Milwaukee Drywall Cutout Tool

20December 2021

Welcome back everybody today we are
going to talk about the Milwaukee drywall cutout tool so stick around the
m18 drywall tool cut out set the price range on this is $99 for the tool only
and about a hundred and eighty nine dollars for the kit now the kit varies
between one hundred and eighty nine dollars and I've seen it go all the way
up to about three hundred dollars it all depends on what type of battery that you
want to get with you keep the little m18 2.0 batteries just the little ones and
I've seen it go all the way up to you can get the m18 5.0 batteries with it so
this is what you get with the tool kit you'll get you'll get the cutout tool
you'll get the bag you'll get a m18 charger with the m12 rapid charger
competin they're gonna be compatible charging for all your m18 and alter your
m12 batteries now in this kit you'll also get the arbor wrench and on the
backside I like it it has a little beverage opener so you know at the end
of the day when you want your favorite beverage there you go you have that and
in this little bag you'll get a quarter-inch arbor or collet and you in
here already I already have a eighth inch collet that this will accept I'm
gonna take the battery off because I'm gonna show you how this all comes apart
so it has a arbor lock on it and we'll want to compress the arbor lock and
we're just gonna take our wrench we're going to loosen up Tarver and we're gonna pull out our
bit now this also the m18 will come with they'll give you to drywall bits they're
not the greatest drywall bits Rotozip sells their packs of drywall bits or any
other company that has drywall bits you can use anything that will take up to a
eight inch collet or up to a quarter inch collet so we take that off this is
an adjustable guide for the drywall cutout tool it pretty much goes down to
you can have about a quarter inch depth and pretty much go up to a two inch
depth so we're going to take that off where you take this off all the way now
I have some drywall dust in there that's okay so to change out the Kaulitz all
you do is you take out the other collet and you can replace it with the quarter
inch collet you'll put the quarter inch in there and retighten it I don't need
the quarter inch right now for demonstration purposes I'm just gonna
put it back in the eighth inch collet we're gonna screw it back on no we're
not going to tighten it you just yet because we need to put our bits in the
slider bit in Snug the bit then we're gonna push back down on the arbor lock
make sure the bit does not slide in just like it did there and we'll spin the bit
just a little bit until the arbor lock compresses all the way and then we'll
take our Arbor wrench and we'll take tighten it down what's out the bit going
back in if I can do it right now to drywaller
I don't do this every day so all right well hand tighten that get snug and then
we'll take our Arbor wrench picked it down all the way now we'll set our Arbor
wrench off to the side we'll put back in our duct guide
now this drywall cutout tool has a little LED light on there that it's
really nice for when you are cutting it out
to kind of see what you're doing this has a belt clip on it which I at first I
didn't I didn't like but I found it really handy for when I started doing my
girl wall work because I would just clip it on my belt and then you know I would
have hands-free for a little bit and then I go back and grab the tool because
it's pretty light it only weighs about 1.9 to 1.8 pounds I think all right so
we flip it on the on/off button is on the bottom part it's only one speed it's
only I think it's about twenty-eight thousand rpms that this will have and
you know we'll flip the sign as you can see the light is on so you can see what
you're doing when you cut we'll shut that off stops pretty quick it's not too
bad I do wish this had a variable speed on it but you know you can't win them
all the grip on it it's really nice in your hands it just seems like it fits
really well you yeah like I said you can use the bigger m18 batteries I was using
the 2.0 m18 batteries just so it's a little bit lighter if you feel like it's
weighing it down a bit you can take off a little bit of the weight by just
replacing the battery with the smaller m18 battery but right now I have an 18
for pointto on it this also has Milwaukee's five-year warranty on it and
it has their red link in intelligence on it and if anybody doesn't know what the
red link intelligence on it is it basically is a little chip system in it
that helps with overload protection motor burnout anything like that so
it'll last so your tool will last a lot longer and let's face it people we
neglect our tools we try to push them to the limits
some people are rougher than others with their tools I know I am
I'll watch I like to push it to the limits so that that helps out a lot the
red red link system helps out with a motor burnout and everything like that
I'll help you with your tool so it doesn't break what else
is there to do we have to test it out so we're gonna test this system test this
out I'm gonna grab some safety glasses and then we're gonna get right back into
this all right I got some drywall set up and I got my Milwaukee vacuum right here
because I'm gonna just try to collect some of the dust and control the
situation because I don't want to get dust everywhere in my shop right now so
I'm gonna have my Milwaukee vacuum going why I cut this piece of drywall I got I
got a round muttering right here and I got a single mud ring in this drywall
right here that we need to cut out so we're gonna cut both of them out and
we're gonna see how well this cuts out now I'm not a professional drywall or
I'll try to cut this off to the best that I can do it so let's see how the
walrus goes okay I don't think I should quit my day
job because that's not a very well cut but it did go good but I think I used a
little bit too too small drywall because the the muttering was pushed back a
little bit but it did cut really easily and this was only half inch so comment
down below if you think that's a horrible cut I I'm gonna I'm gonna
that's horrible cut but you know what it is what it is all right that's the
review on the Milwaukee drywall cutout tool I think this is a big win I've had
it for a while I love it I love using it you know I'm not a drywaller by any
means but you know when I do drywall work this thing comes in handy a lot I
love it I highly recommend getting it if you want to add it into your Milwaukee
tool lineups you're gonna be very impressed with it all right if you like
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philip bridges and i'll talk to you later

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