How to spot Actors wearing Shoe Lifts & Elevators

28December 2021

Shoe Lifts Elevators Height Insoles Platforms Risers Wedges Heel Inserts There may be a myriad of ways to describe shoe lifts But they all have a common purpose To boost your height up and make yourself appear taller whilst concealing the additional height boost In this video I'm gonna talk about how to notice if an actor, or anybody really Is wearing Shoe Lifts or Elevators It can make things a bit tricky though I run I'm trying to figure out the barefoot height of actors And Shoe Lifts? Well they can make things a bit more interesting. Now if I didn't know better, I'd estimate this actor
as being Five Foot Ten But see the boots he's wearing? Those are typical elevator shoes When anybody wears big Shoe Lifts
they're natural stride isn't so natural Males aren't used to wearing shoes in which their heel is significantly higher
than their toes It takes a fair bit of practice to even look normal So watch out for those funny walks!
That's the first sign in spotting a lift-wearer Hollywood has been using many tricks to make actors appear taller From platforms and ramps to
ditches and camera angles the most common tool at an actor's disposal though is height-enhancing Footwear Humphrey Bogart was famous for it This photo explains the reason.

Those are external shoe lifts when you account for the thickness of his shoe plus those lifts he's probably boosting his height up by at least 4 inches They're a bit like the ones Robert DeNiro wore
in the Irishman Now some actors only wear lifts for specific purposes Like playing a character in a film Directors may also want their Leading Men
to appear taller So ask them to wear shoe lifts Francis Ford Coppola once asked Al Pacino to wear shoe lifts on the Godfather But Al was walking about the set like Donald Duck Al said: "Get these left's out my shoes
and I might walk straighter" When you think of an actor today
who wears impressive looking Footwear? Robert Downey Jr. Immediately springs to mind From playing Ironman and
wearing heels to appear taller Downey has since been a regular
wearer of elevator shoes He seems to like the Height Boost they provide and
doesn't dismiss the fact that he wears them Robert once said: "There's nothing to talk about there.

Lots of actors do that, both now and in the past" Tom Cruise! Or read up on John Wayne who had lifts in his car so he'd look taller driving Height is one of the rules and practices of this male-enhancing business. You know it's funny Robert should mention John Wayne because there's a Hollywood actor who is
above Six Foot Tall and who needs lifts when you're over Six Foot? other actors also commented on John's lift-wearing Including Robert Mitchum who once joked that Wayne
probably got buried in his damn lifts! Spotting Elevator Shoes can be easier
than spotting a lift inside a shoe Now an elevator shoe is designed with the lift as an integral and moulded part of the shoe and the leather portion is much higher than a normal shoe to accommodate the extra lifts So when you compare a normal shoe with an elevator shoe The difference is quite stark. Notice a couple of things about Elevators. Not only do they have a big heel The lace section is a steeper angle Than a traditional shoe and the back of the shoe has a more
pronounced curve Now trousers can cover quite a lot of the shoe So if somebody is standing up and you're
looking down at their shoes It can be difficult telling if it's an Elevator But if somebody is sitting down though,
it can become quite apparent Just look at the revered North-Korean leader
The Supreme and Great Kim Jong Un Classic Elevator Shoes but what about this photo of a celebrity that many people claim wears lifts? Now the heel looks a decent size
Maybe 1.25 inches and the leather around the ankle does indeed look a bit higher than normal But that could just be the actual type of shoe:
The Oxford wing-tip Brogues When compared against his co-star his ankle does indeed look nearly an inch higher But the shoe itself gives at least
1/2 an inch more than the sneaker So if the actor is indeed wearing lifts
they're at most 1/2 an inch Shoe lifts and elevators can also effect your posture There were suggestions aimed at Donald Trump
that his posture might indicate that he was a secret lift wearer But let's be fair The President is in his seventies and when you wear lifts, you don't tend to lean forward like Trump No.

You tend to stand tall
like Sylvester Stallone or Burt Reynolds Burt Reynolds was one of the greatest lift wearers in Hollywood His custom elevator boots Boosted his height up by over three inches taking him from 5 foot 11 barefoot
to almost 6 foot 3 in shoes And also look at the front of the shoe. That's another tell-tale sign of Elevators The toe section is shortened in length also, somebodies sudden jump in height Is also a dead giveaway. If you see me in public looking this tall
with Jenny, then you'll know for sure I'm wearing lifts But for now, I'm happy and content
with my lift-free 1 inch Clark's

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