PUMA Safety Elevate SKU: 9113998

21December 2021

Hey everybody, that's Clayton here from Zappos.com and no this is not a stylish running our lifestyle shoe This is a work shoot from Puma safety It's gonna elevate that's actually named the shoe It's gonna elevate your work look and keep you super safe Let's go take a closer look Don't be fooled guys by all this style. This is a work shoe Check out the cool Puma stripe along there with that reflective and tail to make sure that you're always seen in style The upper is made from a safety knit textile just giving you long lasting comfort and breathability for all-day comfortable wear The TPU protection covers the toe and the heel area So you know if you run into any trouble It's gonna keep you're protected In the toe, also we've got a fiberglass reinforced composite toe cap Check it out, you cannot push that bad boy down, super hard It's got some very roomy fit in there, so your toes are going to be comfy It's also anti magnetic and it's thermally insulated, so cool I've got a breathe active functional lining in here lots of nice padding As well as on the top of the tongue And that's going to keep your foot super comfy And it's going to give you a drier healthier foot environment Check this out the insole is removable, but you're not gonna want to take it out because it's got an anatomically formed ever cushion breathe active technology so the foot environment is gonna stay super healthy It's going to give you lots of nice support and cushion especially in that heel Around the midsole, it's amazing It's got the flexible anti penetration
technology which is ceramic coated fibers And it's gonna protect your feet from any objects trying to penetrate through there Super cool And all of that sits on top of get this a rubber outsole that is protective to up to 570 degrees Fahrenheit, excuse me, 572 degrees, even hotter Just gonna give you a running inspired wraparound heel It's got the diagonal grooves for look at all that flexibility even a shoe It's gonna give you all that protection it's got excellent grip and incredible slip resistance So I know you've been looking for a safety shoe that's got loads of style I'm gonna keep you extra protected So get this one today from Puma Safety

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