Red Wing 875 “Lifestyle boots” some yrs later (2 days weekly for 6 months every year) Updated Review

31December 2021

Hi everyone,
Welcome back to this channel. I had these boots for over three 
years now and I thought I should make an   updated video, just to see how they are.
I will gonna start with the unboxing. When I've buy it them, I also buy these insoles and 
I receive it as a gift from the shop this   Cleaning Foam. This was the ticket and here 
you can see the price of them and the date. This was the gift from the shop…this 
Cleaning Foam…

To be honest I never use it.  And it is still intact. It came sealed with 
this plastic and had some sponge inside. I used this insoles for over two years and one day*
I decided to remove them and use only the   leather insole from inside. And that for me 
was a game changer, the leather insoles at   the beginning they might feel very hard on your 
feet, but in just a few days they will completely   change, they will take the shape of your feet and 
that will be just great. This particular insoles   that we see here, they were 30€ in the 
store and in Amazon I think they were 40€. The comfort with them is very good, but not as good 
as with the ones in leather. The leather insoles   that we can find in these boots, 
they are glued to these boots.   Here is a tour around the boots, just to 
see how well they are stitched it and glue it.   After* my first video with them, people was asking me
how much I have using them?! In that video they were   having almost three years and now they have 
more than three years and I have been using   them, let's just say 2 days/every week and 
that will be from October to March…

Every year. In my opinion the weakest part of this boot, 
is around this moc toe where they are glued. Eventually that glue it will open and it will look 
like this, as in my boots. Here we can see some lint   where they open it. That dark color. After 
recording the video (and seeing it on a large screen*) was very easy to remove   it with my fingers. All the stitching survived 
till this date very well, nothing opened so far   and I'm very glad with the quality overall. They 
look amazing, almost new and I'm happy with them. These laces are 122 cm or 48" large, they are still the originals.  I never had to change them till date. Here we can see the tongue it has the softest 
leather on these boots.

This boots have a   "bellows tongue" construction and I like it 
very much this feature in all the boots.  They have some lint inside, because I never removed 
the laces in all these 3 years and something… so yeah (a bit gross*). We can see here the construction, is very well made.   The stitching it is still in great 
condition, everything is well done*. Maybe this is the only thing I don't like 
it too much on these boots and that is this   raw leather for the interior. Every 
time when I'm trying to get them   in or out, they… they grab my 
socks and that is a bit annoying.   In this extra video, we can see the interior 
and the leather insole, which is very thick.   think it has like 4mm (or so) and under 
that leather insole we find some cork and because of   that cork they took the shape very well of 
my feet and that added a major increase in comfort. And here we have the soles, they were many 
people that were complaining about this soles.   That they don't last enough… or… I didn't have 
that issue, you can see here how much they are   used after three years and it's not much you 

In my opinion they don't look that use it.  Obviously you have to take care of them. I always 
clean them after using them. I always store them in   the original box. I always try to avoid wearing them 
in snow/rain/bright sun (in Summer for example). If sometimes get wet because of   the rain i just cleaned them with a clean cloth, 
only with water and let them 1 day or 2 days   to slowly dry out and never applied anything on 
them. Here we have the second boot of this pair.

TIP: The superficial scratches can be remove it simply rubbing a bit with your fingers till the oils start to activate in the leather and they will hide that scratch in no time. Here we can see the thickness of 
this leather, it's not the thickest   I've seen so far, but it gets the job done. The 
breaking time for me was awful… to be honest (the worst I had till date*).   They were like 4-5 months or so… took a 
long while for me, but eventually I did get there. Here we can see the Goodyear 360º construction that   360 º stitching in this picture 
you can see better how they are made. With these boots I recommend to 
use thick socks, because otherwise   you're gonna get blisters… not 
having a normal lining inside.  Here we can see a bit better 
these laces. They are very rugged   they last forever and I don't think I 
will have problems anytime soon with them.

Here I decided to show you my belt, the 
best I found to match the color of these   boots made by Meermin and cost me 45€ or 
50$ USD. The quality is quite good after   3 years you can see how well this is still 
looking. I think is worth it the money this belt. Here we have the weight test of these boots. Of 
course I didn't expect to be very lightweight   because of the big and chunky rubber sole. 
The weight of them is 1430g ~ 50 oz.

Here you can see what kind of socks I prefer 
to use with these boots, they are thick socks   and I was thinking to try a pair of socks from 
"Darn Tough" which are Made in USA… made with   merino wool, some nylon and some spandex. I think they are very well made those. They are hiking socks! In order to be able to insert your feet I do 
recommend to remove the laces from the first holes. And here we have some "on feet shots from the upper angle".
I decided here to use them with some skinny  jeans.
The name of these jeans is "Jude from Mango 
man", I think they fit very well with this kind of boots.  Because of the comfort of these boots, I'm 
not surprised to see them in many celebrities. Here we have some "On feet shots from lower angle". So… Pros and Cons… well I will start with Pros… 
First of all, this pair of boots they are such   an iconic shape in United States because of the 
"Moc Toe", they are very well known and they are loved   in the entire world.

I like the comfort once they 
are breaking in… I like the materials… I like how   well they lasted after all these years. I like it 
a lot, how well they are built overall… now Cons.   First of all I think is the price, because they 
are around 300€/279.99$ USD* in the United   States. If you want to replace the sole you can 
do it, but I think is more than 100$/€ Other thing that I don't like it very 
much, is that they don't have lining inside. I wish they were having some leather inside also, I 
would like to have in the future a glossy finish   for the soles (in lateral) that way you're gonna 
be able to wipe the dust very easy. Right now I   have to spend at least 5 minutes rubbing 
that sole, to remain clean after using them (Cif Cream + 3M Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges).   So…

My final thoughts on them… I think they 
are very good looking boots, very resistant   made, very good quality overall in materials and 
I think if you like them you should give them a try.  For me they are true to size, in Nike's 
I have EU 41/8 US and 41 in this one 8 US. I will end my review here.
Thank you very much for watching!
See you next time, if you have any   questions just let me know and please don't forget to SUBSRIBE.
I really appreciate it!.

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