Learn Names of Hand Tools and Power Tools for Kids | Speedie DiDi Toddler Learning Video:

12December 2021

hey guys i'm Speedie DiDi
and today we're gonna learn about power tools for kids and hand tools for kids
are you ready? let's go! this is a hand saw hand saws have these sharp little teeth
that are used to cut wood but cutting wood with a handsaw
is very tiring and i don't have big muscles so instead of a handsaw
some people use a chainsaw or a circular saw
for easier and more precise cutting let's have a look
this is a chainsaw and this is a circular saw but these tools can be very
dangerous and are only for adults all right
everybody now that we've cut our wood let's use a screwdriver
and put a screw in our wood like this okay so all we need to do is
take our screw put it in our board, then take our screwdriver
and turn it in, let's see mine's not working, that's because
you have the wrong screwdriver tip Speedie DiDi.

The wrong tip? yup
screwdrivers have different tips to fit different screw heads
this is called a torx this one slotted this
is a phillips and this one is hex. You see?
oh so since i have a phillips screw head i need
a phillips screwdriver tip got it the tips
are over here this is how they look and let's insert the phillips tip
huh here we go let's see if it works oh it's working ow my wrist hurts
this is taking a very long time just to put in one screw
is there a faster way to do this absolutely if you
take your power drill and insert a driver bit
it will be done much faster oh power drill whoa
right here bow pow pow pow now we just need the driver bit
let's find it here is the driver bit
let's put it in our drill let's see how fast the drill gets the
screw in super fast but what if i need to put a nail
in the wood nails are different than screws nails
are smooth and screws have threading you are right Speedie DiDi
to install a nail you need let's have a look hammers are fun
pliers are really awesome too you can use pliers poink
poink poink to twist wires like this or you can also use pliers
to grab something that is really hot so you don't burn your hand
like this got it and this is a wrench w-rench wrench! wrenches
come in all kinds of sizes and they're used for turning tightening
or loosening knots and bolts all right ladies and gentlemen today
we learned about a lot of different tools we covered
the handsaw chainsaw circular saw screwdriver
drill hammer pliers and
the wrench we're awesome high five pew pew pew pew
oh don't forget that real tools like this one
are for adults only but you have your toy tools
like this and this that you can play with all day long i'm speedie didi and i had an
awesome time with you today if you want to see more of my videos
you can check them out on my channel thank you so much for learning with me
today i'll see you very soon
hey i'm speedie didi, didi, didi, didi and i have a really fun and educational
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on our next adventure bye bye

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