Der Milwaukee Akkuschrauber zeigt was er kann!

19November 2021

Hello dear YouTube community, today we have a very special job for you We have to remove a silo unloader and since our batteries broke down in our old cordless drill, we bought the Milwaukee M18 brushless hammer drill and now the question arises, does the cordless screwdriver do what we normally do with a luminous flux powered drill, a stronger one for coarser screwing and drilling work The silos are 12 meters high and of course it's not cool, to always get the cable drum and the drill up here and of course down again. This is all associated with more effort and now the question is …. The Milwaukee has 135Nm on the 1st stage and the old one was 75Nm, which is actually less than half, but you have to say that the casing is like a typical hand drill with a more massive design and now the question arises …… can he do it or not? So dad you can try that now You can see this is a 5Ah battery, we have already used up the first stage because the fan and telescope had to be removed the silo unloader has about 400 kilos, which
is principle not really tragic because so it was designed for the transmission gear that you can do that with a drill goes pretty well Now let’s take a quick look around getting warm is normal, I say, of course, it takes a lot of strength The other drill got warm too but if it turns, you can leave it if you often have to stop and drive away from zero again, that's for the gearbox and for everything even worse we often noticed that with the old drill,
from hanging in the air and starting again that's a little more painful than if she
pulls through in one we still have three meters until it is on the edge of the silo surface So she still has three meters then she
has already made 11 meters (9 meters), so …

…estimated Yes And because of the circumference of the pulley, the force is of course greater, because small lever, large lever that makes the whole thing a little more difficult I hope the wind conditions are now…. also very stormy, or at least
more wind The sound quality is probably very bad, however Are you still full on it? now we have reached the last step of the rope and the silo unloader is I beg your pardon! Wait … with the lid do you pull perfect drives on without problems ok full rope circumference and easily moves away FINISHED!! you can see that here approx very high 12 meters I think you can see that …….. great that's done Now the question is, we have not shown that before The first stage of the battery was used up now we have one bar above, and we also have a second battery up here we turn the unloader to the side and close the lid and Then the silos are filled again and when they are full and fermented then the silo unloader comes back into one of the silos and then we have to reinstall the blower and telescope and then you can do nice and simple just flip the electricall switch and then the silage falls over the cyclone down here and then down into the wheelbarrow and then it's off to the cattle I hope you enjoyed it, that's a cool test.

It actually did it without any weaknesses And let's see how it runs in the future. How much time we save now without putting the cable up and down again we put the new drill in your pants and you have to screw the handle on afterwards And with a 5Ah battery, removing a silo unloader is already, YES !!! really strong! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video bye.

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