Rázový utahovak Milwaukee M18 FID 2 je lepší ako Parkside?? sada kľúčov YATO YT-1055

24November 2021

Hi. Welcome to the FOR WORK AND FUN channel. In today's video we will look at the impact wrench Milwaukee M18 FID 2 I will also show the set YATO YT-1055 In today's video you will see. My videos contain captions. Choose your language and watch. Well thank you. In previous videos you may have seen some of these impact wrenches. I've been using CR-V steel wrenches. I've had this set at home for a long time. The CR-V wrenches got literally taken up when I used them with that big PARKSIDE impact wrench that has 1356Nm. I 'll show the wrenches I used in the video at the scrap yard. The deformation of CR-V steel is quite large. I will also show the wrench 24 See proper wear even if it is a wrench from a quality PROXXON set The set is not intended for impact wrenches. I had no choice then and I used the keys from the PROXXON set and you can see what happened. One use of CR-V wrenches with impact wrench and you can see what happened …

I want to warn you before using a CR-V wrench with an impact wrench. That's why I have a set of YATO – 1055 keys here, but they are quite expensive. The price of the set ranges from 60 euros to 90 euros. I bought it on your recommendation. I asked in the survey what CR-MO keys you use. ??? Some of you have informed me about the set YATO YT-1055 It is a 15-piece set of CR-MO steel, the included keys are from 10-32 I will unpack it. It's packed in a luxurious tin box. There is a nice logo of the manufacturer YATO, but it has peeled off. The label shows YATO PROFESSIONAL TOOLS if I think this is not a business tool. There is a foam filling so that the attachments do not rattle.

In the nutria there is a plastic organizer each key has its place. In a set of 15 pieces from size 10mm to 32mm but there is also 21mm 22 mm each is marked with a pictogram CR-MO and the size of the key. The marking is burnt by a laser. It is not a depth marking, so I think that over time it will wear out and will not be visible. There is another inconvenience …. The plastic in which the keys are stored is damaged. The plastic is fine, thin. It has already occurred to me so damaged.

This set weighs almost 5kg. Here, the manufacturer could incorporate and improve plastics that are very weak. It is extremely prone to damage. If the plastic does not break during transport. It would definitely break when used. I showed the CR-V attachment how damaged it was. But I have a cheap attachment from the Parkside CR-MO set . There is already damage to that as well. This attachment was included with the large Parkside 1356 Nm impact wrench. It also has minor damage. See the difference in key size 17 mm PARKSIDE vs YATO I will measure them YATO 26 mm PARKSIDE 30 mm Wall thickness YATO attachment 4.2 mm Parkside attachment 4.4 mm The Parkside attachment is stronger and possibly even better.

This will only become apparent over time using the YATO So much about the YATO set that you will see in the next videos when using impact wrenches. I hope it will be strong enough even when using the Parkside model from 1356 Nm. Then I compare it from Milwaukee 610 Nm or something stronger. We will see. Let's take a look at today's video and review it on the MILWAUKEE M18 FID 2 The MILWAUKEE M18 FID 2 is compatible with the M18 system. It uses battery protection and RED LITHIUM ION tools. Modern BRUSHLESS POWERSTATE engine. the maximum force is 226 Nm You can see it is incredibly compact, extremely small and the weight is extremely low. There is a right and left engine switch. Middle position option to lock the button. LED work light with delayed switch-off approx. 5-7 seconds. Clamp for 6.35 mm bits. It's fantastic. You insert the bit with one hand. Just insert it. holds very well. The bit is selected by pulling out the circlip. There is a practical buckle for fastening to the belt and can also be mounted on the other side.

And there's a bit holder. Mode 1 for precision work Mode 2 helps prevent damage to fixtures and material Mode 3 is used for maximum performance for heavy applications Mode 4 is between precision work mode and maximum power mode. This mode automatically adjusts speed, shocks and torque. Only 117 mm only 62 mm height with 2Ah battery is 240 mm Weight with 5Ah battery is very low. I will start drilling Ø 14, 18, 20, 28mm I will use a 5Ah battery. I'll show you this as well Mode 1 You've seen it turn off at 1 speed. The body is gently warmed to about 35 ° C Mode 1 Switched off again. I will set mode 2 It will still switch off. He turned off again. I don't push the razor at all, I let it work on its own. I set mode 3 At speeds 1 and 2 it switches off under load. At speed 3 it goes perfectly. I continue by screwing screws Ø6, 8, 10mm and length from 100 mm to 300 mm.

At 1 speed it is slow and weak I set speed 2 At speed 2 knocks perfectly. He's off now. Ojojooooj. Live disaster. Broke as an adapter I hope he goes to pick it up. Managed to. Now I have 2.4.5 Ah batteries here. All are fully charged. I test the power difference on the screw Ø 8x300mm At 1 speed 119Nm I tighten the screw for about 2 seconds. On the torque wrench I set 126Nm to about 120Nm there could be because the gentle twist there was Loosening the screw on mode 1 tightener turned off again. The screw has been tightened to 126 Nm and cannot be loosened yet. I'll try another mode 1 for the second attempt it succeeded. In mode 1 where the force is 119 Nm loosened the screw to 126 Nm. I switch to 2 speeds where it is 176 Nm and tighten the screw for about 2 seconds. I set 182Nm About 180 Nm was definitely there. Now I try to loosen the screw is tightened to 182 Nm but it took a while to loosen the 182 Nm screw. I set speed 3 where it is 226 Nm and I tighten the screw for about 2 seconds.

I set 210 Nm on the torque wrench. The force of 210 Nm was there. I try to loosen on mode 3 and the screw may be more than 210Nm. Well this was enabled within 1 second. Mode 4 has been optimized by the manufacturer for the use of drilling into metal . It automatically regulates the force of the impact. Mode 4 is between precision operation mode and maximum power mode. This mode automatically adjusts speed, shocks and torque. I think the connection will be strong. I also try it at speed 3 In mode 3 I destroyed the screw. I used a YATO attachment I 'll show the deformation In the CR-MO there are already fingerprints from the blow. You saw the set YATO YT -1055 I think that at a price of 60 euros for 15 pieces they will last and serve.

The only downside is the plastic organizer, which is broken and the YATO logo, which is glued pointlessly. As for the Milwaukee FID 2, I think the speed of 1 and 2 when drilling and screwing into wood is weak. It could be tuned a little better. Conversely, 3 speed is completely different it's a dragon it's extremely fast and strong. I compared the performance of 2-4-5 Ah batteries and there are performance differences.

As for the loosening and tightening of the metric screws, he did very well. As you can see, PARKSIDE PERFORMANCE has been haunting me for about 2 minutes. I'll show you a comparison another time. Not today. Because it would be a long time. I promise it will and I will compare it in great detail. I hope you enjoyed today's video. If you would like to financially support my channel. Below in the description you will find a link to PAYPAL DONATE From me, that's all for today. If you liked the video, give your thumbs up to confirm the subscription and the bell so that you do not miss another video.


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