Milwaukee M18 1-3/4″ SDS MAX Rotary Hammer Review and Chiseling Concrete 2718-20, 2718-22, 2718-21

7December 2021

This is a quick review and chiseling
demonstration of the Milwaukee m18 fuel one key 18-volt lithium-ion brushless
cordless one and three-quarter inch SDS max rotary hammer. Aw Yeah! Holy hammers! I opened the case and wanted to sing, "You Are So Beautiful," like
Joe Cocker, which was actually written by Billy Preston and Bruce Fisher. It's music
trivia for you. I'd play the song in the background but
I can't afford the licensing fee. Licensing fees, summer camp for the kid,
licensing fees, summer camp for the kid. No brainer. Anyway, I got this as a kit.
It's model 2718-22HD. It included the brushless, one and
three-quarter inch, SDS max rotary hammer, two m18, 18 volt redlithium, high output, 12
amp hour batteries, rapid charger, a tube of grease for bits, which is awesome,
thank you for that Milwaukee…

That's kind of an added bonus. Yeah! And this
beautiful suitcase that fits everything. That's awesome! This rotary hammer's a little beast. It weighs in at 19.7lbs. Strap on a battery and a
chisel and you're working with roughly 25 pounds of tool. The hammer delivers an
awesome 8.1 foot-pounds of impact energy, 380 rotations per minute, and 2,900 beats
per minute. That would be a really fast song. Anyway, it provides the power of a 15 amp
corded tool thanks to the high output batteries.

The hammer has three settings.
HAMMERING WITH ROTATION for drilling holes with drill bits.
HAMMERING ONLY for chiseling or setting self-drawing anchors, and CHISEL
ADJUSTMENT, which is more of a convenience than a mode. It allows you to
adjust the angle of a chisel blade before using HAMMER mode. On the back of
the trigger handle there's a chisel lock switch so you can lock the tool in the
off position for safety, or for constant chiseling you can hold the trigger while
sliding the chisel lock button all the way to the left. The tool operates best,
meaning it provides the most comfort without sacrificing power, when used with
moderate pressure. If you use excessive force you don't get the benefit of the
anti vibration system, which is excellent. And the AUTOSTOP E-clutch stops
rotation at 45 degrees when the tool gets bound, say if you're drilling
rebar or hard aggregate. The tool has a
quick-release bit collar, adjustable side handle, and an LED here on the front. I'm a
little surprised though that there's no depth gauge included with the tool.

The m18, 18 volt red lithium, high output 12 amp hour batteries provide more power,
run longer, run cooler, and have a handy fuel gauge. Charged in the rapid
charger, they charge up to 40% faster. Just keep in mind that the more times a
battery has cycled, the longer it's going to take to charge. The marketing says, "This
tool can chip a half ton of material per charge." I can neither confirm nor deny
that. I can only tell you that in my testing I got roughly 20 minutes of
runtime per battery, that was while chiseling, and each battery took an hour
and 40 minutes to charge on the Rapid Charger. Also, as the batteries got to the
last bar, and just before the last bar started blinking while using the tool,
tool performance, more specifically power, started to dwindle a bit.

The One Key
features are powered by a replaceable lithium button coin cell battery, which
is a 3 volt cr2032, which gets put in here. Now the One Key features aren't
important to me, but I can understand how they could be useful. For example,
integrated tool tracking, which is the ability to identify nearby devices in
their last known location, theft prevention and guest management, and tool management,
which provides record-keeping like a picture of the tools receipt for
warranty purposes or making a notation of which job site the tool is at. You
simply download the Milwaukee One Key app from the App Store or Google Play,
create an account, pop a battery in the tool so the One Key indicator light
comes on, add an item, and follow the instructions to register the tool.

is the One Key indicator light on the tool. Solid blue means wireless mode is
active and ready to be configured in the app. Blinking blue means the tool is
actively communicating with the app, and blinking red means the tool is in
security lockout and can only be unlocked by the owner using the app. It's
a good way to mess with people who "borrow" your tools. Prior to using the
tool I tested tool tracking just for fun and
I found that the tool's last location was in China in case you were wondering. Regarding price you're getting Milwaukee's quality and power.

This tool
is made for professional use so need I say more?
Okay! I will… and slowly. It's an investment! Regarding warranty, the tool comes with a
five year warranty and the battery comes with a three year warranty.
Nice! All right, I'm going to show you the tool in action. To wrap up… This is another fine
Milwaukee tool engineered with the professional in mind. It's a bit decadent
for the DIYer, but hey, if you can afford it, and it's the right tool for the
job, in the words of The Home Depot, "Let's do this!" If this video has been helpful
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always helps me out. And thanks so much for watching!.

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