NEW M18 FUEL 1/4″ Rivet Tool with ONE-KEY™ (M18FPRT-0)

14December 2021

check this out this is the brand new m18 fuel 
quarter inch riveting tool from milwaukee this   tool pulls aluminium steel and stainless rivets 
from 4.76 to 7.14 millimeters effortlessly and   quickly it's got 2041 kilograms of pulling force 
with really impressive running times as well with   a smaller 2 amp hour battery you can expect to 
pull up to 500 quarter inch aluminium blind rivets   with a 5 amp like this one where you're going to 
run out of rivets aren't you it's a little ring   and pin in each tip which holds the rivet while 
you get jiggy with it so you won't drop it while   you locate the hole and all the stems are captured 
in the rear with a clear window so you can see how   full it is so you're not going to find them all 
over the roof or over the floor of your workshop   it comes with the four tips for the four sizes in 
this class and they're all attached to the tool   so you're not going to lose them those tips are 
really easy to change the tool for changing them   is on board you can remove the tool and change 
the tips on the end or you can remove the whole   nozzle assembly and change the tips in the tools 
location which is my personal preference the   tool's got a nice narrow reach as well so you get 
yourself right up into the corner of a box section   or near an edge and if you need more reach on the 
end milwaukee sells an extensions separately which   effectively doubles the reach at the end of the 
tool ergonomically the tool's got nice grips with   rubber over moulds really comfortable to hold 
there's a tethering anchor point up on top and   there's a belt clip on the side when you need 
to put the tool down and this tool also comes   standard with one key for tracking and managing 
the tool with the one key app on your phone pull   larger rivets faster no hoses or compressors 
necessary with the m18 fuel rivet tool with one   key from milwaukee check it out in store or online 
at hit me up with any questions   in that comment section down below and until next 
time i'm tim thanks for watching sydney tools tv

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