Milwaukee M18 FUEL Outdoor Power Equipment

22November 2021

hey guys Ken Davis here from Acme Tools
and today I have with me Dan from Milwaukee tool now Dan today you brought
with you the m18 of Milwaukee dual string trimmer and I'd like to know some
of the features about this starting off with the battery of course yep so we
offer this bear tool we also offer it in a kit and the kit will come with our new
9 and half hour high demand battery okay that and even though it comes with the 9
and half hour high demand it allows you to run any m18 on there right correct beautiful and
then talk about some of the controls on this yep so we have a variable speed
trigger also has two speeds on the trimmer as well that was actually a pretty impressive
amount of power for a battery-operated trimmer and now I'm curious with that power
what kind of runtime can we expect to see out of it
yes oh you can see up to an hour run time with our 9fr battery so we've seen
it go through some cardboard boxes which is impressive but we're actually going
to go ahead and destroy a nice thick set of Acme catalogs here so one of the other great items on
Milwaukee's brought to us in their new outdoor power equipment line is this m18
fuel blower now Dan one of the first things I'm curious about is I know the
string trimmer comes with a 9 amp hour battery does this also come with the
high demand yes all of our outdoor equipment and kits will come with the
9fr battery awesome and now some of the features and controls on this one tell
me about the trigger a little bit so it is a variable speed trigger but it also
has nice cruise control okay and for the internal designs the motor is what style
it is an axial axial fan design okay so a nice solid motor inside there
and then of course it's putting out how many CFM and miles per hour miles per
hour you expected 100 100 miles per hour and 450cr so now after all the
serious stuff we decided we're going to have just a little bit of fun Safety First so you can see that gave us quite a bit
of fun there with Dan I am very curious with a 9 FR hour battery how much one
side will it give us on the tool using the 9 FR batteries you can expect around
20 minutes so one of the other great items of Milwaukee's new outdoor power
equipment lineup is the new M 18 fuel hedge trimmer now Dan I'm curious about
some of the ergonomics of the tool itself and then of course moving out to
the blade absolutely so from the trigger all the way to the Bale handle it's very
well balanced it does have a 24 inch blade and a tip guard as well it does
come with the blade guard as well in the package awesome and of course just like
all the other outdoor power equipment tools it is going to come with that 9 a
power high-demand battery so now we want to go ahead and show you just a small
test here we have 3/4 inch dowel in here we're going to go ahead and rip right
through all of them I really want to thank you for watching
with us today guys has been a blast out here testing some of Milwaukee's new
outdoor power equipment today I had Dan from Milwaukee tool with me to course
I'm Ken Davis from Acme tools but don't forget to go ahead and check us out
online or in the store for more deals to remember always do your best work

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