Recharge your batteries faster

17November 2021

Check out these two brand new chargers
from Milwaukee, this is the M12 and M18 supercharger and this is the M18
dual bay simultaneous rapid charger first off the M18 dual bay
simultaneous rapid charger is for all you M18 users
charging two M18 batteries at the same time they don't have to be the same
amperage or type you just slot them both in and they charge simultaneously
ready for work. Whether you're using the high output M18 batteries or your
standard older m18 batteries your recharge times
will be the same as they are when you're using the existing
rapid charger but you've got one charger that does the job of two charges which
is an obvious space saving as well as time saving if you've got a
lot of batteries to charge every day however the other new charger the M12
and M18 supercharger rapidly slashes the time of M18 high
output batteries almost in half even more than half on
the 12 amp power high output battery recharging it from flat in 60 minutes
that's 70 minutes faster than on the rapid charger all your non
high output M12 and M18 batteries will continue to recharge at the same time
they take in a rapid charger and this charger is sequential which means it'll
charge the battery you put in first before moving on to charging the other
battery if you place these new chargers side by side with the classic rapid
charge you can see they are a tad larger but they're both wall mountable so you
can get them up off your bench and out of the way
nobody likes waiting for batteries to recharge both these chargers will slash
your wait times and they're both available at your local sydney tools
store and online if you've got
any questions about either of these chargers
hit me up in that comment section down below and until next time I'm Tim
thanks for watching Sydney Tools tv you

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