Product Review: Terra Findlay Work Boots | Mister Safety Shoes

19December 2021

Hey, Steve here, your Mister Safety Shoes expert on fit
and comfort with another review. This time we're looking at Terra's FINDLAY work boots.
So let's start at the top. These are a full-grain six-inch leather work
boot with a fully waterproof membrane. They've got a composite toe,
and a puncture-resistant plate so they are metal-free but they provide
complete CSA safety protection. Now check out that sloped padded collar
that's a great comfort feature for if you're wearing them while
you're walking or driving. They've got an abrasion-resistant toe bumper
and a shock-absorbing and midsole. The lining is moisture-wicking, and it uses
something called CLEANFEET® tech inside to keep your feet feeling fresh after
you've been moving around all day. That's a real bonus. And it's got an industrial rubber sole,
that has really great traction. The Terra FINDLAY's are also SD
or Static Dissipative for work environments that require it. These work boots have a ton of safety and comfort
features that our customers really love so check a pair out at your
Mister Safety Shoes store or online at

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