Milwaukee Cordless Blower 18v – M18BBL 0

6December 2021

G’day, Paul from Get Tools Direct talking
about the fantastic Milwaukee 18 Volt Cordless Blower. Now there’s quite a few out in the market,
I must say I’ve got one of these myself, this is the best performing one that I have
ever dealt with in my time. You can use it as a just your standard cleaning,
blowing of the patio, I use it for blowing all the grass off my ride on before I put
it into my nice neat clean shed. Basically it runs off the one 18 Volt Battery. It’s a fantastic tool for all those items
and aspects we have spoken of but one thing I have used mine for quite a lot is actually
blowing up kids pools, blowing up air beds camping, anything where you basically need
to inflate and you don’t have a 12 volt inflator or anything like that on hand. Just basically plug that in, its got a little
adaption section here, you’ve got a couple of different sizes, plug them or set it up
so it’s the right size, pull the trigger and your and away racing with the blower you
are to be blowing up air beds, kids play areas, kids pools whatever you’ve got at home.

So if you’d like to see more info on that
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