ELECTRICIANS’ TOOL TEASER – Milwaukee M18 Force Logic hole punch #shorts

24December 2021

so let's take a look at the 
m18 Force Logic hole punch   by Milwaukee in order to make holes in trunking   in order to get my 25 mm hole in this trunking 
in our first we'll do a pilot hole of 12 mm next i'll bring it in my punch 
assembly lock it into position bring the appropriate cut which is 25 mil locate 
the two together finger tight underneath position the punching process by pressing the trigger 
you'll see it pull up ansstart the cutting process and you can see there my 25mm hole with a smooth 
inside and outside cut reverse the process   back off like so and remove the 
assembly and then remove the   metalwork that's been cut out of the trunk 
in like so we welcome your comments below

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