expect which isn't too big of a deal because these 
laces are kind of a cool lace because they're 20%   Kevlar 80% polyester so they are going to be more 
wear resistant and then if you look at the edges   here they're all rolled which is a really nice 
touch and kind of sets the entire theme for this   boot it's more of a casual boot than work boot in 
every way you know it's got the thinner leather   the rolled edges and just a slimmer profile and 
now the last thing to talk about before we cut   them in half is my initial wear impression 
and just the overall look of these boots   because I wore these ones around for a couple 
days and I was really surprised at how comfortable   they were right off the bat there's really no 
break-in period because of how leather this   how thin this leather is and more than anything 
what surprised me most was these boots are really   deceptively um roomy you know because they this 
toe box is so flat compared to the red wings   and because this rib on top is it's a little bit 
brought in it looks like it's a really narrow boot   so when I saw these on the internet I was like I 
don't know they're going to be probably going to   be pretty uncomfortable because they look really 
narrow but they have way more room than Red Wings   and so they really do a really good job of 
deceiving your eye and kind of giving you an   optical illusion to make them look more of that 
dressy pointy style but still having plenty of   room and the thing is a lot of people stay away 
from moc toes because they're notoriously high   notoriously high toe box that people associate 
with that clown look I don't mind it personally   I like the look of the Red Wings but for people 
who hate that this is a really good option because   of how slim and flat this toe box is and how 
well they pull it off so now let's cut them in   half and kind of see why these are so comfortable 
and kind of what else is going on inside of here   but first let's talk about Built Bar so 
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so thanks to built bar for sponsoring this video okay I got a cut in half let's see what's inside 
so I think I figured out why I think or why I   like to fill these more than some of the other 
ones because if you look here we've got two big   chunks of the compressed cardboard kind of 
like what we saw in the Italian made sneakers   that give a little bit of extra height at the 
heel so as your foot goes down to the ball of   your foot you got the extra arch support from 
that height and that was really surprising and   I think that's why when i put my foot in the shoe 
I was like I like that it feels good because it's   got that extra arch support and I'm a big fan 
of arch support I don't like flat shoes as much   so um let's go through the layers identify what 
they are so starting with the outsole working our   way up we got that Vibram Christie outsole and 
then a full leather midsole then we got a nice   cork filling that fills that void between that 
rib of the goodyear welt and then we got a a   steel shank in there and it's kind of a different 
shape than what I've seen before because this   isn't riveted it's actually got a little 
hook on each side of the shank that goes up   into that compressed cardboard to hold it in 
place and then we got that those few layers of   compressed cardboard and then the fiber board 
above that we can see that foam layer with the   leather on top for the permanent insert and 
then we move up to the lining leather we get   a little bit better view of that and one thing I 
didn't notice was until I cut them in half is how   deep this tongue is cut most of the boots we've 
seen are gusseted at least halfway up if not all   the way up on like the Nicks and stuff but these 
don't have that gusset there's some pros and cons   associated with it this won't be as leather 
proof but it'll break in faster it's gonna be   more comfortable a little bit more breathable 
but you're not gonna have quite as much water   resistance as you would with a gusseted tongue um 
but then we moved to the counter so the counter   is kind of an interesting one because the founder 
of Nick's has really strong beliefs when it comes   to counter materials I prefer the leather ones 
because it's more traditional so it's a harder   wearing material but it does take forever to wear 
in and break into your heel if it breaks in at all   some people have a really hard time with like the 
red wings because they don't ever break into their   heel he, the founder, loves these heat activated 
counters because they break into your foot within   the first few times wearing them and they're 
really custom form fit to your heel so it's   kind of a trade-off either way you get a really 
fast form fit that's going to last a long time   versus a heavy-duty leather counter and you know 
if this was a work boot I would say this isn't   good because you want something more durable but 
this is more of a casual boot kind of like what   we talked about earlier with like the rolled edges 
and the general profile of it so I I think I like   that counter he's kind of getting me converted 
to that that heat activated counter especially   after the sneakers that have that same counter so 
really interesting construction I didn't expect   it to be this different I really thought it was 
going to be almost identical to the Thorogood's   but we got that extra bit of compressed 
cardboard in there that's going to make this   heel actually a little bit taller like if we take 
a measurement of that about 40 millimeters tall   versus the Thorogood's 35-ish without the insert 
and then red wings might as well do them while   we're here about 35 as well so you get a little 
extra hide out of that as well for some people   like me like that extra arch support and extra 
dip for the ball of your foot and the fiberboard   insole is pretty common for what we've seen in 
this price range if this was a 300 boot I would   I would wish that it was leather and like the 
compressed cardboard was leather but for $200 it's   fine and there are some pros and cons for leather 
versus fiberboard you know if you've broken in a   pair of of the red wings you know they're hard at 
first it takes a long time to get that footprint   into your boot versus fiberboard you know within 
a few times of wearing it it's going to be a lot   more comfortable but it's not going to last as 
long so it's kind of a pro and con both ways and   I was really impressed that they have an entire 
full grain leather midsole for this price range   that was that was surprising to see I thought that 
maybe the welt was just leather and that there was   like rubber for the midsole but that's another 
layer that will potentially break in over time   you know because even the red wings they have a 
rubber midsole but there are some things I don't   like about this boot like the eyelets being a 
little bit sharper than some of the other ones   we've seen and the lining I'm not a fan of lined 
boots just it's more of a personal preference   than anything I feel like it's less breathable 
and I'd rather have a thicker single piece of   leather than two thinner pieces but that being 
said this is a this is a decently thick leather   you know it's the same thickness as the danner's 
upper and it's not lined up up the shaft of the   boot but the one issue I do have with it is the 
way that it's constructed the seam goes right up   the hill so most boots you'll see that you've got 
a counter cover that's flesh out that helps grab   your heel as you're wearing it and there's no seam 
up the middle near the heel but with this one it   doesn't have that counter cover and you got that 
seam right there and so as your heel slips and as   it wears you have the potential of wearing that 
seam out first before the leather even wears out   and causing some failure there and that's maybe 
where this counter material comes in handy because   this will form to your heel a lot faster so you're 
going to have less slip for less of a time period   so I don't think you wear it as fast but you know 
to be nitpicky that's the one issue with the liner   I really don't like but overall I think 
this is a really good boot for the price I'm   super impressed you know I was coming into 
this review a little bit hesitant because   it looks like a really narrow and a more dressy 
boot but it's built really really well it's really   deceptive in the way that it's it's comfortable 
at the toe it's not super narrow and it's got that   extra arch support that you don't expect from the 
outside it's a I'm pleasantly surprised with this   boot very well engineered to make to make that 
almost like an optical illusion where it looks   like a really uh more casual dress inspired boot 
but have the same shape that's even wider than   the red wings and for $200 it fixes a lot of the 
issues that we saw in the similar similarly priced   Thorogood's you know with the leather welt the 
leather midsole they're definitely not a work   boot like the throw goods are but for a casual 
boot I'm pleasantly surprised let me know what   you guys think if you've had these let me know in 
the comment section what your experiences are with   them your likes and dislikes pros and cons because 
I really like reading through the comments to see   people who've actually worn these their 
opinions because that's super valuable to me   with videos moving forward and and next up we 
got white's moc toe and I'm really anxious to   see what kind of moc toe they built because it's 
one of their I think it's their very first boot   under $300 it's their very first moc toe and 
uh as far as I know no one really knows what's   going on inside of that boot because they just 
came out and no one's really dissected them yet   so that'll be out on Sunday and then the finale 
after that so if you haven't subscribed consider   subscribing trying to get to that 300,000 
subscriber mark by the end of the year   so we can get out all these things and uh 
thanks for everything you guys do see ya!

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