MILWAUKEE M18 2-Speed Grease Gun – Bare Tool Model# 2646-20

29November 2021

introducing the m18 cordless to speed
grease gun from Milwaukee designed to provide maximum pressure and unmatched
precision the m18 two-speed grease gun is built to perform the most challenging
lubrication tasks in low speed the grease gun delivers up to 10,000 psi
maximum pressure in high speed and maximizes flow rate at up to ten ounces
per minute equipped with a preset grease counter the tool allows users to
precisely control the quantity of grease dispensed into everything the m18
two-speed grease gun features a powerful LED floodlight a 48 inch flexible hose
with spring guard a lock off lock on trigger and is powered by an 18 red
lithium batteries which are compatible with over 40 tools and operate down to
zero degrees Fahrenheit for ultimate maintenance versatility demand the most
powerful and most precise grease gun on the market the an 18 cordless two-speed
grease gun from Milwaukee

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