Milwaukee M18 Fuel Drill and Impact Driver Combo Review after a couple years. What do I think?

2January 2022

All right so this is gonna be quick and to the 
point I'm not gonna bore you with drilling a   lot of holes and driving all the screws and 
doing a lot of things that you've seen and done   a million times just gonna go over what I like 
what I don't like about the Milwaukee drill set   this is Jeff with corn creek woodworking today 
I'm going to tell you everything that I think   about the Milwaukee drill set fuel after having it 
almost two years so this is my Milwaukee 18 volt   lithium ion m18 fuel blah blah blah drill set that 
I've had for almost two years now it comes with   this case it comes with an impact it comes with 
a drill comes with an extra handle for your drill   and that's it okay I'm gonna break this down uh 
first of all let's talk about the case the case   is great if you need it super sturdy protects 
it extremely well I personally have no use for   it I do not need installs I just work in my 
shop I literally dug that out of a corner   just for this video it's filthy it's a 
dust collector and that's all of it it is   all right so let's talk about the impact first 
okay the impact works it's an impact it's just   what it does the only problem that I have with 
it is that the bits are just fall out a lot the   collet doesn't lock in a lot of the times and 
if you don't pay attention and think about it   to make sure which if you've watched my other 
videos you've seen it fall out on the floor   before it will just fall out other than that it's 
an impact it does everything that an impact is   supposed to do if you're getting value from this 
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coming up the drill I have a problem with a couple   different things first of all the clutch the 
clutch does not work correctly all the clutch does   on this drill is slows it down it does not turn 
the strength down I guess is what you would say   at all you cannot use this for pocket hole screws 
because it will drive them through every time even   if you don't have it all the way down on like 
two you it just does not work another thing is   a lot of times when you pull the trigger nothing 
happens if you're trying to do something a little   intricate where you don't want to pull the trigger 
back all the way you start trying to pull it a   little bit and it won't come on and then before 
the fifth time you pull it too hard and then   it jumps on a screw or strips ahead of the screw 
out or something you know it's always something   with these two I'm a Dewalt person I've used a 
Dewalt for 15 years or better I've only had to   walk impacts well I had a couple of Hitachi's 
back in the day they worked pretty good but   I'm a Dewalt person through a through I had to 
walk until somebody wanted them more than I did   so I had none so I bought these because these were 
the new and great things and that's what everybody   wanted and I've been disappointed with them I 
will soon be going back to the wall and just   get rid of these things but uh if you don't 
if you don't mind little problems they're fine   if you want the case they're great but all in all 
I just do not recommend buying these they're just   they're just not what I've been 
accustomed to for all these years   so that's my opinion um probably very unpopular 
because everybody seems to love these things   maybe I got a bad set but I am 
absolutely not happy with them at all   i would not even consider buying any more of 
the Milwaukee tools these are the first and only   Milwaukee tools that I've ever owned like I said 
I've always been a Dewalt person and I will be   going back to the waltz but thanks for watching 
I hope you guys got some value out of it probably   heard something that you're not going to hear 
anywhere else because I've never heard anybody say   anything but good things about these like I said 
I may have just gotten a bad set I don't know but   unfortunately for Milwaukee I'm just 
not going to get any more thank you

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