Milwaukee Plumbing Tools – Plumbers Showcase

25November 2021

plumbing work requires specialized tools so in 
this video we're going to look at a number of   unique offerings from milwaukee specifically 
designed for plumbers and we're going to talk   to a couple of plumbers use milwaukee tools on 
the pipes daily now when it comes to blockage   removal Milwaukee's got a number of options 
let's start with the big bertha the m18 fuel   sectional sewer machine you can cordlessly power 
the 32mm cable to clear roots up to 61 meters   out from the unit featuring Milwaukee's cable 
drive which both feeds and retracts the cable   the thing i like about this is the fact that 
it's all just run off battery so no need to run   extension leads or worry if a clients home to gain 
access to power the other thing i like about it is   the fact that she's relatively light pretty easy 
to lift it up into the back of toolboxes or utes   this unit is designed to clear tough blockages in 
51mm or 2-inch or up to 203 millimeter or 8-inch   sewer the m12 airsnake is intended for clearing 
soft blockages without the need to remove drain   covers or fixtures it's really simple to use you 
set your desired psi you then charge it up to that   psi point it in the direction of the blockage 
apply light pressure to avoid splashback and   squeeze the trigger pro tip is to start low and 
work your way up in increments of 10 psi it goes   up to 50 psi for longer runs and it comes with a 
range of plugs to suit whatever the application   from toilets to sinks and drains if the blockage 
is a bit more substantial then the m12 drain snake   is great for up to 60 millimeter drain lines 
it's super lightweight and compact making it   great for service jobs where you just need to get 
in and out it comes with a 19 litre storage bucket   for minimum messs to catch all of your drips and 
it's got a 7.6 meter under core bulb head cable   this big unit here is the m18 pipe threader 
which is the first cordless pipe threader on the   market and it features a whole raft with safety 
features like the auto stop to prevent kickback   combine that auto stop feature with a dedicated 
support arm that's included with the tool and once   you've got your thread started you can operate the 
tool one-handed and use the other hand to work the   lube it can thread up to a two-inch pipe and with 
that narrow housing around the business end of the   tool it means you can do it in situ as well if 
the pipe's up against the wall or near a ceiling   you can still get around it to thread it and 
Milwaukee's got a huge range of cutting solutions   for plumbers but the most popular of which has 
to be the m12 fuel hacksaw this reciprocating   saw is really versatile it's compact size means 
you can get it up and under cabinets or down   holes whatever you have to do with it you name 
it combine that with a huge range of blades and   accessories from milwaukee for this reciprocating 
saw and the applications are too many to number   but they've also got some really handy hand tool 
cutting solutions as well at this 12-inch pvc   abs saw as well as the pex chipping cutters which 
are really handy they've got the manual copper   tube cutters but if you do a lot of copper tube 
you want to check out the m12 copper tube cutters   they're really cool when it comes to joining those 
pipes and tubing back together Milwaukee's got two   options in the m12 and the m18 force logic press 
tools now pressing is a lightning fast alternative   to soldering with no flames and no heat and you 
can work in wet and dry conditions whether you're   joining copper or plastic you just mount the jaws 
onto the fitting and it's sealed in seconds just   hold the button down until the tool completes the 
cycle at which point the joint will be connected   securely if there's any issues the tool will let 
you know Milwaukee's got a range of jaws for both   presses they're really quick to change they're 
also interchangeable with other systems of jaws   as well i've linked milwaukee's compatibility 
matrix in the description to this video so you   can check out if your preferred system operates 
on this press tool now for gutters and roofing   milwaukee's m12 riveting tool is a must-have 
it can pull up to 3/16 stainless steel rivets   it holds onto the rivets before you pull 
them and it also catches the stems as well   for an easy cleanup it can also pull up to 900 
1/8 inch steel rivets of a single 3 amp hour   m12 battery now it's a massive labor saver and 
it's also really easy to use nicely balanced   in your hand as well and if you need something 
bigger they've also got an m18 rivet tool too   now i've already mentioned a couple of milwaukee's 
hand tools and accessories but there's a few more   i've cherry picked that are worth an honorable 
mention from this 14 piece plumber's bi-metal   wholesale set through their range of snips and 
shifters i love their big feature pack square   jaw and straight jaw pliers not to mention all 
your measuring and marking needs are covered with   options to spare and they've got an expanding 
range of gloves as well and you can store and   transport the whole lot in their pack out system 
which you can fully customize to suit your needs   and it's all available now at your local sydney 
tool store you can go to for   more detailed specs on each of the items featured 
here as well as the wider milwaukee plumbing range   you can request an on-site demonstration 
for any of the specialty plumbing tools   featured in this video there's a link in the 
description or you can talk to the team in store   and they'll hook it up for you if you've got 
any questions don't hesitate to ask me in that   comment section down below and until next time 
i'm tim thanks for watching sydney tools tv

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