Mit Akku Nageln | Akku Stiftnagler Milwaukee Makita AEG Ryobi und Worx im Vergleich | Inkl Verlosung

25December 2021

I'll say these are real names. Hahaha hey! No no no no no. Maybe. I dont know. Smells weird. Ah ok He already sounds like a big one. Then there are still questions. Hello tool fans, welcome to, my name is Sebastian and today we are nailing and we would be nailing faster than ever in my life. That's right, that's right. Definitely by far. And one thing I tell you, nailing is also addicting. And that's why we're looking at battery nailers today, because you probably know this one from me. Or more likely from Sandra. But Sandra always tells me that nailing is addicting. And it has the little compressed air nailer. And today we want to see whether these are better here without compressed air with a battery.

And you know, there is always something to be raffled off on Friday. And now the question is, who is it now? Oh no, in the middle it says We'll just take Milwaukee and you can win this beautiful battery nailer if you just discuss it with us in the comments below. What is your experience with it? As? What? Where? And one of all commentators can win today. But now it is nailed. Okay, battery hackers, to give you a quick demonstration of how fun this can be. I'll just take it, turn it on and show you something. The fastest nail between here and Bochum.

To ask? So, but seriously, it's like that. We have pens in here and we can see someone who got through here , but we'll come back later. We are not really nails in it, but nails, pens and now again in detail. And because you wanted it, we also have a very broad field with us. We even have Ryobi now . We have Makita. We have Milwaukee, we have works so works. We have Works and AEG lots of things that we don't otherwise have in the test.

But we wanted to nail a battery for you everything we found here on the table. So let's take a look at what devices do we have here? And that's why I would like to give you the names of the devices a little closer. Interesting names included. We start with MAKITA and so we have the Makita, the BN 500 well, but here we have the RYOBI AIRSTRIKE Milwaukee M18FN18GS AEG18GA and at the very end the ultimate one. Nagler …. the NAILFORCE from Air Impact Technology. After we just had these martial names of the Nail Force, for example, we come to the topic of price and the Nailforce Nailforce from Worx is not the cheapest here. With 150 € I want to go without a battery again. All prices without battery. So the whole thing is really comparable. On the subject of the battery, there is also Ryobi again, write in the comments how to pronounce the Ruby however …

We are at 170 €. At AEG it is already getting more difficult. You can, for example, buy some forces from it, namely we are here at 335 € so about the hang. And of course, as always, you will find an honest price comparison for all devices in the video description and of course various sets with batteries without batteries and so on and so forth. By the way, you can also find nails below in the description or pens are more likely to be said about them. At Makita we are already 370 € and at Milwaukee we are already over 400 €. The prices differ a bit at around 430 €. But are we getting there? But I tell you, it also has a huge advantage. We'll look at it again in a moment, but you only see numbers and advantages. Let's do it now, let's do it right now. You can see the data sheet here and here are all the technical data for the devices. And you can already see that we basically all have 18 volt devices here. And yes, we cheated some way here. Who was that? Who cheated? Written down is a 20 volt device nonsense, i.e. 20 volt 18 and is everything the same? It's just a question of the measurement method.

So this is also a completely normal 18 volt battery, which was only measured differently or where a value, better said even, is written down. What are the devices actually used for? You can use it to nail things together really quickly. There are of course saying well, but I can screw that too and I can also glue and so on. Yes, I actually use it myself as I do in this American style a lot. That means, I'll just build a box here quickly and how the right way. For example, you'd like to glue this together, so you take it here, put glue on it now, put this on here and then you wait. Long , longer, until we have a solid one and that is annoying.

But you can also do the following with these devices: You love it and nail it on immediately and then you can continue working immediately. You could already see that at the workshop, by the way, and I know, I've seen it link up here very often, that I can quickly nail something to Lemme and then continue working, because the n strength is achieved later. But at least I can go further and have a higher speed. Now I'll show you how quickly you can build a small box here if you just nail without glue and that it is mega stable. So fire free. Are of course matching nails. It's not forever either, but it's also long enough. And the whole thing is done. And seen what, how fast it works and I tell you, you can forget that. But that's something else to get. Yes, it somehow does n't work that way and that's the advantage. You just have really quick results and you can make things very quickly.

And I'll show you how to set this up before we find out whether the Nail Force or the Airstrike is better. Yeah, I know, a bit of rubbish, but the names are funny, aren't they? So what can you call Nailforce? I want to show again. What do these devices actually work with? And that is, come a little closer. These are these pens before, now you get a kind of magazine. This is what it looks like. It is also available in different sizes and here you can see a single pen. This is what the pencil looks like and it is driven into the wood here.

And it looks here too. It's not particularly pointed either. So that's just the wire here. And up here he has a very small head and there is this size in different sizes. Let's have a look, then we also have this here, for example, that the maximum what the devices can do. And I think I have even smaller ones somewhere here.

Exactly these are also available so small that you can also buy different sizes. How do you use them? Pretty simple, actually. And then another tip, only without the battery. Please always take out the battery and these devices here. This is not for playing. This is really a request. Pay attention. You can do a lot of shit with it and hurt yourself really, really badly. In this respect, he is playing around with himself, is not fun with it, does not make any height, but be aware of how this device handles you. Do you have a sharp nail gun in your hand? A nail this length can do a lot of damage.

In this respect, please pay attention. So how do you do it all? First take out the battery? Yes, now it doesn't work anymore. Then we have the magazine. You just take the whole thing, put it here in the device, which pushes it up for everyone, and then you insert it and off you go. So that the logic of these devices and now all devices individually does not lead to our cheap model and by the way I know exactly that a question will come up and that is how many nails can I manage with one battery charge? I dont know. It's not really their business either, many, many, many, many. So we already threw a piece of wood or thrown it away earlier.

We have already shot a few hundred nails with some devices. The batteries are still full, so you can get very, very far on one battery charge. But this is how you have to turn on the devices and the logic of the devices is always the same. You got up here. We're taking it out again. What a mechanism up here. You have to put this on and only when this is practically put on do you unlock the whole thing. This is very important to put on here and then you can press the button down here. So back in again. And now the whole thing is very sharp, but I can't shoot. Due to the fact up here, don't start trying, here with your finger. No no no no no. So, let's take a look at the whole thing in detail, we have the magazine here that gets it all out. We can solve it down here, get out of here and go. We just put it here.

Then we pull the trigger on the front here. The light goes on here, on both sides. I think the only thing that has light on both sides. Well, then we have a very important button here, and a very important button down here. We have a grant and multiple shots. I don't even know what is. No idea. I think this is a grant.

And now I've hired several times. What does multiple shot actually mean? There is a very big difference and I think all devices have that. You have the single shot. To do this, you do the following: You take the device. I can press it here, too. I'm pressing on here now. I pressed. Nothing happens. I sit up. Doesn't happen again like this, but I do the following: I sit up, press and then shoot again, I press. Nothing happens, just sit down. On the way I have a very controlled. The result is called I know exactly so, shoot now. Now I have the second option here more. Shot logic the other way around and that's why you are sure what you are doing with these devices. Now I can press on here. So and now it's at the top he doesn't shoot. Yes, we have just seen that it can also be done relatively quickly. And of course we'll have another battle afterwards.

If we do the following we will shoot 30 rounds per device afterwards . Let's see who is the fastest. The fastest nailer between here in Bremen has already said that the difference and you can see here that there is also a certain potential for danger here. Because if you take that now, of course you can too. Oh yes, I'll take it here and ask for it somewhere on the wall or in the table or something like that. Therefore, be aware of what you are doing and deal with something. So, then there is the following and if we look at this, we have nails here that are very deeply sunk, they are so half-scorched, which are beautiful, precise, flush and so on. That sets one here on this cog and you see here have the opportunity, here we see that he is, that he is further inside and here he is looking further out.

So if he looks too far out, for example, then we have to adjust a bit more. And the moment where. So there. It's exactly flush and that's how I put it all here. By the way, if you want to nail something together, don't take it right away and start nailing. In the case of the object that you want to use, but in any case I assume you want to nail multiplex together here. We'll do that in a moment. Then you should definitely do several test shots beforehand to make sure the nail is still properly sunk. Don't do that with your final item and I think we are the schedule. But I think I've already shown that for you in the video. That was crazy. So test it first. Test 1, 2, 3 times. Says yes, the result is good. Then only on the final object. As you can see, we don't have more to set here. The only thing that you need to know and to do that is to remove the battery again , is the following: It can come to that.

So, it can happen that the object hangs or a nail got stuck somewhere in the device. And you can actually get on with the whole thing now. Oh oh yeah, that's interesting. That was not noticed at all. That's bad, because I'll tell you, it is a reasonable solution for all other devices. If that should ever hang, then you actually have the battery out, then you have the opportunity to pull the whole thing up here. Well, I can see, then the magazine fails and then it's your turn. Not here. With the € 150 device you have to do it differently. First of all, take out the magazine, then put it back in.

Then you take this key. And funnel that thing off here. Is this … turn off here? Oh yes, say God's will like that and from then on he's yes. And now you see that up here. Yes, and there the nails are transported up there, there at that point. I'll show you this here, that's where it comes out. And sometimes they get stuck in here by the bolt here that he the bolt that shoots at it.

And there it may well be that the bolt is wedged here somehow or something happens. Then you have to take it off. And I'll tell you one thing This doesn't work at all. Well, not at all, because it is very possible that a nail will get stuck. Sometimes every 20th nail gets stuck. It can be. Even if the bad quality is done here. And then ask this every time. No, that's canceled. So for me it definitely happens up close. It is definitely difficult to maintain. Now let's get down to it. So we come to the strike. And we already have one thing here to look at. We have the opportunity to eject whole ones down here . But first of all the house, but it's so tight that it's oh crazy. So, here we go again. Here we could pull out the nail accordingly with the pliers. We want to be here right now. And here, too, we can adjust our strengths again.

Up here, further out, down, further in. Otherwise, we don't have that many options here. I keep loading and we have a key here. Here we switched on the light and here we can start. Here again the possibility to set the whole thing to multiple shots or to one shot. Show you a grant or multiple shots. Funny, one thing is still so new. At the back you can adjust the air pressure. When either of you knows what this is for. Then tell us because I didn't really get it. The manual says air pressure. But what does that mean now? Turn and not turn. The depth of the nail definitely doesn't affect it. Maybe. How quickly it wears off could be natural. Oh, but that's also typical Sebastian. How much too tight.

So so! I dont know. Let's move on to the next one. Let's get to EG because I showed earlier how easy it is. It's a lot easier here and I want the leverage here really well. You have to say yes. So the lever here, it's nice and big and very easy to grip. And we already had it before that something got stuck here and we got it out really well. So here, because we are there. You can adjust the strength again. You can't see anything from behind here. We also have a belt with us. Um. Moment. Battery in. Have a look here. So I'm not sitting, I don't think that's nice in terms of quality. Yes, that's the way it is! Then here we have the button to turn on the light. At this point this time from above. So actually it makes perfect sense to do it from above. Well, we can aim accordingly here too. Now watch out here, the battery is in and we also have the option of setting a subsidy here. Here a grant or several times simply in here, out, in, out.

Now I'm going to show you another grant here. Yes, what's going on here would be good. In horror, by the way, that's the interesting thing. And if you notice that there is no nail in it, then you do not shoot either. Am i clever By the way, what I don't find nice here is the following: They are made of plastic everywhere, but I have the least confidence in this, even if it is actually not that bad logically. Because look here, I have a plastic magazine here. I can open the whole thing, then take the whole thing again, put it in here and I can see from the outside how full it is. But I have a feeling that it could break quickly.

I dont know. With everyone else like here, for example, it's also plastic, but you can't see it. But of that. You can see it here. Here you can see it at the point and with this one you can also see through here. So you can see a little. OK. Of course, you can't see why at work. All the same. So the whole thing in there and now on a grant. It sounds like a big one, you have to say. You get the feeling that things are really going well here. Multiple shots only come now. Now press again. I'll say it's fun. Yes, but um, we still have a representative who can do it even faster. By the way, one thing has already been said and what I don't like with the AG as well as with the Strike and so on is there is no switch to consciously turn off the device when a battery is in it.

That is, is the battery in there? Yes. Do you have in the moment if you take it that way now? I've got this here, okay. But do you put the device in the workshop like that? Is that how you went to the workshop? Did you feel a sharp weapon? That means, if someone approaches and presses on it, what happens here? Yes that is. That's why I consciously say watch out what she does with these devices. So we come to the next one. And our Makita in the discipline is also on the battery. Not so! As a rule, he does the following where he stops, because most of the time he tilts to the right or left. The corner does not stand here and our nail stands in front like a good Makita.

Again, there is no button to turn it on and off, but there is some kind of safety switch up here. Yes, I have to push this in here. Now it's unlocked . I do not know. So it won't fall out again. We'll just try it out. Moment. He was okay for sure. So he stays safe the whole time, I can now push in here, then he is safe. Yes, but that's the right backup. Is that not and it is certainly not childproof. I mean, something like that is not lying here when you have children by simply getting in and you can start again now. I have the switch here for the multiple subject multiple shot here on and off.

I am now I think I look at once. Yes, here is multiple, let's see. It will therefore be a sensational battle, let's see who wins. Ok, otherwise you can see the following: The normal battery that we have from Makita. We also have the classic magazine here, which we use. By the way, sometimes make sure that this presses down a bit. This is the driver. Yeah, that's sliding over here a bit. This is not only the case with what is the case with all devices. Here we can adjust the strength again. And by the way, that wasn't a light or something like that. I probably didn't find one because there was no light. And now we come to Milwaukee. Milwaukee is wonderful. First off. It is working. I also think it's a beautiful device in terms of design and, as always, it can. You can win the device here, simply and not the description for it. Your opinion. The best comes at the beginning, if you don't say it like that, namely.

So friends. I think we already know who will win afterwards, but if we see how far behind. So here we have our belt clip and we now have the only device that I can turn off. Take a look here, take a closer look. I have the option to switch it off for the first time here. So now I can do what I want here. Nothing happens here. The device is really off. Also with a battery and one on it. Now I turn the whole thing back on. Press longer, then it goes on, it always comes on with one shot and then I can no longer press the other option here.

I think that's great and I find that commendable. And yes, it is the most expensive in the test. 400 € you really have to think about whether you need it. But I think that's really good. That is a good thing. As shown in others before. Battery out again. We have our clip here now. Here you can also see what happens if you don't take it out. Moment. Try what? Moment. Moment. Moment. Moment. I'll take it here now. Our little ones. Put it in. By the way, it works like that here too! There are certain grooves here. Then you take the whole thing and put it in front here and then have to walk for a correspondingly long time on the groove .

So far we want to always take this in. Uh and let's try that. What happens if you just open it like that? Yeah, it really flies out. So it really flies out. In this respect, it almost always means opening the magazine beforehand , unloading it and then taking the whole thing out of here. You can, think or hang on to something all the time. That can happen sometimes, it can't happen. I already saw it for 30 nails at a time when they saw it afterwards.

Let's see what happens, but if you just bend the whole bit up with a screwdriver , take out the pliers and that's no problem. I've already done it 100 or 1000 times with this one and the spark still looks like it did on the first day. A general note, by the way. If you work with the devices, here in front you have a plastic cap or rubber that is even. And here? You can also arrange that. This protects against excessive pressure and damage to the wood. If I put this on here now, of course we have the corresponding damage. If we do this on it again, yeah then not. For me it is also one of the best solved.

I want that with least of all. Is that okay with the others too? Oh wait a minute! The metal there is no rubber. I did not find it. May be. But that's just a detail. Um, that was actually it about the whole thing and I've already seen that it is relatively quick. I also have several. That's great. I even have several others here. Look here, I have that before I even get up. I only have this tip and this tip, which I can still do accordingly beforehand. The nail competition follows. We'll do the following, using the longest nails we have.

You can see here that it really goes into the ear, it really goes into the material. We take multiple shots of each device and let's see who can do 30 nails? The fastest we really take is 30! And we take. We do 15 15 in a row so that I don't have to take time-lapse recordings here. And then we start. We now insert number one here. Networking. We’re going to do it all over again, until we’ve been rehearsed. Because the hint does not mean that you think the other devices could work faster. No, that doesn't work faster because you can tell you can also hear it from the noise. When is it ready for us to start? And I tried it out even faster. Then they get stuck. So that was pretty much the maximum that was possible. And now here again with friends. I'm leaving Yes, yes, we have just seen what compressed air can do and we have also seen that compressed air doesn't have to hide, but of course we have a problem. For this we not only need a battery, but also a compressor, but also a battery and a battery.

Of course, loaders also cost money, but that's a major disadvantage , is that the disadvantage? I always have a hose with me and in that case the hose has run out. And that is exactly a problem. And by the way, a compressor like that can be pretty loud too, right? By the way, if you want to know which quiet compressor we use the video above. But let's get to our devices and here it is that I am very interested in what you are saying now. What's your opinion? Remember, you can still win this, this beautiful Milwaukee. And let's look at a very brief summary. You can now see here and there who was how fast. I can cheat a bit here, because we stopped it a bit and the fastest was by far Milwaukee and here it was even more that my own ability was really the brake here. The others couldn't get any faster than I did. I would personally rule that out, unless you have a Works battery, if you want batteries, take the device to make it work. We also saw everyone able to countersink their nails accordingly.

So no problem. You won't use it in hardwood, please don't do that for that. So if you have hard wood, then there you have a connection. In this respect, he is being talked about strength, yes, from one sufficient is okay and it doesn't matter to his thing. But we unscrew that below, it doesn't work that way, then we have our other protagonists here, all of whom do a good job. Yes, you can't say at all, use the battery system in which we are already at home, if you choose one, I would definitely take Milwaukee. From the point of view of the matter, that's actually nonsense, because it's super fast. But you don't do that. So when when do you do what you say? I now have to sink 15 in four seconds, you do that once to have fun and then you work normally.

And you also want a certain precision. To that extent, and that of course also has to stop, do and do. In this respect, you can of course use any device from here. Personally, I like the handling very much. I also really like that I can turn it on and off. I think that's great and I also think it's probably one of the lightest. Have you seen? In any case, my conclusion: Great devices. If you don't have a nailer yet, I would definitely advise getting yourself a nailer that is addicting nailing. Ultimately, you've always been right, because if you don't have a nail, then you don't have a nailer. And now? Come on! To the tool … or to the nailing? see you next time..

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