Milwaukee M18 Random Orbit Sander Review

20November 2021

What's up everyone? Welcome back to The Durbin 
Compound! So if you haven't met me already, my name is Devin Durbin. Sorry that it's been so 
long since I uploaded a video, though holidays   have been crazy, a lot of stuff going on. But I'm 
back. So hopefully we're back to uploading three   videos a week, every Tuesday, Thursday, and 
Saturday at noon. So wish me luck on that.   I think I made six months before I burnt myself 
out on that schedule. So, maybe we'll do another   six months. Today the review is all about the M18 5" Orbital Sander. So, before making this   video this time, I will online and I saw a lot 
of other reviews. Some one and two minutes long.   My review is going to be a little bit longer. This 
M18, the number on it is 2648-20. This sander is in one word–awesome! I love this thing! 
This thing has got to be the best ergonomic,   yes, I said ergo-nomic sander that I've ever used. 
It's very balanced, even with the bulky battery on there.  I think I'm running…this is just a 
3.0 I have on here.

I don't think   you can run at 12.0 on this because of the dust collector here. That's one   thing I do love about this sander is, the dust 
collector's pretty awesome. If you take this off here  and run it, you can feel how much air is 
actually coming out of this thing. So, they've   done a really good job to make sure that a lot of 
the sanding dust goes into the dust collector.   The top of it has a nice filter on it. So, it's got a 
nice paper filter that I just blow out with air.   And this thing collects a lot of dust, even with 
small projects. So, it keeps the dust down to a minimum.  The tool actually does come with a 
shop vac attachment as well. You just slap it on there  and it attaches a shop vac. Now the thing 
I like about this is, it has the smaller and  the bigger shop vac attachment adapter to it.

that's really beneficial. And I think that that's definitely needed on a lot of tools. A lot 
of guys like to do dustless system, whether they're   doing a backpack or they're doing a small shop vac around there. These things are the ticket.   I mean, they are sometimes absolutely necessary. 
So, I'm glad that it did come with this and that this   isn't an accessory that you have to add on later. 
That stuff kind of burns me up. But this thing is quiet.  It's very balanced when you turn it on. I 
mean, it's definitely balanced and it doesn't…   it's not like a huge racket, like another 
sander is. Hold on! Let me go get a corded sander.  I'll show you exactly what it does. Okay, 
so this is the counterpart, black-and-yellow. All right, let's take this bad boy out of the bag and 
plug it in.

See how crazy unbalanced this thing is. {sound of sander running} Okay, I think that that thing almost just came 
apart. There was obviously a lot of dust in it,   but man that thing makes a racket when you turn 
it on, without it on a work surface. And that was   just one thing that, you know, I wanted to 
compare the two because that's the first   thing I noticed when I first fired this thing 
up, is it's incredibly balanced.

It's very,   very quiet. It operates great, just in your hand 
like this. No cord is awesome. And just an awesome unit.  So, even when you're using two hands on 
it, it's very nice. So, I'm going to   actually…I actually forgot that I didn't move 
the camera and get you a better angle at it.   So, I'm going to move the camera and then we'll talk 
about my four review points, four review points.   All right, so I was probably out of focus 
and all that stuff and, you know, whatever…  This is all candidate anyways.

So this sander, 
all right, my number one point, ease of use.   This is easily going to get a ten in my book. I've had 
this sander for a little while. The ease of use is, just that easy. Nice turn knob on it, for different mode settings, {sound of sander running} I mean, what other orbital sander has a
dial selector for speed? Especially a cordless?   I don't know if anybody else is doing it. Somebody 
will probably hack me up in the comments. But ease   of use–absolutely a 10. The performance on this 
thing, I think, is bar none. I've used a couple   other cordless sanders. I think I have…I don't 
know which one I have. I own another cordless sander.  It's neither here nor there, but this one 
definitely does a lot better. When it comes to   corded units, this thing beats it all day long. 
The performance is even better than a corded unit   with the same pad. I mean, it doesn't 
even compare. As far as durability, I think this   thing's built really well.

It's got a nice frame 
to it. It's put together really well. The battery   is perfect. It's balanced. It's awesome! I 
don't know…It's great! It's awesome! So, I can't   say enough about this sander. It's good stuff! So, 
the last point is, when it comes to price point,   and value. I think the value is 100% there. I think I bought this unit for like $79,   "tool only" because I had all the M18 things. 
The "tool only" comes with the dust collector and stuff.  So, there's no reason to buy the battery and the charger, if you already   have M18 stuff, and you're already equipped. So, I 
think this is definitely a good bang for your buck.  If you're looking at it, I recommend it all 
day long. If you know anything about me, if you've   been watching my channel for a while, you know 
that I can't be bought.

Manufacturers aren't   just going to send stuff to me, for me 
to say nice things about them. I'm going to give it   its fair shake, every single time. I stand by this 
product. This product is awesome. Yes, I'm partial to Milwaukee,  but you can't do much better than this 
sander. It definitely out-does my Ryobi corded.   It out-does my Black & Decker corded. And that DeWalt, 
you heard it right there, it just sounds like a racket,  just like a bag of bolts. 
So, I highly recommend this thing.

I'll put a link   to it in the description, if you want to check 
it out. I think I ordered this one off   Home Depot online. If you don't know anything about Home 
Depot online, I think they ship faster than Amazon Prime. Like you can't do any better. So, you know, I 
ordered this the night before, it's at my door the   next day. It's almost faster than me going to the 
store, or trying to find something.

I just order it online and it's at my house. So, by no means, did
Home Depot pay me to say that or anything. But I believe in them wholeheartedly. And Milwaukee
makes a great product. So, run out get yourself one.  If you're looking into it, don't be afraid. Spend 
that gift card on it, whatever it might be. You know… I don't think I have anything more to say than 
that. I'm bumping my gums now. So, I hope you like my videos.  If you find some great content, and you find some value, I'd love to see you subscribe, see you   around the channel. As always, hit that like 
button. And we'll see you guys next video..

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