Is There a Better Timberland? – (CUT IN HALF) – 3 Timberland knock offs

9December 2021

three pairs of timberlands cut in half in one 
video wrong these are all knock-offs and we're   still gonna cut them all in half to see if their 
quality rivals timberland and if you can pass off   these as a pair of Timbs on the mean streets of 
New York for a quarter of the price so this is the   first video I've recorded since the release of the 
nd ones my first collab boot with Nick and that   was crazy I took a week off after because we sold 
out in three days the website was crashed for the   first hour of the release but it just took a lot 
of work building the guillotine and cutting stuff so we took a week off but we're back to full 
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doing it and thanks to Omaze for sponsoring this   video so when I cut apart timberlands a little 
over a year ago it was one of the very first   boots actually cut apart on the channel I want to 
revisit them because I feel like I might some of   my opinions might have changed but in that comment 
section I learned about the intimate relationship   between New York city and timberlands apparently 
it's a thing but I read this comment and plenty   of other ones like it that said if you get caught 
wearing the cheap timberlands on the streets of   New York you're gonna get hassled you're gonna get 
heckled and you're gonna get made fun of and maybe   a little roasting going on I don't know if that's 
true or not but it's it's funny it's part of the   zeitgeist of timberland's um history and their 
culture so I thought it was funny and then I saw   this comment and the top reply to that 
comment said lugs are pretty well built   so I thought i would go to TJ Maxx Ross Nordstrom 
Rack where you always see the fake or knock off   timberlands buy up the best looking ones or the 
some that look like they're decent quality cut   them in half and see what how they're built 
and see if you can pull them off as a pair of   timberlands now let's go over the boot information 
for each of these contenders starting with the   lugs so the brand is lugs the style is the convoy 
fleece the color is the golden wheat and bark tan   they weigh one pound three ounces they re the 
retail price is 75 dollars I got them for a little   bit cheaper because it's ross and they're made in 
china the next contender is the Beverly hills polo   club not to be confused with ralph Lauren even 
though the logo looks very similar um these are   the six inch boot the color is the wheat nubuck 
they're definitely not nubuck so I guess that   just means a color now they weigh one pound four 
ounces they retail for 59.99 and they're also   made in china and the last contender of this 
video is the king show this is their six inch   basic work boot it comes in wheat nubuck and they 
weigh two pounds they retail for fifty dollars the   cheapest of all three and they're also made 
in china and just for reference here's the   information on the premium timberlands the six 
inch premium waterproof boot now let's go over   the information that we can gather about these 
boots starting with the upper so the lugs and the   Beverly hill polo club are both a fake nubuck 
leather it's pretty clear you can see some cross   section it just has that feel of a fake leather 
it's almost too fuzzy you know it doesn't have   that warmth and that feel of a leather and if 
there was one wish that i could have come true   today it wouldn't be to solve world hunger the 
climate or world peace it would be to completely   obliterate all the fake leather in the world 
because it's so terrible in every way it doesn't   age well it doesn't wear well it doesn't look 
great um it's bad for the environment it falls   apart fast this is just terrible in every way so 
I just hate fake leather and most guys that wear   timberlands are part of that sneakerhead culturish 
thing where they don't want creases in their boots   the problem is with fake leather literally the 
first step you take will crease your boots like   I'm gonna go like this one decent step worth maybe 
a little bit more I see that crease right there   that's after one movement of the boot it's just 
terrible stay away from fake leather it's no good   and both the lugs and the Beverly hills polo clubs 
both are fake leather all the way through so that   is not a great sign the king show on the other 
hand it is a real nubuck leather and it actually   feels really similar and it might even be from 
the same tannery and it's at least around the   same quality as timberlands this king show might 
be the dark horse in this race because there's a   lot of good things from the outside moving on to 
the lining so once again the lugs and the Beverly   hills polo clubs are both just a cheap polyester 
fabric that's made to look like the water   resistant lining and the insulated lining inside 
timberlands the king shows on the other hand has   a very similar fabric it has that same crunchiness 
and that same feel and look as a timberland lining   I don't know for sure if it's as good but it's 
a lot closer and it seems like it's a lot more   durable than this cheap fabric on the inside and 
the interesting thing about these Beverly hills   polo clubs they didn't even finish the inside you 
can see where the foam and the fabric meet just as   a raw edge which I thought was kind of shoddily 
made but from first impressions once again the   king shows might be the the sleeper in this this 
series this might be a pretty decent boot next to   the construction and how which is basically how 
the sole is attached to the boot there's three   types of construction out there Goodyear welt 
stitched down and and cemented the Goodyear welt   and stitched down use stitching to hold the upper 
which is this part of the boot onto the outsole   which is the lower part of the boot cemented 
construction is exactly what it sounds like   they use contact cement to hold that upper onto 
the outsole and it's the only thing holding it on   there's no stitching so for all three of these and 
including both the types of timberlands they're   all cemented construction but not all contact 
cement is created equally as we've seen from the   amazon seven dollar boot I was able to tear those 
apart just by hand pretty easily so at the end of   this video after we get them cut in half I'm going 
to take a half and try to rip them apart so we   can see generally how tough that cement is and 
how well they're built so that brings us to the   outsole the thing that's glued onto the upper so 
the lugs it has that two-tone look of the premiums   but it's not quite right and it feels really soft 
and gummy it doesn't have that urethane bounciness   that the the premium timberlands have the Beverly 
hills polo clubs is really close actually to the   the premium tins it has that sanded look on the 
side it has that texture and it has the two tones   that match pretty close but it feels a lot softer 
and it feels a lot more flimsy it doesn't have the   heft of the the regular timberland sole next to 
the king shell so this is it's the least similar   to the premium Timbs but I think it's the best 
quality and it has the same pattern as the basic   timberlands it doesn't have the same like uh 
v100 style outsole as the premiums so we're   off to a pretty decent start it's not looking 
great for the lugs or the Beverly hills polo   clubs but it's looking pretty good for the king 
shells I'm pretty impressed with these so far   and that brings us to the next step to see what's 
really inside these and really be able to see   what you're spending your hard earned money 
on and if it's worth buying one of these at   a fraction of the price to try to pull them off as 
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and thanks to Omaze let's get to the cutting buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz all right we got all three cut in half 
these might be the easiest boots I've   ever cut in half honestly but let's see 
what's inside of him starting with the lugs okay we're going out of order because I 
had such high hopes for the king shows   but they're just so stupid they uh they're not 
bad they're just stupid look that is a piece of   plywood in the hill and I think it's they might 
have just taken the mold or a similar mold to the   the basic timberlands and instead of putting 
this foam block they thought maybe a piece of   wood was better I don't really know and the thing 
is it is injection molded into the shoe so while   they're making this outsole the the piece of wood 
is put in while the mold's still curing which is   so strange because that will never compress to 
your heel you know a lot of people put these   softer materials or leather in the hill because 
it slowly compresses to the shape of your heel   that will never do that which is so it's so stupid 
why like I don't okay maybe it's not stupid maybe   there's a good reason behind it but it just seems 
like it's one of the worst materials you could put   in a hill plywood but doesn't make any sense but 
the rest of it's okay it's it's got a fiberboard   insole or lasting board and it's got the shank 
and it also has compressed cardboard over top   both of them are really thin and it's not that 
great let's see what happens when i bend the shank   okay so it's a spring still shank I had such high 
hopes for this but it's just not great maybe the   biggest issue is that if you look really closely 
at this sole it wasn't cured correctly or wasn't   mixed correctly because it's really lumpy and 
there's a lot of places in this sole that has weak   spots that are already starting to split it's only 
a matter of time until one of those little flaws   and chunks that has a split in it slowly splits 
all the way through the outsole and your outsole   shot before you even get close to wearing to 
the point where you're going to see that wood so   maybe it is a blessing in disguise but then even 
more disappointing if we move to the lugs these   are giant voids in the hill and a lot of times 
you're going to want to see some voids in the   hill especially with a harder rubber because it 
gives you a little bit of compression and it makes   a little bit more comfortable reduces the weight 
but this is strictly the amount of voids in here   are strictly for price cutting you know with less 
rubber in the sole the cheaper it is to make those   and also the softer it is initially but over time 
the more that you step on this shoe the more that   these voids are going to fail and these little 
columns supporting the voids fail and you end   up with a really sloppy saggy boot let's see what 
how that shank does when it comes to a bend test   not great so this shank is not spring still 
this yeah it's just bad really really bad   and unfortunately the I can never remember the 
name of this boot it's so long the Beverly hills   polo club boot is even worse because it has less 
materials and it has an even softer steel shank   oh I almost cut my hand that was scary that's 
the first time I ever like nearly cut my hand   on this channel and it wasn't from a knife but 
yeah it's it's it's such still such thin steel   like look how thin it is I don't I'm like 
it almost feels like tin foil it's so easy   to bend okay not really but it's really 
easy to bend a kid could bend this metal   and it has less layers it has less quality 
materials just as big a voids it's it's just as   bad as that seven dollar amazon shoe now let's get 
to my favorite part I'm gonna try to rip the soles   off of these to test how well they're cemented 
together starting with we gotta go in order   starting with lugs let's see what happens oh this 
is gonna be easy one easy peasy that will last a   couple weeks tops terrible construction there's 
not even glue on the inside it's only glued on the   rim of this sole not great next is the Beverly 
hills polo club maybe better let's find out this one is a little bit tighter let's try from the back oh this one is cemented very well but I 
think it's still good I just have to stand up oh there it goes once it started to go it really went so 
better than the lugs but still would not   last as long as you'd hope and that partial 
a big part of the reason why this one was   cemented better was because you see all 
the cement all the way through the sole   instead of just at the rim see the difference 
there next to what was once the dark horse of   this race the king shows I have a feeling 
I'm not gonna be able to rip this one   because I can tell it's cemented all the way 
through but there's only one way to find out oh no king show you let me down again dang it I can probably even 
get this piece of wood out yeah see another part of the reason why this one 
came apart no glue through the inside of the sole   it was just injection molded and then glued 
on the rim but you can see now that that wood   was actually injection molded or part of the 
injection molding process this wasn't put in after   because you can see the little grain that is so 
weird so what's the final verdict lugs terrible in   every conceivable way this is a seven dollar boot 
that costs 75 dollars whatever it was and it's   really not that close to timberland once you get 
close to it and I don't think you could pass it   off as a pair of Timbs on the mean streets of New 
York city next Beverly hills polo club even worse   than the lugs except for the cementing of the 
soul and even that wasn't that much better   stay away from it as much as possible and 
these might pass as timberlands from 50   feet away if they don't see the creases in 
your toe box from wearing them a few steps   but for a quarter of the price I would say 
they're less than a quarter of the value of a pair   of timberlands stay away finally to the biggest 
heartbreak of this episode or video the king shows   I had so much high hopes for them um I would still 
say they're the best out of the three if I had to   wear one pair of the three I would choose the king 
shells because it is real leather and the outsole   is a nice thick rubber it's not the best rubber 
and it's not well cured and it's not well mixed   and you'd also have the giant block of wood in 
your heel but it is the best of the three but I   still would not buy these boots you're better off 
trying to find a used pair of timberlands or a   discounted pair um but worst case scenario for 50 
bucks it's really not too bad but I would still   stay away and also they won't really pass as a 
pair of premium tams because you've got the single   color outsole if anything people will mistakenly 
think you're wearing a pair of the cheap Timbs   which will also get you roasted on the streets 
of New York I don't even know if that's true it's   just it just it keeps happening in my comment 
section so this whole premise of this video   is based on no real world experience with New York 
um what that stride wise about this maybe I'll get   his take on this and put in the comment section 
so let me know what you guys think uh have you   owned a pair of lugs because I've known a lot of 
guys that owned lugs and I had no idea that they   were this terrible quality maybe they have some 
better boots out there I don't know but uh thank   you guys so much for what you do and consider 
subscribing it's all it's it's free to make that   click and YouTube doesn't show you what you're 
subscribed to anyway so what's it gonna hurt   and uh we got some cool videos coming up 
from now until February we have so much   fun stuff planned we got the bike build we got 
the Mocktober coming up we've got the world war   2 boot series there's just so much fun stuff so 
thank you guys for making this channel possible   and shout out to everyone who bought a pair of the 
ND-1s that was really fun to do and uh yeah thank   you guys and thanks again to Omaze for sponsoring 
this video and we'll see you next video see ya

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