Milwaukee M18 Super Sawzall vs RIDGID OCTANE Recip Saw (Tool Duel) Episode #3 Which would you choose

19August 2021

What’S up everybody and welcome to today’s edition of tool, duel we’re gon na post, all the specs and the cool features of each tool, but I want to know in the comment section below which tool do you like the best which one has the coolest features and What would you change? I want you all to decide the winner between the two of these coolers. How, with that being said, let’s take a look at the two tools that we’ll be competing in the tool duel. So today we’re taking a look at the all-new Milwaukee fuel super saws are in the rigid octane resep saw now. These are both two very powerful resep sauce, but I want to know out of all the features which one do you like: the best which one is going to win the tool duel between these two now, both of these saws have their own reviews on this channel. I’Ll link the cards above, but let’s talk about price, that’s something we don’t usually do rigid. The regular price is 149 for just the tool and the Milwaukee is usually $ 1.99 for just a tool. Now both Milwaukee and rigid have a large line of tools that any one of these batters will work in. But for today’s challenge, I’m going with the largest battery for both platforms largest battery and the m18 line up is the red lithium high output, HD 12 page battery. This thing is a monster. This battery was designed to use on larger tools like this. As far as it goes with the Ridgid, the largest battery in the original lineup is the 9.0 octane. The difference between the two batteries here is that the rigid octane is a smart battery where the 12 aah from Milwaukee is not, even though the one key from Milwaukee will allow you to track your tools shut down your tools if they’re stolen the octane batteries do That themselves, they have the application on the phone that you can control everything right from your phone as well. Another important thing you might want to look at is the size and weight. The depth of this Ridgid is 18 point to 7 inches. The width is 6 point 7 inches and the weight is 7 point 2 pounds without the battery. You can definitely see the difference between the two when it comes to size, the strokes per minute on the ridgid 3100 strokes per minute. Now, if warranty is important to you, the Ridgid has a lifetime service agreement. If you saw it up on the websites as soon as you get this thing home, you want to make sure that you register through the Ridgid comm website and that way it’s protected forever. All right, let’s take a look at the Milwaukee fuel, the length on this 21 and a half inches the weight on this bad boy is 12.5 pounds. So if you can’t cut it down, just knock it down with this bad boy, I’m telling you if you lift it over your head a lot more, you know. Maybe you want to go with something. A little bit lighter the strokes per minute on this is 3000, though. Well, what about the warranty on this saw itself? You get five years the battery you’re looking at three year, warranty for this saw. So when it comes to the warranty, the Ridgid is a lifetime. The Milwaukee is not you get the five-year tool through your battery all right. Let’S take a look at some other features here now the Milwaukee. You got the hanger, the rigid you do not. It would be nice to have that on the rigid. I don’t know if that’s a deal breaker for you, they both come with oscillation on them. They both set up right on the top here very simple, to turn on and off just turn that knob left or right, depending on what you want to do. How fast you want to get through that material? They both work very well. As for the lock button, they both have them the Milwaukee’s a little bit harder to get to where the ridges a little bit more prominent right here. But one thing that the Milwaukee has, though, that the Ridgid does not is a speed control, even though they both have a variable speed trigger Milwaukee offers. The variable, speed, control, knob or rigid does not as far as it goes with a quick release. They both have them, but I got ta be honest with you. The ridges is actually a little bit easier to put that blade in and lock it down. For some reason, I think the Milwaukee’s is a little bit tougher. I went looking about these, even the smallest detail could matter to you. Look at the shoes on these thing here. You got a pin over here for the rigid, and you got this tank of Abby’s shoe on the Milwaukee. Now I will say, even though they both extend out milwaukee’s is a lot smoother and a lot easier to adjust. Now what about the LED lights, both of them have it on the Milwaukee it’s up towards the top of the unit and then on the ridgid. It’S down a little lower right underneath that blade both of them are very bright. So I don’t think you’re gon na have any issue seeing in darker areas. Now we’re gon na do some cuts here. I’Ll tell you what we’re using the all-new Diablo carbide teeth blaze. These things are crazy, sharp, crazy, fast they’re, just awesome, blades I’ll put them in the description below as well. But again I will tell you that it’s a lot easier to get that blade in the rigid than it is the Milwaukee. Alright. Now real quick, I’m gon na give you an up-close personal look of the blade in this unit in slow motion. It does not matter what you are cutting through on either. One of these units, both of the cuts, are very precise. The oscillation on these are both great. It doesn’t matter on either saw if you’re going through wood, metal or wood with nails all the way through it. It will go through anything on either one of these saws. They are both very impressive. Alright, we got a 2 by 8 right here. We’Re gon na go through. I’M not gon na put any weight on these and we’re just gon na pull the trigger and let it go. This is non oscillation. Now you can see how much faster the Milwaukee actually went through then the Ridgid I’m kind of wondering why that is considering that the Ridgid has 3,100 strokes per minute, where the Milwaukee only has 3,000 strokes per minute. I don’t know if it has to do with the weight. It’S a little bit heavier than the rigid, but it definitely made it through a lot quicker. Now, let’s try it with the oscillation on all right again, you can see that the Milwaukee took the lead. I switched up hands, I didn’t know, if my dominant hand was maybe adding a little bit more pressure on that, but I switch them out just to be fair and you can see the Milwaukee took it again now either. One of these saws will go through anything. What’S nice about the rigid octane and the Milwaukee, so you can put as much weight and pressure on these saws as you want, and they just won’t quit they won’t bog down. They will just keep going they’re, both excellent, excellent saws. Now I gave you all the specs, I showed you which one cut faster, but I want to know which one do you think wins a tool duel. Does the price make a difference? That’S a weight, make a difference. What do you think which saw do you like? Better which one’s taking the win home, if you liked this video thumbs up subscribe, check us out tour reviews on Comm, we’ll be back with more video soon.

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