Endlich echtes HI-FI auf der Baustelle | Milwaukee Baustellenradio der Spitzenklasse mit DAB+ USB BT

17December 2021

so many types massive what they heavy massive loud massive horny the only thing I thought at the moment just … Hello tool fans welcome to Gotools TV my name is sebastian and today it's about the new packout radio from milwaukee completely packout compatible and this is radio so in so many species massively, it is massively difficult it is massive noisy and it is massive horny and that's why we view this here today, you should drop definitely when I in the least for a baustellen radio Are you interested in this video. Do you know what the problem is that with a radio I always don't get that across, I can say one thing, we'll look at it right away and hear a sample, hear everything well, but I switched the device on and it was still turned quietly I went on and louder and louder the only thing that I thought at the moment, just blatantly honest that was the only thing I had in my head I can only tell you one thing about the sound the hammer so I absolutely the hammer we have 40 watts here and i come from a time where one would like to have a 1000 watt radius or is 1000 watts but we have 40 watts here and 40 real was that it definitely feels or that sounds like 40 real watts, we have ten real loudspeakers here, please come here, here we have there yes, that is, take a look at that too, we have two loudspeakers in here, so a medium ask for talks and here cover 2 again 234 again 20 again at 647 again like this at 8 and I have two more woofers in it that means we are here in total ten speakers and you really have a real 360 ° surround sound so that all directions radiated from it you have I didn't feel a hare half stereo, too, so that's because the reflection in the room gives you stereo but of course the boxes are relatively far apart but you have such a powerful sound so here you really have a really deep bass, really powerful, with brilliant highs that's awesome that would have i wouldn't expect something like that there are some loudspeakers which i'm great for horror-like things where you take them with the garden take a bit of battery with run or with sound for similar systems outside it sounded really good to me with this one I would say there is either nothing is missing anymore and that is even one on the same level and d hat I think it's awesome and everything in this this one has this statement on this day not about this dress for me so with the whole thing this is a pack of car radio, by the way, I said at the beginning that means we have a video showing here for you we have a packet of suitcases in case you don't know the pacs system yet, the one for the left me the one up here I introduced the pegi system a little longer back then it was my longest video with 20 minutes that was still times or on In any case, we have the bakery system from von von Milwaukee unlikely robust unlikely good system actually pretty much 1 was unique next to the device system and we can do it yourself you can just do that, the radio here is fully compatible up here and then you hear it now locked in place and now the whole thing is together and can be transported together the compact also a trolley and so on and so forth what I do again I find this radio very interesting, so the radio alone and I have to go now and then the radio alone as it is here you can go with 130 so that's not a sad thing that no one does he understand us correctly but that's the way it is robust up to 130 kilos that is crazy and now because we have already looked at it a bit, we still have a look at the rest so we now have all the speakers and so on but now let's take a look at this page here and here behind is the magic there is the battery inside that means you can just put your battery in here now at least 5 but moment I for you here you get a big branch we have we now we have the 12 you see that would have to be actually do n't leave it bad or so the gentleman fits in here that means we can use everything from very big to very small, by the way, 18 volt battery is yes you can get rich and now factual e think that's great here you can also change the batteries third charge or write down how long the whole thing lasts, so that you can fully charge the five ampere-hours here in under two hours or the big 12 that we had in here here we only need four hours, ie on a working day you can also charge the battery via the corresponding cable here, what you have on it, but now the question of how long will the battery 13 usually last on the construction site you will either use it Charge the battery that I think is great rudder you will operate this with this battery and will then have it radio on the day then we have weeks indicates that with a 5 ampere hour a normal working day can be done completely yes I could not test it now but I say now 5 amps for the whole day that can be put into perspective for the time being, but when you hear it afterwards when you say with the sound a whole day with 54 hours and we pack first the twelve wakes up again and the film is back in but we stay here at the point and look here we have one more thing and first of all we have a jack plug here to connect the whole thing you can here on the side of yours phone or player incidentally purely do so simply here purely do and but you can also via usb your mobile phone associated with it so were in the case and that with 2 amps so really fast load on the simple present here handy also be in it do and then you can also load it protected here we stay here for a moment and have a look at these rubber lips here and the cities here and out here and so on then i have to exert a little pressure this violation is there for that general protection of the device against environmental influences ergo on the construction site you may also have water splashing water it is your fault dirt and so on and so on and as you have already seen hen have the shape of the speakers they are also protected here at this point it is so that you are on the go with them and of course you want it to work for a long time, that's why milwaukee does not offer this device with protection class ip67 because i don't have that in mind I have a blue slip of paper here and then let's read it and 257 5 stands for the following protection against contact, we have protection against dust deposits inside, that is, if you are in a very dusty environment, no dust comes in here, which I think is great and then the seven is the hammer so I was a bit Heirich namely the seven hot 57 protection against water penetration under temporary dip temporarily has the hammer so you think about it that is really that you here gets've got something on the whole, from the normal influences it is already quite well protected it is clear you can not put up with a wall, but you know that with normal bet rubbed the radio for a long time will now look at us but finally the other side of me here because here we have two very important things only one we have our cable how long and actually i don't know i don't know wrapped it up we try it for as long as a sebastian haas of course nonsense but we now look with the folding rule and with the new boat fetching the folding rule there is a job here somewhere is linked below and now believe how long it is the cable here, that was certainly known and although we have here an official longer of longer, she thought yes, we are looking properly now we have 180 yes they are almost 180 185 the second thing oh god thinks the second thing between bitter comments is so here yes this is here yes I was wondering who came first because it was a relatively long time we walked around the tool reason found not really here and then e s me just so oh so I can open my shower very well with no I do that now after the video but in any case it would work with it now have explored the wonders of this page very shortly after there is nothing here except the antennas yes, they can simply fasten or fold in here and then let 's go and now let's take a look at the front oh, by the way, up top security is just packard and down is stop we now have the complete front and here also the handle on the side of us very much nice here snaps into place yes and down here also an important thing here at the button and that in it presses it does not work next to it is a little longer press so then the whole thing is also a bit quieter here and here, by the way, have two display down here and that is when you charge the battery via the cable of a convertible are stuck in it so that the position of the position was displayed over these two displays me At this point, there are very simple options here and we can change the mode here, too, you can also choose here we can set dab for example with normal dab reception yes lift the plate and we have accordingly dhb the whole works through too wonderful with radio if I am looking for a radio station german radio now we have found a station look now listen how to watch it gema now we have to listen to it, of course, or it will be more and more obscure otherwise it would probably even be heard about yours cellphone what you have in back here or here via bluetooth we will get to it and of course via dab + which I think is great that you have all the channels in here and you can also see that we have all the senses from the weekend yes everything there about the battery you can of course adjust the heights and what according to it , just press it once en because set this here as one would like to have it I now do it on neutral then you can still set the basque and outside here and that was about klocker you set the clock accordingly, with the time here also automatically from the dhb signals can be operated with we turn the mobile phone that is connected to bluetooth control that means you have your music on it now i play something and can now go on to the next track i can just go to the next track and this track or how you can see that the title is running, I can press pause here or continue, of course, it also works here on the mobile phone and can then listen to the whole year accordingly I know you want to hear the bang now, we will do that in a moment, but first a hint and number one how heavy is it actually difficult so that is already difficult we have relaxed ten kilos and 8 p.m.

With a 5 ampere hours of battery where I think with the handle, yes, it can be carried quite well, you have the problem but ten kilos are also ten kilos and you would like to carry them first, although I am of the opinion for the performance that gets here for them music performance for this quality toilets the protection class they have below and so on is a 10 kilo I think it's okay now all the time you can hear you are down there because you can see the volume measurement we have here below and we look now times whether we are our control medium how far away are we here 40 centimeters times a bit as if I were listening here now so know what i mean i will now do the following i'm doing here now i like the music on and then can you listen a little and here of course it's best for you if you listen to it on headphones to get the sound over , i can only tell you that shepard will cut your ears not that loud party, yes, that's not possible the reason is your mobile phone mac that's awesome think about what comes out of this thing i really wish you could listen to it that's just it so it exploded so maybe that was but you turn it on and don't think that's happening right now you don't think that this sound comes out of this radio it is in heaven board of directors some of you stand there and say that i don't think it is i don't because come here come here listen that is just amazing what would be of interest to me personally how does that sound compared to the big dewald radio we already have a big, pretty big boxer on offer should i test it write that down in the comments i would like again completely Briefly classify what we have seen and also heard a little here and indeed you have had the decibel knives here and indeed we have here in the top 100 to 102 decibels measured from a distance of 50 centimeters a clear one from a meter it would be a little less and so on but we have around 100 decibels 100 decibels is really loud that is so loud that i love to listen to music loudly but i would only quieter turn so I would just when I was permanently higher turn quieter it is really fucking loud and the important is, according to this not something that loud but it consumed while 0 means that this is exactly what I Germany as amazing as have a maximum I heard have the tinkering I Hoeness exaggerated I did it a tiny bit had higher rotated and as a wonderful clear so I have to think how we can still find time to test different so its a bit more have it and you may now you get even more feeling for it but you see here you have a radio which simply really satisfies hifi enjoyment in or on the construction site a w An important point about the whole thing, of course , is the subject of price, what does it all cost ? We are here at a normal retail price of around 350 euros, yes there are 350 euros for a construction site radio at the exact price, that is the price here , no matter how a little can also become a little cheaper hope of the demand also not look please below in honest price comparators you can check the current offer and years 53 euro but please consider what you get you don't just get a construction site radio you get a hi-fi radio is what we have high fidelity and yes i know that some of you are screaming now of course is not what you put in the living room but when on the construction site that is more than enough if you have a garden party you may need to forget the german speaking one earlier it that part and there you can get a huge garden with modest for it not get so close now En hearing damage should the rain set in at the garden party that this is not a problem because the whole thing is protected accordingly that had to consider today what you should get we have two things number one gets the battery charger and now two very important the one bottle opener or christian said by the way that you ca n't even use a bottle opener on the construction site , so to speak , you can open the bottle in the stone, yes you can but it gives me fun and looks if you wanted to sell it to the government at home, that's already close and the ideas that have said so far i have no lobby so far no words batteries topics you can operate this without a battery with the cable and maybe this is exactly the right step to start with milwaukee and now get to the tools

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