Milwaukee Cordless Screwdriver, M4 Lithium-Ion (2101-21)

28November 2021

Hi, this is Toby with HMC Electronics. We're going to be taking a look at the Milwaukee
M4 Lithium Screwdriver. Included with the 2101-21, you're going to
get the charger. It takes about 45 minutes to charge up the
battery right here. This is a 4-Volt Lithium battery. You're going to get the tool itself and one
Phillips head screwdriver. You're not going to get the HMC mug. Sorry. So, take the battery out here. It cannot be inserted the incorrect way, which
is kind of nice. They did this thing where they've got this
little tongue and groove mechanism here. It does come with a slight charge. The tool itself has a two-speed setting. Lock in your battery, right there. It has two speed settings: 200 RPM and 600
RPM. The output as far as inch-pounds torque: It's
going to go all the way up to 44-inch pounds. And it has this kind of 21-position clutch
sensor. Really at the drill setting it's the highest
torque available on the tool. Couple of nice things about lithium batteries
if you compare them to a nicad battery: When a nicad battery begins to lose power, the
tool gets progressively slower and less powerful.

When you're working with lithium, it's got
full charge or no charge. So you're going to go from working, working,
working to then dying. With a nice quick charge on the 45 minutes
what you can do is if you've been working for a prolonged period of time, you can then
plug it in while you're on break, come back, and it's then fully charged. Your run time on a lithium battery is also
50% higher than your standard nicad battery. So if you're replacing the old Milwaukee tool
into this one, you're going to notice that you've got that increased 50% run time. The other thing that's really cool on this,
you've got a two-year warranty on the battery. You've got a 5-year warranty on the tool itself. So you've got a tool here for not very much
money is going to give you a really good shelf life. Wondering how you're doing on your battery? You don't want to be caught in the middle
of a job.

You've got a little battery meter right on
the side here. So as we plug in–like I said, it does come
with a little bit of a charge–you're going to be able to see right here, there you go,
take a look and you can see that it's actually showing you how much charge you have on your

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