M18 FUEL™ 1/2˝ Mid-Torque Impact Wrench

17December 2021

Mid-torque wrenches I'll perform
everything else that we've had for the weight of the mid torque when we first
grabbed the mid torque to use it obviously didn't expect nearly the
amount of torque that we have gotten out of it and very nice everything that we
needed to do it does and has power spare I use it for tire suspension
brakes transmission work some heavy engine repair it was very shocking for
such a compact tool to have the power that it does it has more power than some
of the bigger units that are out there by the other brands it's nice knowing
that when you tighten something down that that thing's got the power and you
can walk away from it knowing that it's secured since the tool is shorter I find
it being able to get into more spots that I can't get in with the bigger high
torque one not him need as many swivels or extensions
Milwaukee Mid-Torque Wrench I'm able to cut my time in half by not using my impact
wrench if you can just go out there and get it done quicker because of the
cordless capability that it has the fuel mid-torque like most Milwaukee tools
is really durable I also like that the mid-torque has three power settings the
weight does make it more efficient just because you're not lugging around that
extra weight that is a lot easier to maneuver to get in areas fuel mid torque
is lightweight and compact where you can keep it on you can carry it with you on
a lift or a ladder it's geared definitely for long term heavy duty use
it's just well-made tough and it does anything they ask them it you grab that
tool in your tool cart for the day and that's the only impact that you need so
for what we do in the automotive industry this is by far the best impact
tool that I have used under all circumstances

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