My $619 Nicks Boots vs 15ft Guillotine

3January 2022

that was me testing my 15 foot tall boot cutting 
guillotine with a 100 pound razor sharp blade   in preparation to cut my first 
collab boot in half the nd1 but first you might be wondering why we need 
a 15 foot guillotine well if you remember   six months ago nick's handmade boots made me an 
indestructible boot and we cut it in half with a   60 000 psi water jet and ran it through a bunch 
of real world tests to see how indestructible   it really was and that video now has over 
a million views and counting which is crazy   and when that video first came out a lot of people 
including myself wanted a pair of these boots to   wear but the problem is they were so overbuilt 
and over the top and overly constructed that they   are nearly impossible to wear because they're 
so uncomfortable and even more impossible to   make Nicks broke several super thick needles just 
building this one pair of boots so after a little   convincing I went to work with Nicks taking this 
design refining it developing it and improving it   into a boot that's not only one of the most 
durable boots in the entire world but also a   boot that you could wear every single day and look 
good doing it while still maintaining the essence   and the feeling and the look of the indestructible 
boot and in keeping with the indestructible video   we had to do something atop the 60 000 psi water 
jet hence the 15 foot death trap in the back of   the shop that initially was just a running joke 
inside the shop started by Breck that is somehow   now a reality the height of the guillotine is 
15 feet tall from the ground to the very top   the blade is made of half inch thick solid steel 
plate the blade itself weighs 105 pounds the frame   is built from what is now apparently the most 
expensive material in the world construction   lumber it has a steel track hidden inside of the 
wood with pvc lined sliding rails to make sure we   get a smooth and efficient slice and the force 
of impact as far as we've calculated it is 1   680 pounds which could be totally wrong 
because we're all terrible at math   but it's a lot and we've named this beautiful 
death trap guillotina or Tina for short now let's   go over what Tina is up against this is the first 
of 500 nd1 boots designed by me and manufactured   by nick's handmade boots in Spokane Washington 
i wanted the Indy one to be something that you   could use in every facet of your life whether 
it was hunting hiking construction manual labor   backyard labor motorcycle riding or if you don't 
have a job or any hobbies that need a boot and you   just want a really nice durable pair of boots to 
wear casually that's what I wanted this boot to be   essentially I wanted a boot that people would 
live in I didn't I didn't want a boot that   just sat in the closet and people would 
pull it out two or three times a year   and a lot of that came down to making a boot 
that not only looked good new but that looked   even better once it's got some wear and it's beat 
up and it's got battle scars and there's just a   lot of use and wear showing on the boot and a 
lot of that came down to the leather choices   so the leather i chose for the majority of this 
boot is an eight ounce which is three to three   point five millimeter thick leather and it's a 
rough out finished flesh chrome excel by Horween   out of Chicago and it's it's probably my favorite 
smelling leather in the world and it's a really   nice supple durable leather but being that it's 
a flesh out leather which means they flipped the   smooth side of the leather to the inside it has 
the extra durability wear resistance but also that   really unique patina texture of a finished flesh 
leather I also wanted just a little pop of color   so I chose Nick's new 1964 leather for just the 
inside linemen patch and two-tone boots are a   little bit of a fashion faux pas to some people 
and I get where they're coming from because you   know sometimes two-tone boots can be really loud 
and obnoxious and draw a lot of attention to your   feet and some people just don't like that and I 
I get it but for me if I'm gonna buy a pair of   premium handmade boots I want something that looks 
really cool catches the eye but not so overtly   loud and flashy that everyone is immediately 
drawn to your feet and when designing this boot   I really like the idea of from the outside when 
people are wearing this boot they just look like   a really nice good looking pair of heavy duty toe 
cap boots but if you catch someone mid stride you   get that little flash of color but it's not on 
the outside but it's only on the inside so you   just you only occasionally see it's just a little 
pop of color it's subtle and it's it kind of it's   reminiscent of kind of a Luis Vuitton style pop 
of color just not quite as as red and as loud and honestly when these boots are brand new I 
don't love the really heavy contrast between   the two leathers but once you start wearing these 
boots and you start getting those battle scars on   them that that really rich red brown undertones 
start showing through and it almost perfectly   matches the color of the 1964 leather linemen 
patch it becomes less of a two-tone boot and more   of a subtle gradient of color from a really dark 
brown all the way up to a rich kind of chestnutty   red brown color and to me as a complete leather 
nerd I just I just think it's so gorgeous I love   the color combination and there were so many crazy 
features in the indestructible boot and I wanted   to keep as many of them as possible and maintain 
that patched look to them so we kept the quadruple   stitched true toe cap because a lot of the boots 
you see with the toe cap are an actual full double   thickness toe cap this is two layers of that eight 
ounce thick leather and I wanted to do the inside   alignment patch for the reasons we talked about 
previously but for function wise you get all the   durability and the wear resistance of that inside 
alignment patch and the look of the indestructible   boot but you also get a little hidden benefit 
of that extra layer of leather being tucked   underneath the insole gives you just a little bit 
of extra arch support you can see it right here   in the cross section of the indestructible boots 
since this was my first boot and I'm putting my   name I didn't want to just sell a boot that I'd 
never really worn and never broken in and really   I never really put to the test so I broke these 
boots in over a 10-day bear hunt up in the top   of Idaho almost to Canada and I've been wearing 
them basically every day since until this happened obviously and I know I'm talking about and promoting 
a product that has my name on it but the   way a well broken in heavy leather handmade boot 
feels when you put it on it's just something you   can't get in a cheaper boot because cheaper 
boots even 300 dollar boots it's made to be   broken in easily and the result is kind of a loose 
floppy kind of a sloppy fit versus a boot like   this once they're broken in it feels like putting 
your hand in a well-worn pair of gloves that's how   these boots feel when you slide your foot in 
there it just it almost your foot almost snaps   into place it just finds its perfect spot that 
you've created by compressing all those layers   of leather and you can't really get that feeling 
without heavy leather but the problem is heavy   leather is super hard to break in and it becomes 
kind of a rite of passage to get your boots to a   point where you've got that hand and glove feeling 
you almost have to earn the the ability to to get   that really unique feeling that you can't get 
in a cheaper pair of boots with thinner leather finally to the price of the indie ones 
so these are going to retail for 619.95   which is a very heavy price but with good reason 
because Nicks is one of the only companies capable   of making 500 pairs of these boots because 
most of the mass-produced boot manufacturers   have a machine with little clamps that grab the 
the upper leather and pull it around the last   forming the shape of the boot but the problem 
is those machines aren't capable of using   several layers of really thick leather it takes 
a strong skilled craftsman like the guys at Nicks   to physically grip that leather all those layers 
of leather with a pair of lasting pliers pull it   around the last and tack it in place with the nail 
and they do that several times all the way around   the boot and there's parts of this boot like the 
toe is over a quarter inch thick but right here   where the linemen patch meets the the heel counter 
and the upper and the counter it's like six layers   thick the skill and strength of those guys just 
blows me away they're the type of guys you want   to avoid getting arm wrestling matches with and 
I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for taking on   500 pairs of these boots because these are not 
easy boots to make we we owe you big time so   that's why these boots are so expensive and the 
fact that there's literally three times the amount   of leather in this boot than most mass-produced 
boots and once this video is done we're going to   frame this boot and frame the cross sections and 
hang it up in the shop because this boot is is   really special to me and for a lot of reasons and 
one of them being that when I was a young wildland   firefighter all of my squad bosses and my crew 
bosses had a pair of nicks then I always wanted a   pair so the fact that I've not only worked with 
Nicks but designed a pair of Nicks boots with   Nicks is pretty mind-blowing to me and completely 
inconceivable for the 21 year old firefighter me   so this video means a lot to me and it's time 
to break my heart by cutting these in half   with probably the world's first boot cutting 
guillotine so let's get to the cutting it was so close oh wow drop number two three two one that is so close I guess we just 
keep sending her three two one okay we got cut in half that was a little bit 
harder than i expected but let's see what's inside this thing's so sticky now you can see why these boots are so durable 
and so hard to make you've got those three layers   of leather at the toe making a quarter inch thick 
you've got six layers of material between you and   the ground at any given point and just look at all 
that veg tan leather you can see now what I meant   by these these boots give you that glove-like 
feel because you can see where my toes have   compressed that leather to give you those 
little divots and you can see on the upper   of the leather how it's compressed and 
molded around my foot and if you haven't   seen the amount of nails holding these 
boots together along with all the stitching   go watch my dissection of the regular builder pro 
boots because spoiler alert there's 80 plus nails   per boot holding these boots together there's 
no cork in here part of that's because it's a   stitched down construction but also because cork 
works great for a casual boot or a dressier boot   what's better than cork well in nick's opinion 
a giant slab of vegetable and that seems to be   nick's solution to almost everything is make it 
out of a veg tan because look at the hill counter   that's a giant slab of veg tan leather the shank 
is a huge veg tan leather strip the midsole the   insole everything that could be made out of veg 
tan is because veg tan is is durable yet flexible   hard yet compressing and conforming to the weight 
of your body it really is there's a reason that   we've used leather for footwear since the 
dawn of time I can't help but be excited   about these boots because they're just absolutely 
ridiculous and I can't wait for you guys to get   these boots in your hand and send me photos of 
how they're breaking in and how their patina   patina ink and that's the stuff I love as a 
leather goods manufacturer is the longevity   and the care and the love people have for durable 
long lasting products so if you want to pair the   nd ones we're only doing 500 pairs so hurry and 
watch nick's sizing video and get your order in   as soon as you can because we're going to deliver 
them in batches of 100 so we don't completely   exhaust all the Nicks employees and so the sooner 
you get your order in the sooner you'll get   your boots if we're already sold out by the time 
you're watching this I'm sorry but I will put the   limited edition email list in the description so 
you can stay in the loop with future collabs and   maybe help me convince Nicks to do an ND-2 boot 
and I promise I won't send you a bunch of annoying   marketing stuff it's only going to be the really 
cool unique rare stuff the cool collabs because   if you couldn't tell this is the stuff that gets 
me excited so thank you guys for watching this and   subscribing and being a part of this this was a 
really big one for me it was it's really special   for me and you're helping make a dream come true 
I didn't even know I was allowed to dream and   I know it's cheesy but the 21 year old firefighter 
me would just be completely blown away by this and   thank you to Nicks and especially the guys 
at Nicks making these boots these are tough   boots to make and I appreciate them being 
willing to make these for me and for you guys   and one more thank you to the Rose Anvil 
crew the determination and grit that   these guys have that I work with is 
is astounding so thank you guys see ya

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