Milwaukee Adjustable Hole Cutter – Awesome Tools Under $30

28November 2021

What's up everyone? Welcome back to The Durbin 
Compound! If you haven't met me already, my name   is Devin Durbin. So today on the channel we're 
doing another Awesome Tools Under $30.   In comes the Milwaukee Adjustable Hole Cutter. So this 
bad boy will set you back $3 less than $30.   This thing's $27 and some change maybe 
it's $27.97. So I might have just lied to your face.   So, you know, nonetheless, it comes in under $30 
and it qualifies for my series here. So I have   used this multiple times.

What's awesome about 
this tool is that, it basically can cut any hole   in between 2" to 7". So when you're 
looking at cutting different holes, whether it be a   dry wall or ceiling tile, you know, usually you'd 
have to worry about getting a hole saw, or a   Hole Dozer, something like that offering. So 
if you choose to buy a hole saw or a Hole Dozer,   this 6" Hole Dozer will cost you about 

So just for the actual piece itself. So if you're looking at getting a hole saw kit, if 
you're cutting through metal. Or you're   doing something like that, you know, through 2 X 4s, 2 X 6s, 2 X 12s, floor joists,   anything like that, yes, you'll want to get some of 
the bi-metal blades. The Hole Dozers are awesome,   but just like this 6" one, these things 
are expensive.

So if your project just includes   you drilling through drywall, or a ceiling tile, 
or you're putting a ceiling fan in overhead and   you just need a hole cut for a box, then I would 
definitely turn to this Milwaukee Adjustable Tool   Cutter, or Adjustable Hole Cutter. This thing has 
two knives on it that can be replaced. I'm sure   you could actually grind a new edge on these. Take them off and grind a new edge on them. And you   could technically grind even a sharper 
edge on them. So it's a pretty simple design.   As you want to make the hole bigger, obviously just pull 
the knives further apart.

So a 7" hole is   pretty darn big. I'm not sure that even a can light 
would require a 7" hole. Usually most can lights are between 5" and 6". Some of 
the smaller ones are 3" and 4", but   if you're looking for that versatility in doing 
that, and you need to do a lot of repetitious holes,   this might be the tool for you. So, we're going 
to demonstrate this bad boy. I'm going to show   you exactly how it works. We're even going to 
drill some drywall overhead.

The awesome   thing about this kit is, it even comes with 
its own dust shield. So we're going to take apart   the rest of this plastic off of here. And we 
are going to set up this dust shield to hold all   of our trimmings when we're cutting this hole. So 
should be pretty interesting to see just how well   this works. I have not used it with this. I have 
chosen to do it, you know, just on my own, and let   this stuff fall wherever. So very quick and simple 
to use. Put the drill bit in the top. The drill bit   has a hex key in it. So it keeps your blades from 
moving. So once you put this drill bit inside,   you can no longer move your blades further apart. 
So we're going to set this bad boy for 5" here.   Obviously, you need to set it on both sides at 5" or you'll get kind of a   different size hole all together.

So I've set it 
on 5". Drop my drill bit in and it has a   quick lock chuck that goes on the bottom of it. Whoop! You 
just click the drill bit in the chuck   and it holds it in the chuck. So let's go ahead and 
put the shield on it and get it up on a piece of   drywall that I've mounted to the ceiling. And we'll 
show you just how easy this tool is to use. All right guys, so you slide this piece, this other accessory 
that comes with the debris shield, you slide this   up into your debris shield here, so that you can 
utilize the, basically, the slide function of this   little plastic collar here. So you're going to drop 
your hole cutter down in your sleeve like this.   And as you can see, it's nice and clear.

So you can 
see the tool cutter spinning. So now we can chuck   up our drill. The instructions say it's best to 
use it on high-speed. And let's put a mark on our drywall. And let's cut us a hole here. All right, let's 
go ahead and mark a center hole here somewhere like so. So if we're doing it overhead, go ahead and 
put my drill bit on the mark and let's make it happen.

{adjustable hole cutter/drill working} All right, so literally no debris fell on me, 
whatsoever. It's completely caught in the dust shield.  And I really don't have to worry about 
anything in my face. And it cut right through   that drywall like it was nothing. All right guys, 
so we just cut a 5" hole in the overhead drywall. I think this tool is absolutely 
outstanding! Virtually no drywall dust fell on me.   And I was literally right underneath the tool. So 
this debris shield is definitely awesome. There was a little bit of drywall dust that came 
down through this collar. Nothing can be absolutely perfect,  unless you're putting a bag around it or 
something like that. But nonetheless, you're not   going to make that much debris that you need to 
clean it up with a shop vac, or you know, there's   damage control to worry about on the back end. So, 
this tool is very, very useful. I think absolutely,   without a doubt, this is a thumbs up. This thing is 
awesome and for $30, I mean, it replaces a lot   of different sizes of hole saws.

If you are using 
it for the drywall and ceiling tile applications.   This will not cut through plywood or OSB, anything 
like that. It's not going to cut through it. It literally just has fine, sharp, little knives on it. 
So it's not going to cut through any of your thicker boards.   Probably wouldn't even be able to do MDF 
with it because it's more dense. So stick to   the application that the packaging shows, which is 
drywall and ceiling tile. And you will be flawless with this tool.  So, I hope you guys enjoyed that 
video. It really wasn't that long. This is a another amazing tool under $30, that, you know, that
I bought on a whim and, you know, it definitely   beats the heck out of buying a bunch of these. So 
if you really don't need these, then this is the tool for you.  You really don't need a hole 
saw. You need this adjustable hole cutter. And it does an awesome job. So I don't know if there's any 
kind of warranty on this thing. It's professionally   made in China. So, you know, whatever.

I don't really 
care about all that. Usually stuff is made even   better in China than it is in the US. So I really 
like this tool. I really like that you can take the   little blades off and sharpen them in the future, 
so when one gets dull. If you're a professional using   it everyday, you're definitely going to dull out 
the little knives. They do get hot after you use them.  So be careful with that. When you're chucking 
it up, be careful, because I already cut myself   because it's spun around while I was chucking it up. 
Just simple stuff like that, that you need to look out for.  So I hope you guys enjoyed the video today. 
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