Nicks Boots Just Made The Best Moc Toe In The World – (CUT IN HALF)

31December 2021

for the last installment of this moctober series 
we're going to cut in half what might be the   highest quality moctoe in the entire world nick's 
handmade boots new moctoe boot that just released   today and this video is sponsored by nicks and 
in full disclosure they've sponsored four or five   videos I did the boot collaboration with them so 
if you've never seen the channel before I do have   a working history with Nicks but the beautiful 
thing about cutting boots in half is you see   exactly what's on the inside and I hope that 
I give you enough information that even if you   think I'm being biased that you have everything 
you need to make a decision for yourself and huge   thanks to Nicks for getting this done because 
I begged them to get this boot to me by the   end of moctober I know a lot of you guys spammed 
them non-stop trying to get this in for moctober   so huge thanks to you guys and Nicks for 
sponsoring this video now let's go over the   boot information so the brand is Nicks the style 
is the six inch wedge sole moctoe traveler but   they're also doing them in the over landers and 
they're super popular builder pro the color is a   1964 leather they weigh two pounds two ounces they 
retail for 520 dollars and they're made in Spokane   Washington USA now let's go over the information 
that we can gather about these before we cut them   in half starting with upper so this is nick's new 
1964 leather I like this leather a lot and it's   it's kind of reminds me of red wings oral leather 
but a lot thicker and not quite as loud and   bright orange it's more of a subtle orange and 
you can see this overland repair that I've been   wearing it's gotten a lot lighter just from 
the flexing and the moving and the wearing of   the leather it's brightened up quite a bit and 
the leather is a 7 to 8 ounce leather which is   let's see 3.2 3.3 millimeters thick you don't 
usually see this thick a leather in work boots   let alone a mock toe and the reason for that is 
it's so hard to stitch a mock toe on here and   we'll kind of go over that later and this leather 
is really tough to break in because it's so thick   and it's a fairly stiff leather I took these deer 
hunting over the weekend and the first day it   just felt like I was walking around in cast and I 
could only wear them around the camp a little bit   but by six or seven days in they they feel pretty 
good now is the polar opposites of thorough goods   they're all goods you can wear them for the first 
day and by the end of the day you're pretty well   broken in these nicks recommends doing 200 
hours before they're really broken in and   they're not exaggerating when they say it takes a 
lot of wear and use to get these things broken in   but once they're broken in that thicker leather 
holds its shape a lot better and contours your   foot a lot more because if you've had a pair of 
thorough goods i love throw goods but they don't   have that same fit and feel it kind of just feels 
like you're wearing a leather sock which is super   comfy but it's just a completely different ball 
game with this thicker leather next to the lining   so this has a lining only in the vamp it's a 
leather lining and the one nice thing about   this is it's not sewn together with this mock toe 
because one of the downfalls of a moctoe boot is   that all these holes punched into the vamp allows 
water to seep through but having that that lining   not be sewn together those holes don't go all 
the way through into the inside of the boot so   it allows for a little bit more water resistance 
with these boots then to the construction so this   is a stitch down construction of the vamp and then 
nail down at the back heel area just like all the   rest of the Nicks boots but the one interesting 
thing about this construction being a mock toe   is the mock toe itself because there's really 
three types of mock toe constructions there's   the the true moccasin construction the two piece 
construction and single piece construction a   true moccasin construction is built just like the 
pair of moccasins you probably had as a kid where   where the side walls wrap all the way underneath 
and as it's a single piece sewn to that top part   right here it's a really simple construction 
and it's really low profile but it's really   hard to find boots made like that because they 
basically have to be made by hand the two piece   construction is probably the most popular type 
of mock toe where you've got your side wall that   doesn't wrap under all the way and is sewn to a 
separate piece on top just like these red wings   this allows for just a little bit taller toe box 
for a little bit more wiggle room but it is prone   to splitting because if that stitch wears out 
that's the only thing really holding it together   and then the single piece construction doesn't 
have two pieces and it doesn't wrap underneath   it's a single piece vamp like you see in most 
boots but that stitch line gathers and puckers   the leather to give it that mock toe look and and 
feel this type is the most durable because even   if you do wear out all the stitching it's a single 
piece of leather and it's not going to fall apart   like the two-piece construction but you don't get 
that height that you see in the red wings and some   of these other two-piece constructions that allow 
for a lot taller toe box and you usually only see   this one-piece mock toe construction with 
thinner leather because it's really hard   for a machine to sew this mock toe stitch in 
a thick leather like this seven to eight ounce   but Nicks has bought one of the only machines 
capable of creating a moctoe stitch in this   super thick leather so that's one of the reasons 
why you don't see this thick of leather in a mock   toe especially a one-piece moctoe and then next 
to the outsole so this is the Vibram 2021 wedge   rather than the Christy outsole by Vibram that 
we usually see on moctoe boots and I asked Nicks   why they went with this wedge rather than the 
Christy and they said it's a lighter outsole   and it's a little more wear resistant in a work 
setting because really with any wedge sole it's   never going to last quite as long as like a heavy 
lugged outsole or a hard rubber outsole but I do   just like the look of this out so it kind of flows 
with the boot a little bit more it doesn't look   quite as chunky as the Christy and then to the 
midsole so this boot basically has two midsoles   so you got this rubber layer right above the 
outsole and then the really thick leather midsole   above that and there's pros and cons to the rubber 
midsoles and the leather midsoles rubber rubber   midsoles don't compress to your foot but they do 
bond better to the outsoles the leather midsoles   give you that nice footprint and compression and 
movement and durability but they don't bond quite   as well to the outsoles so what Nicks has done is 
basically added both to this boot so you have the   bonding of the outsole to the rubber midsole 
but all the durability and longevity of a big   fat slab of leather in the midsole as well and 
then finally to the fit fill and look I think   these are probably the best looking moctoe 
out there I also really love the classic red   wing look with the little bit of the the clown 
looking toe but for an overall mock toe this   mock toe is one of the the best looking mock toes 
I've seen I love the look of it especially you   know with these where you can see where I started 
to wear them in it looks so good and as for how   they feel like they're kind of a unique feeling 
boot because usually this boot has a higher heel   but on the wedge it drops the heel a little bit 
so that when you first start wearing these boots   and start breaking them in it's a little bit of 
a rocking feeling when you walk because that toe   is lifted just a little bit because the heel has 
dropped but once they get broken in it kind of   flattens out and everything feels normal but 
it is something worth mentioning because it is   kind of a unique feeling boot at first so now that 
we've covered everything on the outside it's time   to really get to the important bits the inside 
the guts of this boot so let's cut it in half so all right we got to cut in 
half let's see what's inside okay so we got it cut in half and I'm 
more confused now than before we got it   cut in half because we can see that there's a 
single layer midsole that really thick leather   midsole we talked about and I even sanded 
it to double check that it's a single piece   but on the inside it starts thick and then tapers 
down and then tapers back up again so I thought   for a second that maybe it's two pieces of the 
midsole but then looking at the outsole it's not   two pieces so I think what they do is they taper 
that down to make room for that really thick   leather shank right there that's what this layer 
is right here and the reason that they do this   is when you have a nail down construction at the 
heel it creates a void really similar to what we   what you see in a goodyear welted boot and 
it has to be filled with something so Nicks   fills that void with that leather shank right 
there that super thick shank and because it's   the wedge sole boot they don't have quite as 
much heel to give the extra room to have all   those layers in there so what they do is they sand 
down this leather midsole just in the middle so   that the leather shank sinks down in there without 
creating a big bump in the middle and while still   maintaining that really thick leather midsole 
so it's a really interesting way of maintaining   all the structural pieces that Nicks is known for 
while still being able to make a wedge sole boot   that's really interesting I did not I had no idea 
that that's what was going to be on the inside of   this so now that I fully understand how this boot 
is actually built I really think this boot fixes   all the problems that we've seen in every single 
one of the mock toes because every mock toe we've   seen has at least one or two problems that we 
wish it would fix or the one boot has this one   thing that's good this other boot has this other 
thing that's good this boot fixes all the problems   that we've seen in other mock toes it has the 
full grain leather counter it has the leather   lasting board that shapes to your foot it has 
the really thick leather midsole and the rubber   midsole it has less cork and more leather which 
is always a plus and it has this really thick   leather upper which can be a pro and a con oh and 
and the single piece vamp which is more durable   which is also i guess a pro and a con the only 
other cons I can think of is these are a beast   to break in they are not an easy break-in and they 
are twice the price of every other mock tool we've   ever cut apart and it's a boot that you can buy 
and wear casually and never work in or it's a   boot that you can buy and only work in and really 
reap the benefits of those high quality materials   there are a few one-man shops that are making 
maybe a a better finished boot because Nicks is   a work boot company and the stitches aren't always 
perfectly lined up but from the perspective of   durability and materials and construction from a 
company that's making more than one boot at a time   in my opinion this is the best moctoe boot that 
money can buy and if you disagree prove me wrong   tell me why they aren't the best or if there's 
another boot company out there that's making   a better moctoe boot let me know but I think I'm 
pretty confident in saying this is the best moctoe   boot you can buy so if you want a pair of these 
check them out via the link in my description   and to be even more transparent nick nicks 
pays me for this video but I don't get any   other bonuses or rewards or incentives or extra 
money if you guys decide to buy a pair my job's   done they've paid me for the video so there's 
nothing extra in it for me if you guys decide   to buy a pair of these so let me know what you 
guys think if you think I'm wrong prove me wrong   I love I love finding it when companies make the 
best things humanly possible with no corners cut   but I love when people prove me wrong sometimes 
I'm wrong so so thank you guys for watching   this moctober been so much fun we have the 
finale where we'll kind of go through everything   maybe next week but that's the 
end of moctober it's my favorite   series and I'm sad it's over but it was a lot 
of work this year so thank you guys see ya

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