Milwaukee M18 Angler Fish Tape | Power Tool Rundown

15December 2021

Hey everybody! I’m Lauren with Ohio 
Power Tool and today on Power Tool   Rundown we’re gonna be taking a look at 
the Milwaukee M18 Powered Angler Fish Tape.  To jump right into things, here are two kits 
that we have in this line: this 120-foot   2873A-22 kit here to my left…and the 
240-foot 2873B-22 kit on my right.
  Milwaukee also offers a bare tool option, 
or power base, for this tool. If you already   have M18 batteries lying around and you just 
want to purchase your cartridge separately,   the 2873-20 bare tool might be the option for you. Milwaukee carries a 120- or 240-foot 
steel cartridge, like in these kits here,   or if you need a non-conductive cartridge, 
the 100-foot 48 – 44 – 5195 is also an option. All of the cartridges are easy to install–you 
just open up the quick change latches,   place your cartridge inside, close the latches, 
snap on your battery, then you’re good to go! These angler fish tapes also feature a unique 
Auto-Run Powered Feed and Retract, which   requires little effort and cuts down on fatigue on 
day-to-day jobs.

The tape automatically retracts   so that you have less mess and a clean job site. 
The cartridge’s design makes for smoother feeding   and retracting, and there is also a variable 
speed trigger so that you have complete control. The power base is able to pull up 
to 200-feet around 360 degree bends,   and is compatible with 3 interchangeable drums–up 
to 240-foot steel or 100-foot non-conductive.   The durable power base is compatible with 
all M18 batteries, and both this and the   replacement cartridges make for a long-lasting 
solution that will work for years to come. So to sum it all up for you, here’s the rundown:  -The Fish Tape automatically retracts 
into the drum for a cleaner jobsite  -Automatic feed pushes through bends faster
-Variable speed trigger allows for maximum control  -Durable powered base and replaceable 
drums deliver the longest lasting solution  -Quick-change latches allow easy drum swap out
-It’s compatible with all M18 Batteries  -Also compatible with 3 Interchangeable 
Drums up to 240’ Steel & 100’ Non-Conductive That’s all we have for today! 
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