NEW Milwaukee M18 FUEL Framing Nailer

4January 2022

Finally it's here the new m18 fuel
framing nailer from Milwaukee. This framing nailer is gaseous utilizing a nitrogen
spring mechanism and a brushless motor the instantly fire nails on demand its
compact size and design allows for easy maneuverability and easy access to tight
spaces and that tip design allows you to skew nails with ease got two firing
modes single fire and bump fire when bump bar you can bury three nails per
second and your controls on the base right above the battery for easy access
simple depth adjustment up by the tip there's a removable tip cover included
and the reload is nice and easy to the gun takes 50 to 90 mil nails 30 to
34 degrees depending on the nailhead and there's an optional extra extended
magazine to take the capacity from 51 to 93 nails you switch out that magazine
with just a couple of screws the tool for doing so is on board you'll get 700
nails out of a single five amp hour m18 battery and on top of the rafter hook this
belt clip is a nice addition this framers are instore now at all your local
Sydney Tools stores or online at so make sure you
head on in for more info or hit me up with any questions in that comment section
down below until next time I'm Tim and you're watching Sydney Tools TV

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