Milwaukee- M18 Force Logic Crimper 750 MCM Cable Cutter

3December 2021

put the Milwaukee crimper like Milwaukee
cutter it's all in a straight line very easy to line up and do your crimp where
you need it it's very fast it's lightweight it's balanced pretty good
you can use it one hand and that's premium this one that headlines up boom
boom boom it is a lot faster and a lot nicer against as a self release on it
crimps all the way and then a green light lights up and tells me it's good
to go I'm confident with it I know that once it hits the release it's done its
optimum pressure if I want to verify they're not just looking check with the
light Milwaukee crimper will fit any of the manufacturers whatever is in the
space could be any of those seven we've got the one two fits all and it just
saves a lot of money no lucky cutter cut straight fast and easy at the Milwaukee
cutter it is I'd say up to three times faster than
anything I've used in previous with everything being in a straight line on
it it's very easy to line up some of these areas you don't have a lot of room
because it's compact and lightweight you build one and you can do your job better
and more efficient and faster with that m18 cutter I can get a clean cut for
determination which is important we've heard anything from 500 copper up to 750
aluminum you can change the angles of the head or you can get into different
areas the most are kind of standard locked in place the previous cutter
would have attention lock down would have trouble getting it off
Kable this one goes right through the wire we've had no problems we're limited
to our space and a lot of these cabinets and we've not met anything we can't do
with that

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