Milwaukee 2550-20 M12 Rivet Tool

30December 2021

hi I'm Michael from Acme Tools we're
here today with Chris from Milwaukee and Brodie and Rodney from BTR racing
it's a lovely afternoon here on Friday at the River City Speedway in Grand
Forks North Dakota for the season opener Chris what new tools do you have for us
today hold today what I brought you guys we actually brought the new m12
rivet gun and what it does is it'll pull any rivet up to 3/16 own over your 3/16
stainless steel rivets as well as 3/16 aluminum you have a lot of different
features for it you have a tail catch here you also have heads that will hold
the tails in and then in the bottom here you'll have your different heads as well
surrounding what do you think of it this is an awesome piece of machinery right
here very they set up the small compact and
get a lot of small places hold constant pressure pull the remote straight
through and it no hoses no cards no nothing to go
anywhere taken anywhere on the battery way you go nice machine
we just want to thank BTR racing for having us out here tonight and trying
out our new tools we wish them good luck at the races and always remember do your
best work

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