How to Choose the Best Screwdriver – S01/E05

20November 2021

After the last episode you were asking a
lot of questions: where? why? how come? how to do it? who you already know. so to make it easier… The screwdriver is strangely enough the simplest tool you can ever use although it is also the easiest to screw up. The Bolt and the Beautiful You can use many irregular things on a screw like a coin, right if you don't have anything except for the coin, try this one. You can use the knife in slot. It works, but not very professional. And of course keys… Additionally your fingernails but I do not recommend that because fingernails do not come cheap. so don't don't mess with this. And didn't I show you the magnetic screwdriver? I don't have one with me now… but I know that if you've got a magnetic screwdriver the tip which is magnetized can attract everything around the screw you are doing so it's not a perfect solution.

Then another problem can be that the tip itself stays in the fastener not in the screwdrivers shank. So that doesn't seem great as well. You can buy a gadget! A gadget available in TME shop. If you don't want to spend too much money on another tool. And this is the gadget. It magnetizes anything you wish. So make from appropriate metal. You can magnetize the screw, actually most of them. You can magnetize the screwdriver and it should stick. That's a serious situation! You've got a screw, you've got a hole and you need to attach something in between those two. And we are having some options here. Let's start with the manual ones. The manual ones… I think it's going to be the simplest screwdriver Fit it in… This one seems not to be working that well because it's too small. So with the too small size which really matters Let's try another bit… And another bit with another manual screwdriver, Might be that one. Let me check if I've got it correctly.

Yeah it fits better, alright. So, just do it like that. Then there ratchet! The ratchet is there, right. It is here. That's my favorite one, because when you attach the bit to the ratchet it makes this sound, right. So simple manual ones. All right, now battery-powered also the correct bit. Gun ones, gun ones are working, I checked. And the most advanced heavy-duty power tool.

There is nothing worse than choosing the wrong screwdriver. Imagine the situation that after 2 hours of horrifying journey, you reach a summer house and you can't open the entrance door. So do not despair as you might long for another screwdriver. I have a small tick for you! If you tie the screw, try to keep the slots in a vertical position. So when any water drains through it. it stays outside. Do you see the self centering shape? It gives us two good news. So, the first one is that I can hold it with one hand. And the second is that I can use a power screwdriver to screw it. Phillips head screwdrivers are designed to come out. So it means that they are designed to slip out of the screw, and you avoid over tightening the screw itself. Let me present it. See, it comes out. That's also the biggest pitfall because the greatest danger of screw
driving is stripping the screw using the wrong screw size, the wrong tip.

And the result is something like that. The miserable screw I ruined just a second ago. This is the positive drive way of life. So, as you can see, here I've got a power screwdriver and a power screwdriver, this one according to the manual is consisting of itself. then the torque adapter that I need according to the power I've got in my hand. I've got weak heands, so this is 0.8 Nm. It will work. And that's the third part. It's a bit, a bit like that. Here you've got the posidrive screw. And we put it in. We unscrew. Coming back to torque, in 21st century nobody should be worried about that. So, since most of the power screwdrivers nowadays half-goat tool which is called torque limiter function. Works like that. You can set it, and you can operate. If I'm full of caffeine in the morning, I stick out my thumb and according to the rule of Fleming, which is called Fleming's right hand rule, I do it like this, so I know that the right is going to tight the screw. and the left is going to untie the screw But that's only good day.

On the day without coffee in the morning I use the rule, that my father once taught me. and it's like child possibility of remembering: righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. So, have a look… Push it, righty-tighty. Push it back, lefty-loosy. We post and share our creative videos on YouTube. We successfully exist on Facebook. And we create our website presence here. So, make sure you subscribe. What I need to do now, is to attach this hangar to that wooden part and as you can see I've got a pilot hole. But about a pilot hole you have to chill till the next episode..

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