eBay Battery vs. Milwaukee Battery – Which is the best value?

15November 2021

have you ever wondered about these name brand 
batteries versus these knockoff batteries that   you can buy on ebay for like a fourth of the 
price if so stick around we'll see which one   works best so recently i was able to pick up 
this brand new drill milwaukee drill for 75   it included a hard case and it also included the 
charger as well brand new only problem is it did   not include the battery well no big deal right how 
much is a battery well little did i know at the   time that the battery was going to cost more than 
actually the drill and everything else it's 80   at our local hardware store for this 
battery but i thought well you know what   i find these on ebay for like 22 dollars 
a piece or so so i'm thinking so i bought   these and i want to try it out and see which 
one works best is it really worth spending the   extra money to get this one so i thought i would 
put these to the test and just let the drill run   and see which one lasts the longest so let's go 
just to make sure that we are fair and square here   here is our name brand battery that was 80.

it is fully charged and here is our ebay battery   and it should be fully charged as well 
give me a second there there it is okay   so now we're even so now let's do the test and 
see how this goes okay so here we go this is   the knockoff battery uh that i got from ebay 
and we're gonna just set the drill i want to   turn it on and i'm actually going to take some 
duct tape and tape that trigger down so that i   don't have to sit here and hold it because 
i'm not sure how long it will last so i can see the timer back here foreign okay so here we are with the name brand 
battery uh milwaukee brand and we're gonna do   the same thing i'm gonna duct tape that trigger 
down and we're gonna do the same test on this well there you go i've always been curious to see 
if these knock-off batteries would do as well as   these name brand now i know name brand obviously 
does a lot better but that doesn't necessarily   mean this one is out because if my project is 
small and if i don't use my cordless tool that   often then why not just spend 20 on a battery 
but then again if my project is heavy duty and   i'm going to be using it for some bigger projects 
then i'm probably not going to want to run back   into the charger all the time getting batteries i 
probably want to just have one so really depends   on who you are i don't regret buying either one 
of them because both of them will come in handy   no matter what i'm doing so there you go 
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