Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum

15November 2021

hey guys Ken Davis here from Acme tools
today I have Milwaukee's new m18 vacuum now they wanted to come out with
something a little bit different from their bigger wet/dry vac just so it's
more compact and easier to use a little more versatile so here we just have the
general floor attachment on this we're going to head and suck up some popcorn
with this just to show you what we have going on with this guy so as you can see it's got some pretty
serious power – it does have a nice canister inside here with a quick drop
on the bottom of it and then an easy easily replaceable filter in there as
well with this a does come with a crevice tool all these attachments are
removable and then it does have a flexible holes with it as well thanks
for watching today guys in Ken Davis with Acme Tools don't forget to check us out
online or in store for more deals and always do your best work

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