How to clean your GORE-TEX footwear (shoes & boots) | Wash & Care

31December 2021

Wash & Care: How to clean you GORE-TEX footwear GORE-TEX shoes & boots are made to last. And by cleaning your footwear in the recommended way, you can maintain your product’s excellent performance even longer. Today, we’re going to show you how to clean and care for your GORE-TEX footwear and share care tips on how you can extend the useful life of your shoes & boots. What’s good for you, is good for the environment. Washing and caring for your GORE-TEX footwear is a simple process that you can easily do at home. Please always check the manufacturer’s care instructions first, as some footwear may require special care. Step one: Wash Step two: Dry Step three: Reapply To clean your GORE-TEX footwear, first remove the laces and shake out all the dirt. If possible, remove the foot bed or insole, as this will help speed up drying. If you use scent-eliminating sprays and cover scents, don’t worry, it won’t affect the integrity of the GORE-TEX membrane.

Grab a cloth or brush and prepare some lukewarm water in your sink. We’re ready to begin. If you only want to clean the outside of your GORE-TEX shoes or boots, partially submerge the footwear in the water. Then gently clean the surface with your cloth or brush. If you want to wash the inside of your footwear too, fully submerge the boots in the water, one after the other. You can use your fingers to remove any dirt or grime on the inside. After cleaning, use a cloth to absorb some of the water.

Then, simply let your GORE-TEX footwear dry naturally. Once completely dry, check on the durable water repellency (DWR) layer on the outer fabric of the shoes. To do so, drop some water onto the footwear and see if the drops bead and run off at an angle. If water pulls into the outer fabric, you should restore the DWR. Restoring the waterproof, DWR layer on your GORE-TEX footwear is easy. The process varies slightly, depending on the shoe, so check which treatment is recommended by the manufacturer and follow the instructions. A water based product will protect the upper without impacting breathability. Stay away from waterproofing waxes, greases or silicon based products, as these inhibit the breathability of the entire shoe. Take care of your GORE-TEX footwear and they will take care of you. Want to learn more? VISIT GORE-TEX.COM.

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