Milwaukee M12 Inflator in action

27November 2021

Tim from Sydney Tools at the opening of our new Port Melbourne store I'm catching up with Josh from Milwaukee and
he's showing us the new m12 inflator. As you can see it's a very lightweight
small compact unit it's got the ability to pump up car tyres, light commercial
tyres you've also got a range of attachments on the back here for pumping
up various sports balls. It's got a max psi of 120.

It runs off the 12-volt battery
system you can put a different range of m12 batteries in there whether it's the
four amp six amp or the compact three or two. As you can see we've got a fairly
flat light commercial tyre here as simple as pressing on the power button it'll
give you a readout of its current psi as you can see it's only on 6.5 okay so
we're now going to set the desired psi just by pressing the plus button we're
setting it at 37 psi and we're just gonna press the inflate button down the
bottom here so once the unit reaches the desired psi it'll shut off so there you
have it that's the m12 inflator from Milwaukee if you've got any questions
hit me up in that comment section below and until next time I'm Tim and you're
watching Sydney Tools TV

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