Milwaukee BIG M18 Cordless Rotary Hammer (M18FHM)

11December 2021

Check this beast out this is Milwaukee's brand new
M18 44 millimetre cordless rotary hammer large trigger easy to squeeze very
comfortable it's also a lock on the back of the grip under your thumb that'll
lock off the trigger so you can carry it by the handle without engaging the Beast
this rotary hammer pushes SDS max bits at 2900 impacts per minute delivering 11
joules of impact energy where it's corded of equivalent only delivers eight
and a half joules now that's a truckload of power but it's not too fatiguing to
use because it's got an anti-vibrating system internally as well as those handles
to absorb the 10 meters per second squared of vibration the auto stop is an
electric clutch to prevent injury from over rotation when you're bit jams
because nobody wants to rip their arms off right switch between rotary hammer
and chiseling is super easy with a big dial-up on top here is also a neutral
mode for reorienting your chisel I put a 44mm bit in there and I went and drilled
a few holes out the back of the office here in the slab went through like butter
just don't tell the boss this is a big rotary hammer packs a punch
absolutely rivals the toughest corded units got any questions all about its 44
millimeter cordless rotary hammer drill from Milwaukee hit
me up in that comment section below and until the next time I'm Tim you're
watching Sydney Tools TV

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