Real World Test: Milwaukee 1″ Impact Wrench

29December 2021

hello I'm Anthony Marshall I work here
at Royal Tire Grand Forks we were introduced to the Milwaukee one inch
electric gun so far it does pretty good we've been using it for about three
weeks haven't had any complaints about it does pretty well last quite a while
we use it to take off semi tires it also lasted almost the whole day for us we do
several semis a day we've used this on maybe 20 trucks so far and we probably
charged it twice so that's pretty good yeah that's good it's fairly light it's
easy to handle it's got a good grip you might take off the most stubborn
ones got plenty of power plenty of torque good strong battery too this one this puts out 1800 foot-pounds
of torque for being electric which is really good considering most of our lug
nuts are torqued to 475 foot-pounds so it's got plenty of power it's got
adjustable grip right here that way you can fit it inside the wheel well which
is really good because if it was up any higher I wouldn't be able to fit our
hand in there but this gives it plenty of grip and power you

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